What to do if you are allergic to milk in children?

Update: December 2018


  • Byчему возникает аллергия?
  • How to be allergic to milk?
  • How to determine what is the reaction to milk?
  • What if baby is allergic to milk?
  • What should I do if I am allergic to milk?
  • Allergy to milk in a child older than a year
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Drink milk children, you will be healthy! Of course, milk contains
Calcium, minerals, vitamins, it is rich in protein and fats. But how
to be when this drink brings children not health, but harm? AND
Will it pass with age?

By статистике около 10% детей в возрасте до года страдают
allergic to dairy products. ANDзвестно, что аллергия — это
response to the introduction of a foreign protein-antigen.
AT коровьем молоке таких антигенов около 25. Самыми активными в этом
plan are beta lactoglobulin, serum albumin,
alpha lactoglobulin, casein.

Protein in its structure resembles a chain, whose links
are amino acids. Byпадая в желудок и кишечник, под влиянием
enzymes chain breaks down into separate elements, which without
problems are absorbed by the body.

In children, the digestive system is completely immature, enzymes
may not be enough, and then this chain is not completely destroyed, but
contains several links at once. Such structures cannot
suck up in the intestines, an immune response occurs, which
проявляется в виде allergies.

  • ANDстинная аллергия на milk — если ребенок с незрелой
    the enzyme system will drink a small amount of milk (or
    get it with breast milk) and his body can not cope with
    protein load.
  • Pseudo-allergy – enzymes are sufficient and they work well,
    however, the child drank so much milk that the digestive system
    failed. ANDзбыточная нагрузка белком на нормально
    a functioning body will also cause allergies. AT этом случае
    allergy is not due to the nature of the product, but because of its quantity

Distinguish milk protein intolerance and protein allergy.
коровьего milk Intolerance is difficulty digesting
milk and the immune system is not involved, and allergies are
реакция иммунной системы на чужеродный protein.

Byчему возникает аллергия?

AT одних источниках аллергию на milk указывают как неадекватную
reaction of the body only to milk protein, in others to milk
sugar – lactose (see lactase deficiency). Right will be those
and others, because when using dairy products
an allergic reaction can be triggered as a milky
protein and lactose.

For a newborn baby, everything except mother’s milk is any
the mixture is the roughest food. Baby mucous
digestive tract loose, not mature, not protected by natural
microflora, well passable for allergens. Only by 2 years old
children the walls of the stomach and intestines acquire the ability to resist
the introduction of pathogenic agents. AT случаях, если:

  • mom herself is prone to allergic reactions
  • the pregnancy took place in adverse environmental conditions
    – industrial city, metropolis, work on harmful
  • there was a pathological course of pregnancy – stress, hypoxia
    fetus, threatened abortion, preeclampsia during pregnancy, etc.

The risk of developing an allergy in a child increases. I.e
important factors such as: heredity,
ecology, nature of food, lifestyle, the presence of bad habits in
family, health and age of the mother, the course of pregnancy.

How does milk allergy manifest itself?

Since allergens circulate in the blood, it is in allergic
реакции могут быть задействованы  любые органы и системы.
Allergy to cow protein can be aggravated by stress,
простудных, тяжелых инфекционных заболеваниях, плохой
environmental stop.

Gastrointestinal disorders

In children under one year, this will manifest itself in the form of loose stools.
ANDз-за того, что органы пищеварения не справляются со своими

  • undigested leftover food appears in feces, curdled
  • vomiting may occur, and in young children – frequent and
    abundant regurgitation (see causes of regurgitation in infants)

Milk proteins are attacked by the body’s antibodies, and along with
antigens damage the intestinal mucosa.

  • Byэтому в кале могут присутствовать эритроциты, что выявляется
    only with special analysis, or streaks of blood visible to the eye.
    it является признаком тяжелого течения allergies.
  • Byвреждение слизистой кишечника проявляется болью в животе.
    Young children are often restless, capricious, crying. it
    condition needs to be differentiated from colic (see what to do when
    colic in infants). It should be noted that such a reaction will
    manifest itself only when cow’s milk or
    fermented milk based on it. Само материнское milk не
    must cause allergies (except in extremely rare cases), and products that
    who use mom – can.
  • In children after a year with a constant intake of dairy products
    pain becomes chronic. It is short term with
    localized near the navel. May also disturb intestinal colic
    disturbed intestinal motility, symptoms of colitis.
  • With any allergic reaction, histamine is released,
    which, in turn, leads to a response increase in hydrochloric acid
    in the stomach. This explains the pain in children in the epigastric

Long-existing and persistent allergy to milk in
child may cause secondary enzyme deficiency.
Reduced absorption of lactose, gluten-cereal (see symptoms
celiac disease, a list of gluten-free foods), decreases production
pancreatic enzymes.

The number of bifidobacteria in the intestine also decreases, by
conditionally pathogenic microbes come and multiply for them:
E. coli, enterococci (see how to treat dysbiosis
intestines, probiotics, analogs Linex). All this is unfavorable
affects the health of the child.

Skin lesions

The skin is the second organ that suffers greatly when eating
allergies. The most common symptoms of milk allergy:

  • Milk scab

This is the first bell that something is not in the baby’s body
okay Milk scab чаще встречается у розовощеких карапузов,
being on artificial feeding. Of course, babies
he, too, may be, but the cause will not be cow’s milk protein, but
another product that mom uses. Milk scab, или по
scientific gneiss, looks like a crust on a child’s head. Itself
the crust can be lubricated with Vaseline or vegetable oil and
comb with a comb.

  • Children’s eczema Аллергия на milk

Appears more often on the cheeks, but may appear on any other
body areas. First bubbles appear, then erosion, which
produces exudate – clear liquid. Then the wounds heal,
scales and crusts are formed. Suffer children up to 6 months.

  • Limited atopic dermatitis

Appears under the knees, on the inside of the elbows in the form
plaques covered with scales. The rash may occasionally get wet and
severe itching (see treatment of atopic dermatitis in children).

  • Angioedema

Acute allergic reaction to the dairy product.
It is manifested by edema in places with developed subcutaneous tissue.
– oral mucosa, lips, eyelids, genitals. Skin itching with
missing. If edema occurs on the laryngeal mucosa is high
the risk of asphyxia, that is, the child may simply suffocate.
This condition is urgent, requires emergency care and
hormonal drugs.

  • Urticaria (see symptoms and treatment of urticaria)

It is also an acute reaction, but if it does not
common, not as dangerous as angioedema. Arise
blisters with redness around, which itch violently, itches. By
the urticaria looks like a nettle burn, so it has
title. Antihistamine drugs in this case
Obligatory (see the list of allergy pills for children).

Byражение дыхательной системы

The manifestations of the respiratory organs are rare, to them

  • Sneezing, allergic rhinitis (see how to treat allergic
  • Difficulty breathing, wheezing with danger
    development of laryngospasm. This is an emergency that
    lies in the swelling of ligaments of the larynx. It is impossible to do
    inhale and the child begins to choke.
  • Bronchial asthma – cow’s milk protein allergy
    is one of the trigger mechanisms for its development.

How to determine that this is exactly the reaction to milk?

The doctor collects anamnesis – the presence of allergic manifestations,
atopic dermatitis, chronic diarrhea, poor weight gain,
anemia, etc.

Analyzes – to exclude other diseases and allergies to
other products from milk intolerance and protein allergy, doctor
направит сдать анализы:  копрограмма, кал на дисбактериоз,
blood test for allergens (IgE immunoglobulins to bovine protein
milk, etc.), skin test prik-test.

How to distinguish milk protein allergy from lactase
failure?  Симптомы могут быть очень похожи: colic
bloating, regurgitation, diarrhea. Baby’s chair is watery,
foamy, sometimes it may be green, more than 8-10 times a day.
It happens and the combination of these two pathologies.

When lactase deficiency causes all these unpleasant
symptoms is a lack of the enzyme – lactase. In its function
enters to break down the disaccharide lactose into simple carbohydrates for
intestinal absorption. If lactase is not enough, then lactose is not
splits and lingers in the intestines. This leads to an increase in
in it osmotic pressure and fluid flow. So it appears
diarrhea, flatulence and other symptoms.

Lactase deficiency test

In order to distinguish lactase deficiency from allergies
for protein, the doctor will advise to conduct an uncomplicated test. It consists in
lactose free diet for several days:

  • if the baby is bottle-fed – transfer it to
    lactose free mixture
  • if breastfed – the mother keeps the milk-free
  • if the child is older – do not give milk and dairy products

In the absence of symptoms in the near future, consider that the fault
all lactase deficiency. Byчему не аллергия на белок?
Byтому что для удаления аллергена из организма several days
there will be little and the symptoms do not stop so quickly.

In addition, milk allergy is more common in young children.
having a tendency to disappear by three years. And lactase deficiency
can be not only from birth, but also acquired. Usually she
happens after a baby lumbar disease or intestinal
rotovirus infection. In such cases, it is easily eliminated by the diet.
and passes quickly.

What if baby is allergic to milk?

Mother’s milk is the perfect food for the baby! Its not
just easy to digest, it contains in its composition
necessary enzymes that are activated in the baby’s stomach and
help him to easily digest food. Pediatricians advise as much as possible
longer breastfeed baby with allergies, respecting
гипоаллергенную diet.

Excluded are products that contain milk or even
traces of milk: cream, condensed milk, ice cream, chocolate, dry
soups, butter, shop baking, milk powder or dry

If you are allergic to milk in a child’s breast
breastfeeding, nursing mom needs to change her diet
(see what you can eat nursing mom). By разным источникам цельного
nursing women can drink milk from 100 ml to 400 ml per day,
but if you are allergic to a child, you should give up completely if
allergy is not pronounced to replace it with kefir, ryazhenka,
yogurt, cottage cheese. Only in 2-4 weeks the baby’s condition
to improve. If the condition does not improve and allergies are confirmed
milk, some pediatricians recommend transferring the baby to
mixes of deep hydrolysis of protein.

As regards goat milk, allergy to cow’s milk
Intolerance and goat milk protein are not excluded (see why
milk is harmful for children under one year old (both cow and goat). When
if the allergy to protein in the baby is strongly expressed, then in addition to milk
It should be excluded from the diet of the mother also eggs, fish, nuts.

If a child has milk intolerance, this does not mean that you need
exclude from the diet of the baby dairy products. Lure
fermented milk products such children should also be carried out
very carefully, you can try to start in 7 months with kefir or
homemade yogurt, both from cow and goat
milk Byсле 9–10 можно пытаться вводить творог (см. как правильно
Introduce complementary foods to the child), after a year of eggs, fish.

Byчему кисломолочные продукты не должны вызывать аллергию? With
milk processing fermented milk products are hydrolyzed
(cleavage), when souring milk protein splits into
amino acids (simple compounds) whose absorption is faster and
simpler, and allergens remain in very low concentrations.

With непереносимости молока, кефир и прочие кисломолочные
products do not cause upset gastrointestinal tract,
swelling of the intestine, urticaria, etc. However, with them too
be careful.

How to make a curd?

Store cheese can be given to a child only with a special
marked “for children”, but since they can also cause allergies
due to the presence of various additives, it is better to do it yourself. In a glass
milk, add a tablespoon of sour cream and leave at room
temperature for several hours. Then slightly acidified milk.
Pour into a saucepan and heat over low heat. In the process of cottage cheese
will be separated from the serum. It must be collected with a spoon or
strain, put on a piece of gauze, and let the excess liquid flow down,
then squeeze it out. Curd ready for use. This product
perishable, so keep it in the fridge for more than a day

What to do if you are allergic to milk from an artificial artist?

Most modern adapted blends are produced on
based on cow’s milk, it is therefore recommended to either replace the mixture
another on goat’s milk, or use hydrolysates for 6
months. Then you can try to change the mixture to normal, if
symptoms return, then return to hydrolyzate mixtures and
the introduction of dairy products is postponed for another six months.

Blends based on goat milk are presented under the name
�”Nanny” and “Goat.” They are well tolerated by children, but are
much more expensive than conventional mixtures. It is worth remembering that the change of the mixture is not
guaranteed deliverance from the problem, because goat’s milk is also
reaction may occur.

Hydrolyzate mixtures are a diet in which proteins
split to dipeptides. They are easily digested and, as a rule, not
contain lactose.

  • Frisopep AS, Pepticate, Frisopep are on the market,
    «Алфаре», «Прегестимил»,  «Нутрилак пептиди СЦТ», «Нутрилон
    Pepti TSC “. Their foreign counterparts “Vivonex”, “Vital”, and “Critacare”
    used in severe cases of cow allergy
  • For the prevention of allergies in children at high risk of their
    the occurrence of suitable mixture with partial protein hydrolysis: 
    �”Nutrilon GA 1 and GA 2 ″,” NAS GA1 and GA 2 “
  • With непереносимости молока и для профилактики развития
    аллергии: «ХиПП ГА 1 и ГА 2», «Нутрилак ГА»,  «Хумана ГА 1 и
    GA 2 “.

Allergy to milk in a child older than a year

When the immune and enzymatic systems are finally formed
such an allergy passes. Byка есть сыпь или другие проявления
allergic reaction, milk from the child’s diet should be excluded
completely. With сильном желании milk животного происхождения можно
replace with vegetable:

  • Soy milk – made from soybeans. They are rich in protein,
    minerals. Such milk can be obtained at home.
    Soak the beans, then boil them and grind to the state
    mash, strain, and milk is ready.
  • Oat milk is a rich source of minerals and vitamins. Oats in
    the husk is washed, poured with water and boiled over low heat over
    hours, filter and get the finished product.
  • Rice milk – to get it you need to cook rice,
    grind the resulting porridge in a blender and filter.

Such a diet when allergic to milk in children will help diversify
their diet Also, older children can eat foods from
козьего milk


Children with allergies in recent years is becoming more and more. Now
diagnostics is much better developed than decades ago and much
easier to determine what caused allergies. When известен “враг”,
easier to fight with him. By различным данным 40-50% детей к концу
the first year of life cope with allergies, 80-90% recover to
3-5 years and in rare cases, allergies persist for life. AT
In extreme cases, dairy products can completely replace
lack of milk in the diet.

Recently, American scientists had an interesting experience. They
investigated the immune response in children with allergies, which with
каждым днем потребляли все больше milk And they found out that with
over time, skin manifestations decreased, and immunity is no longer
reacted so strongly to the allergen.

They сделали вывод, что употребление молока будет тренировать
The immune system and further manifestations of allergy will disappear. Byка
that in our medicine this point of view is not supported, is it
it really, time will tell.

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