What to do when children bite each other?

Often young children bite each other. This
unpleasant situation puts parents in an awkward position. They are not
know what to do and how to respond. How to be? How to behave,
so that this does not happen again. Let’s try
sort out.

ребенок кусается

Trouble can occur in the kindergarten, at school, in the nursery
site on a visit. Can bite your child or your child
can bite another kid. Bite can even be my sister
or brother.

The behavior of a jerky baby always depends on the situation,
circumstances, temperament and age of the child. Baby can be
just naughty and cocky. Carefully read all
circumstances of the case. Judge all right. Do not get excited.
Try to get into position. But first, make sure
first aid to the injured child.

Your child has been bitten

Treat the situation carefully. Listen to
The following, correct tips and stick to them.

  • Совет первый: старайтесь не
    to panic

Calm in this situation is very important. Crying for offense
child must be reassured. Remember that kids are absolutely
various. They are different in temperament, perception of situations and

Mom or dad, of course, will not be very nice to see on
beloved child teeth marks or bruise. Especially since children usually
bite in the most prominent places: the face or hand. But have to
accept and acknowledge the situation.

  • Совет второй: обязательно окажите первую

Your first action: wash the bite with water and soap. Such measures
enough in the absence of severe damage. When you get to
at home, spread it with a special ointment (for example, Lifeguard). it
promotes rapid healing. If the skin is still damaged –
Treat with antiseptic. For these purposes, well suited
chlorhexidine and hydrogen peroxide.

If the wound is very serious and you fear
воспользуйтесь врачебной helpю.

  • Совет третий: разберитесь в

If the incident occurred in an institution, find out everything from
adults (teacher, teacher). Ask: how did you behave in
этот момент ваш ребенок, как вел себя обидчик, оказали ли help
your baby, if your child is not scared.

Talk to the abuser’s parents. Try to hold back the tone, not
scream. Be extremely calm and reasonable. Know that
Often little babies bite only at a young age.
Experiencing is when the baby is older than three years. Child up to 3
years it is difficult to explain that it is impossible to do so. Most small
children bite. Only if the child is older than three years and parents
powerless in terms of weaning from the biting habit, they need
refer to a psychologist.

  • Совет четвертый: поговорите со своим

Try to convey to your child that with children who
constantly bite, you need to behave like this: do not approach the bite
do not in any way expose the person to the offender, do not tolerate
pain and shout loudly if the abuser began to bite.

  • Совет пятый: к месту укуса отнеситесь

If the bite was strong, then the wounds may not heal for a long time.
Bites in the face area are especially terrible (the eye zone is
dangerous). If a вдруг на лицу появилась опухоль или отек,
обратитесь за helpю к врачу-специалисту.


If you see a deep wound, the same to the doctor.

If the baby bite wound does not heal long enough and
There are the following symptoms, go to the doctor.

Симптомы: сильно воспаленная рана, припухлая
wound, from the wound goes pus (other discharge is possible) – to
to the doctor.

Vaccination against bite by children, of course not. But if you are strong
worried about this, ask your exciting question
to the doctor.

Your child has bitten


What to do if the cause of the situation is your favorite
child. Do not worry. Much depends on age. If a
возраст вашего малыша младше трех лет, то скорее причиной
bite served as anger or severe irritation. Why did he bite
you ask? The child is still very small and he does not know how to express his
true feelings and emotions. Therefore, the child bites. In any
case, it can not serve as an excuse for a bad deed. Need to
it is necessary to explain that it is absolutely impossible to do so. it
hurts another person.

Do not allow even a joke baby bite someone from
close environment (grandparents and other relatives). If a
after all it happened, be sure to bring to the baby that mom
very upset by his behavior. Explain that such an act
caused severe pain to another person. Give an example what if
suddenly he will be bitten what he will be.

And finally, the recommendations:

  1. Watch out for the psychological balance of your baby.
  2. Do not load his mind.
  3. At home, play more calm games.
  4. Let as little time as possible your baby is
    возле телевизора и компьютера.
  5. Do not be angry and do not yell at the baby yourself.
  6. �”Excess” energy to spend on the street, actively running and playing.

After three years, the baby understands different situations and
can say something and explain. Moreover, he knows well that
bite brings nasty, and when and severe pain.

Разговаривайте с baby постоянно о правилах поведения.
Remind that biting other people is very bad. remember, that
it should be done not after the next incident, but constantly
talk on this topic.

If a ваши слова не доходят, и он продолжает кусаться,
заберите у него любимую игрушку. That is, punish the bite.
In addition to toys, you can come up with another punishment. For example,
refuse to go visiting, theater, circus. Be sure to explain
your actions. In the end, the baby must understand that
it is impossible to bite, his parents are not happy. Mom and dad don’t
хотят, чтобы их ребенок кусался.

If a ребенок продолжает агрессивно кусаться, обратитесь за
психологической helpю к специалисту. Most likely, your
baby’s disruption of the nervous system. The specialist will find out what
deal and tell you what to do next.

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