What to do if the child refuses to lure(does not eat porridge), and does not want to eat from a spoon

ребенок не хочет есть прикорм

The first four months, the baby ate exclusively breast
milk or mixtures. It is time for the first lure, since
the fifth – sixth month the baby is not enough for full growth
milk nutrients. For the first half of the year, the mucous membrane
baby’s neck can already adapt to swallowing solid
food particles.

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    • 1.1 What to do if the child refuses to eat
    • 1.2 Не хочет есть с ложки
    • 1.3 Does not want to eat porridge
    • 1.4 Secrets and Tricks of the First Miner

Introducing the first feed for the child is only when he
will gain weight twice as much as at birth and will be stable
sit. Be sure the baby should have a so-called
�“Food interest”, he should be interested in the food
consume the rest of the family.

Teach your baby to new food

It is better to start feeding the child with vegetable puree. It
has all the necessary advantages for the new power

  1. The diverse composition of mineral salts required for
    a growing baby skeleton.
  2. A large amount of vitamins and biostimulants.
  3. Fiber that regulates work
  4. The content of alkaline salts necessary for a good exchange
    substances, improve breathing, toning the nervous system and
    removal of excess water.
  5. The lack of sweetness will help the baby to better perceive the second
    feed – porridge.
  6. The content of dense lumps in mashed potatoes will prepare a throat for
    ingesting solid food.

It is necessary to accustom the child to feeding. We start with one –
two spoons before the second or third breastfeeding. In mashed potatoes
помимо овощей можно добавить половинку желтка и немного
vegetable oil. For a month, the amount of mashed potatoes is brought to 150 g.
(three quarters cup) and one feeding is completely replaced
breastfeeding It is possible to divide the lure into several techniques. It is important that
the kid enjoyed the food.

Recommended. Details on when to start
the first feeding of the infant and how to start to lure. Lot
useful tips and advice

Nutritional innovations often do not go smoothly,
бывает ребенок не хочет есть прикорм. Of course, not all kids with
hunting attached to the new food. Taste buds in babies
well developed and from birth they get used to sweetish
taste of milk. It is important to establish contact with food immediately.
baby, otherwise further feedings will turn into torture from both

What to do if the child refuses to eat complementary foods

So, the first and second attempt to feed the baby is not
succeeded. The child does not want to eat lure and what
делать, если он выплевывает еду или его даже начинает
to tear.

  1. First, gag reflexes should not be afraid. At this time they
    have a functional origin. Most emetic urge
    occur when tightening the breastfeeding period.
  2. Secondly, the desires and tastes of the baby must be considered, but
    still gently insist on her. Taste can be developed not
    coercion, and the use of small pedagogical

ATот несколько практических советов, если ребенок не
wants to eat complementary foods:

  • give a new type of food on an empty stomach;
  • comply with the diet – the baby should want to eat;
  • First, slightly sweeten the mash with breast milk or
  • find out baby’s taste preferences: some kids eat better
    mashed potatoes, others from Brussels sprouts, and the third
    serve a mix of different vegetables;
  • if the baby did not like the new dish, do not insist,
    try to offer another dish, and go back to this days
  • introduce new products gradually, a week fed with one species
    mashed potatoes and then try a new one;
  • put the baby at the table during the family meal, show and
    tell me how you are happy to eat. Give him some
    grains from his plate, let him try;
  • most importantly – no violence, not scary if once
    baby will remain hungry, let him eat a little, but with

It just happens that the child feels bad: teething or
болит животик поэтому он отказывается есть прикорм.

Do not distract the baby toys or try to feed
imperceptibly. In the first case, the formation of an abnormal
eating habits for the game. Invisible feeding will not bring small
body no good. When the baby does not want to eat, then
salivation in the mouth and the production of gastric juice are reduced, and food
poorly digested.

A great way to teach your baby to new food is the technique
pedagogical complementary foods. The baby is just put at the common table and
give him a try what he wants in meager quantities:
a pea-sized slice or a sip of liquid.


Не хочет есть с ложки

ребенок не хочет есть прикорм с ложки

Starting to feed the baby solid food should be using
spoons. Well if this will be silver (silver
prevents the development of microbes), but a plastic spoon will do as well
(plastic spoons are safe for the child, and thanks to the bright
colors, attract attention, so baby будет с
pleasure with it is).

In size it is better to take the coffee first, then go to
tea room.

The earlier the baby becomes familiar with the cutlery, the less
There will be problems with the lure. Desirable from the third month of the water
give to drink only with a spoon. If the child does not want to eat complementary foods
ложки, то во время приучения к ложке не стоит кормить его из
nipples, it’s better to let the baby take the food first
try to eat myself. Then give a spoon. Baby and everything will be around
smeared, but to clean everything is much easier than to suffer further.
Gradually, the baby will get used to the spoon and be fine with it.

Читаем статью: Как научить ребенка есть
with a spoon

See video:

Does not want to eat porridge

Kashu small family members begin to give from 6 – 7 months.
First one teaspoonful of buckwheat, rice, or corn.
Gradually, the volume of complementary foods increases to 150 g, and the range
croup expands. Boil porridge for a half year old baby should be on
water or decoction of vegetables, without the addition of milk and sugar.

See the correct introduction of the first porridge

ребенок не хочет есть прикорм кашу

Как и с овощным пюре, случается то, что ребенок не хочет
to eat porridge. In this case, it is also worth a little cheat. AT
ready meal add some breast milk.
will become more familiar to the baby, which will allow him to quickly get used to
new nutrition.

Complementary feeding is not always a substitute for breastfeeding, but only
necessary supplement to good nutrition of the baby. It is like
acquaintance with 0 “adult” food. No problem if baby
flatly refuses mashed potatoes and porridge. Be patient.
Watch the baby, because in this case the most important adviser
it was he.

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Secrets and tricks of the first feeding

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