What to do if the newborn is bleedingnavel?

If a у вашего новорожденного малыша начал кровоточить (или
constantly bleeding) navel, this is a sure sign that the treatment
umbilical wound is held incorrectly. Therefore, it is important to start quickly.
respond, take emergency measures, because when possible hit
in the navel infection is likely inflammation. For normal healing
wounds must be kept dry and clean. Fact
navel bleeding should not be ignored
spreading, the inflammatory process can lead to sepsis.
First of all, it is necessary to understand the reasons that caused this
the problem.

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  • 1 The main causes of umbilical bleeding
    • 1.1 What to do when the navel bleeds?
      • 1.1.1 When to sound the alarm?
  • 2 Video: how to properly handle the navel

кровоточит пупок у новорожденного

Главный совет — необходимо обратиться к педиатру.
Особенного внимания заслуживает постоянное кровотечение или
suppuration. If the wound is damaged, a nodule or
pus appears (with or without odor). In this case, call a doctor.
it is necessary, because suppuration can develop into an infection.

The main causes of umbilical bleeding

  • The features of the umbilical cord – perhaps it was too thick
    therefore, upon dying off, formed a deep wound. In this case
    healing is slower and may take more than 10
  • Poor healing may be due to lack of air baths.
    For successful drying of the wound air circulation is necessary. If a
    the navel is bleeding, it is very important to constantly provide access
    oxygen to the body of the child. It contributes to excellent skin condition.
    and helps to harden the baby, which is excellent impact on health
    newborn baby. We read article about hardening (air baths)
  • Another cause of a non-healing navel may be
    inaccurate circumcision, occasional grazing or rubbing of the wound
    diaper or vest.
  • With too early laying out baby on the stomach. Categorically
    It is forbidden to practice lying newborn on the tummy up to 3

What to do when the navel bleeds?

кровоточит пупок у новорожденного что делать

  1. It is necessary to use hydrogen peroxide. Using
    pipette, wet a cotton swab and gently blot the wound.
    This procedure is important when removing yellowish crusts, which
    can also be formed in babies. Such a highlight need
    remove, this is a great breeding ground for bacteria.
  2. Bathing a newborn is strictly prohibited. Can wipe
    soft sponge necessary to cleanse parts of the body, avoiding the area
    umbilical wound.
  3. After the bleeding navel is treated with peroxide
    водорода необходимо помазать область ранки раствором

Be sure to read the article how to
handle the umbilical wound!

When to sound the alarm?

Parents should be worried about the following.

  • Often repeated and difficult to stop.
  • Offensive odor coming from the wound area;
  • The navel is not reduced in volume;
  • Increased body temperature of the child or the umbilical
  • Excretion of ichor, pus, whitish or yellowish
  • The inability to quickly stop the bleeding;
  • The appearance of a pronounced bulge of the wound. It can speak
    about umbilical hernia. Immediately contact your

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Video: how to properly handle the navel

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