What to do when colic in newborns(infants) – drugs, drugs, massage

Update: October 2018

Intestinal colic in newborns occurs in almost everyone, about
80-90% of moms face this problem. But do not panic on
this is almost always physiological
a phenomenon.

There are many ways and means by which you can ease
condition of the child and reduce the frequency and duration of colic in

Intestinal colic is a painful muscle spasm of the large intestine.
due to irritation or stretching of the intestinal wall gases.

Causes of intestinal colic in newborns

Physiological colic occurs due to immaturity.
желудочно-кишечного тракта у newborns. Neuromuscular
regulation is still very bad. Enzyme systems also
still immature. All 9 months before the birth of the baby, his
the gastrointestinal tract did not work, the water swallowed
it was necessary to digest, enzymes were not required.

After birth, the baby begins to feed on breast milk,
there is a need for digestion, begin to develop
enzymes for digesting breast milk. In the first weeks of life
the newborn feeds on very small portions, therefore colic
may not be first.

By the end of the first month of his life his needs are growing, his consumption
milk is growing, but enzyme systems are still immature and
these will remain the entire first year of life, only by 6 months
new enzymes will begin to appear in the child, but this
system goes very long. This increases
gas formation.

Also, colic can be caused by improper attachment to
breasts and short feedings. Some moms listen to “advice”
grandmothers, who say that you can not keep a child at the breast for a long time.
This is a huge mistake.

  • First, with short feeding, the baby only receives
    front milk, it is very saturated with carbohydrates, which leads to
    gas formation.
  • Secondly, the baby does not receive back milk, which is much
    nutritious and contains the maximum amount of not only fat and
    proteins, but also immunoglobulins.
  • Thirdly, contact with the mother is very important for the child.
    age, especially during the period of colic, because it eases the pain,
    soothes the child, and the heat from the mother’s body reduces spasm and reduces

During the period of colic in the stomach, the newborn occurs enhanced
gas formation that gives him tremendous discomfort and strong
pain, so it is during this period that it is so important for him to feel contact with
mom, otherwise the child feels defenseless, and the best
A way to feel protection and care from your mother is to get a breast.

how проявляются колики у малышей?

Colic in newborns has several symptoms, but the main
they are crying.

There are many reasons for crying in a newborn, for example, hunger,
a wet diaper, a cutting tooth (teeth can erupt into
any age, there are cases of birth of children with one tooth), fear,
desire to be with mom, play, neurological diseases

With colic crying characteristic, attentive mother can distinguish
whether the child is crying from pain in the tummy or from hunger. Crying at
colic sharp, loud, accompanied by pushing the legs to

Crying constant, very loud, it starts abruptly, unexpectedly,
sometimes shortly after feeding, so weeping colic
baby When the pain passes, the child quickly
calms down.

To touch the baby’s tummy is tight, swollen, can often and in
large quantities of gases to depart, after which the baby becomes
легче и он calms down.

How to help the baby?

Every mother wants to ease the suffering of her baby during
колик у newborns. What to do to make colic less and
less often? Below are all the main activities that help
reduce their manifestation, but the main thing that mommy should know is that
do not panic, but you need to be patient because the strong
colic in infants will be on their own by about 3 months.

So, if a newborn has colic, what is the treatment?
needed? There are several main points that will help you in
this problem.

Proper breastfeeding
  • Allow the baby to suckle for as long as he wants, even
    if it takes a few hours. At his age it is not only
    normal, but necessary.
  • Make sure that the child takes the breast correctly so that
    mouth did not get air. Otherwise, the baby will swallow it,
    the most air will fall into the lower divisions
    gastrointestinal tract and cause painful cramps
  • Do not feed the mixture. You can always adjust lactation, not
    It’s necessary to think that the baby lacks milk, in 99% of cases these
    fears are groundless (see what to do, how to increase lactation, if
    there is not enough breast milk for a baby).
  • The introduction of the mixture into the diet of the child will only worsen the situation, since
    enzymes for digesting cow protein that is in them
    contained, it does not at all. Any new kind of food for the intestines
    child – a huge load. And without the need to create this
    the load is impossible (see why you should not give cow’s milk to a child before
    of the year).

After feeding, hold the baby upright for 5-10 minutes. how
As a rule, the child swallows some air while feeding,
you need to go out to not get into the intestines. To do this, and raise
a child in an upright position, following the simple laws of physics,
air goes out through the child’s mouth.


When feeding from a bottle of air, much more is ingested.
since not one nipple has such an anatomical shape as a breast
women. Air enters while sucking in the corners of the lips. therefore
do not spend extra money on “antikolikovye” bottle. Such
bottles in principle can not exist.

Dry heat

Heat can relieve spasm, as it improves local
blood circulation and causes muscle relaxation. The best thing
use a warm diaper. It can be heated on the battery or
hot iron. Attach to the baby’s tummy (be careful
so as not to burn the baby’s delicate skin). To warm longer
preserved, and the baby was calmer, put it together with
diaper on yourself.

Spread your baby on your tummy and do gymnastics

how можно чаще кладите малыша на живот. Only it should not be
do immediately after feeding, as there is a big risk of regurgitation
in this case. This will not only train the muscles of the back, neck,
anterior abdominal wall, but also will increase peristalsis
intestines, and thus improve the discharge of gases.


Massage при коликах у грудничка оказывает очень благотворное
act. Do it before each feeding. It should be
It is a massage, not a light stroking. Confidently pressing, you need
make circular movements in the tummy area clockwise.
These movements need to be done within 2-3 minutes. Then can bend
legs of the baby in the knees and press them to the tummy, it will facilitate
discharge of gases. Repeat all these manipulations 2-3 times.


Everything that you eat goes into the blood and from there into the milk. If a
the baby is breastfed, it is important the first 3-4
month to exclude from the diet a number of products. It will not save you from
colic completely, but noticeably ease the situation.

There are several products that cause colic.
newborns. These include:

  • milk and dairy products
  • legumes (peas, beans, lentils)
  • White cabbage
  • apples, especially green
  • grapes, raisins, bananas
  • yeast dough

Also, do not abuse sweet. Many young mothers
make the mistake of believing that milk will improve lactation, whereas
It does not affect lactation. Moreover, it causes a very
strong colic in a child, until a foamy stool appears, and
can still provoke allergies in the baby.

Herbal teas based on fennel and anise. You can drink like mom, so
and the child if it is sugar-free children’s herbal tea and his

If a все указанные методы не помогают избежать колик у
newborn – what to do? You should give the medicine. Below will be
details about the types of drugs used for colic.
You need to give one thing, you should not give everything from the list at once
drugs. And before that, be sure to contact
to the pediatrician so that all other causes of anxiety are excluded
child and selected the most suitable drug for the baby.

Drug treatment

Almost always have to prescribe drugs for colic
infants. There are a very large number of them and they are all divided into
several groups.

Simethicone preparations

These drugs act on gas bubbles in the intestines. They
allow them to merge, thereby facilitating the removal of gas
in a natural way. Simethicone is not absorbed in the intestines. To this
group drugs include:

  • Espumizan (emulsion 100ml. 300-320 rub)
  • Espumizan L (emulsion in drops 30ml. 250r.)
  • Subsimplex (200 rub)
  • Bobotik (drops 200 rub)
Эспумизан - колики у новорожденных Боботик при коликах

Newborns in the intestine do not have “beneficial” bacteria, which
essential for the normal functioning of the digestive system
system. Most of their newborns get maternal
milk But in order to speed up the colonization of the intestines with the necessary flora,
on the recommendation of the doctor, you can give the child probiotics, but only
a specific course and dosage specified by the doctor. To them

  • Atsipol (270-300 rubles)
  • Linex for children (390-420 rubles)
  • Bifidumbacterin Forte (30 pcs 300 rub)
  • Bifiform Baby (400-450 rubles)

For more information, see the list of probiotics – Linex analogs.

АциполБифиформ беби Бифидумбактерин фортеЛинекс колики в животе
Enzyme preparations

Since the enzyme systems of the baby are imperfect, it is easier
colic can it preparations with enzymes. To them относится Креон
(it is applied only on the appointment of the doctor). Also applies
Lactazar, a dietary supplement that helps break down lactose, is applied
with lactase deficiency, it is a source of the enzyme lactase.

  • Creon 10,000 (270-300 rubles)
  • Laktazar (50 pieces. 220r, 100 pieces. 380 rub)


Лактазар при лактазной недостаточности
Herbal preparations

Fennel, Anis have anti-tonic action, they accelerate
peristalsis and allow faster removal of gases from the intestine, the
most facilitate the condition of the child. Among them are:

  • Planttex – dry extract and essential oil of fennel (10 pcs 270,
    30 pcs.550 rub)
  • Baby Calm – extract of fennel, anise and mint (100-150 rub)
Лекарство при коликах у новорожденного Препарат при коликах у грудных детей

If a следовать этим простым правилам, то время, когда пройдут
colic in a newborn will come very soon. Remember that colic
являются физиологическими, но нужно просто облегчить страдания
to kid. But they are almost every baby up to 3-4 months,
this time just needs to go through, it will pass and all difficulties quickly
will be forgotten.

Автор: Ревус Олеся Григорьевна врач-невролог

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