What to do with the child before the end of winter:we offer the best options

In the summer it is not difficult to find what you can do, as the weather is good
and holidays in every way contribute to this. However, winter is nothing
worse. You can try a lot of interesting activities, many of
which are “exclusive” for winter thanks to the snow. Build chic
snowman, arrange a battle for a snow castle or make a feeder –
All this is only a small part of your capabilities!

The cold snowy winter just seems endless, and on
деле осталось всего одна февральская неделя! The very time
recall the entertainment that is available only in winter and which
we forever postpone.

Wonderful snegovichok

In the childhood of each child must be memories of
making a snowman. It is a real symbol of winter, as well as a bright decoration.
in any yard. Выберите день с идеальной погодой для этого
– с температурой около нуля градусов, когда снег лепится лучше
just, and then boldly proceed with the creation: the snow will be easy
roll into balls. Classic snowman is molded from three balls
different sizes but nobody forbids you


To make your snowman alive, be sure to create him
face with buttons or embers and nose of carrots or bumps. Not
forget to finish hands (make hands and feet from branches or small
snowballs), and if you want you can wear a hat and an old
scarf. Clothes can be drawn: gouache is useful and wide
tassel. To the hooligans from the yard did not break the creation, pour
snowman in the late afternoon water. Frost will create an ice crust
which will only strengthen the snow balls.

Winter battle

What a winter without a snowball game? Throw friends at the snow and
hiding in a self-built castle is fascinating and
fun. Parents, thanks to modern baby clothes, do not have to
fear for their children. Special cuffs and waterproof
The material perfectly protects from snow and warms the body.


From inventory, you can prepare a bucket to create snow
fortifications, as well as the snowballs. With their help, quickly and easily
create ammunition for future war. If you build out of snow
fortress and split into two squads, the battle can acquire
truly epic scope. The number of participants in such a battle

Hang the feeder

Wintering birds are extremely difficult, because
достать пропитание проблематично. Do a good deed –
Build a trough. You can create it from a regular bottle or
small wooden pallet. The feeder can be hung not only on
trees, but also on your own balcony. Положите внутрь семечки,
pieces of bacon or millet and watch all kinds of birds from your neighborhood

кормушка для птиц

Winter picnic

Enjoy the snowy days as long as possible: ahead
slushy spring. A picnic in a park or forest is a great idea.
Bring a cookie or sandwiches, as well as be sure to warm
tea or coffee in a thermos. In sunny weather you can always arrange
stylish photo session against the snowy plains and with a ruddy face and

зимний лес

Snow art

What you snow smooth surface is not a canvas for drawing. It can
literally writing masterpieces of painting. You will need:

  • liter or half liter bottle;
  • paint solution (dilute in water food colors, watercolor
    or gouache);
  • bottle cap with a hole.

Pour the composition in a bottle and screw the cap.
Create patterns and pictures in the snow with light movements. Similarly
You can paint a snowman by drawing him any clothes that
only be able to come up with.

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