What to do if the child is too low Body temperature


  1. Signs and Causes
  2. What can a very low body temperature result in?
  3. In babies
  4. Hypothermia in children older than a year
  5. How to treat

Caring parents when exceeding 37 ° C on a thermometer start to sound the alarm and take all necessary measures in order so that the child’s temperature drops to normal values. But Is it worth worrying if the baby’s body temperature is not higher, but even below normal?

Signs and Causes

Reduced body temperature in a childIn medical practice reduced body temperature (below 36.5 ° C) is usually called hypothermia. This condition in a child is characterized by:

  • Lethargy;
  • Drowsiness
  • Pale skin;
  • Poor appetite;
  • Fatigue.

Hypothermia can provoke:

  • Iron deficiency anemia (lack of iron in the body);
  • Taking extremely high doses (or overdose) of antipyretic drugs funds;
  • Taking extremely high doses (or overdose) of drops or sprays with a vasoconstrictor effect for nasal congestion;
  • Vitamin deficiency (in particular, vitamin C deficiency);
  • Failure of the thyroid gland;
  • Stressful situations and overwork;
  • Failure of the body’s defense systems;
  • Thermoregulatory disorders.

What can a very low body temperature result in?

  • If the child’s temperature is constantly kept at 34-35 ° C – This is a symptom of serious disorders in the functioning of body systems;
  • Temperature at 33 ° С indicates overcooling an organism;
  • At 29 ° C, fainting may occur;
  • If the indicator drops to 27 ° C, then the person will fall into a coma.

In babies

The primary cause of hypothermia in infants is hypothermia. Thermoregulation of infants up to a year is still imperfect, and the body kids cannot adapt and control the temperature body.

Therefore, babies are sensitive to her jumps in the environment environment. A small body temperature in the baby appears before total emotional distress: baby cries, easy excited, sleep and appetite are impaired.

To prevent this condition, the baby should not lie for long in wet diapers, and the legs and arms should not be cold.


Hypothermia in children older than a year

Reduced body temperature in a childIf the child already knows how to speak, then his complaints of fatigue, chills and a desire to sleep should alert adults. In addition, the child may be overly excitable.

All these symptoms are observed at the very beginning of the development of the viral infection, however, after measuring the temperature, it may turn out that it is far below normal. In addition to the above reasons, hypothermia in older children may cause malfunctioning of the nervous systems (vegetovascular dystonia).

In some cases, hypothermia is classified as physiological body features. That is, from birth, the baby has a temperature constantly kept below normal.

But in any case, children with hypothermia are subject to additional expert examination. First of all, an endocrinologist.

How to treat

The treatment of this pathology depends on the causes that caused hypothermia. With simple hypothermia, the baby needs to be wrapped and given warm drink.

If the reason is a lack of vitamin C – you need to take appropriate vitamin supplements after consultation with specialist. If hypothermia is associated with problems in the adrenal glands, thyroid gland or with diabetes, then treatment should appoint only a doctor.

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