What to do if the child asks for the New Yearsomething unreal

What should parents do if the child asks for the New Year for the present
comic book hero ..? Or, for example, “so that all people live forever” …?
Advice to parents whose children ask for “unreal” gifts – how not
blunder and keep the child’s faith in a miracle …

Sometimes children set impossible tasks for us if we are talking about
Comes in about gifts for the upcoming holiday. The child waits and believes
that Santa Claus will fulfill his cherished dream. The question arises:
What should parents do if their child asks for something impracticable, to
example, so that people never get sick or very expensive? Or how
be if the kid dreams of a pet but you don’t share
is this desire?

ребенок ждет подарка на новый год

Do not panic! We reveal the secrets of how to get out of the situation and not
grieve the child.

Gift Value

Imagine a situation: a child asks for a thing that is not
calculated family budget. Many parents make the biggest mistake.
in education, when with a lack of finances they get into debt,
remove savings for the purchase of toys, which so dreams them

What does this lead to? Over time, the appetites grow, baby
just does not see the real picture of the world, begins to demand more
more, considering it the norm. Sad to watch as adults already
children consider parents obliged to buy them expensive gadgets,
car and stuff.

That is why it is so important to explain to a child from an early age that
money is not always easy, and not everything can be bought immediately.
It is necessary to prioritize, refusing itself in the secondary
things, for example, limit one toy instead of two.


If your budget simply does not pull what your kid dreams of, you can
tell the child that such a gift is a very expensive thing. Tell me
child honestly that such a gift is worth too much money. If a
Santa Claus will give him this expensive gift, then other children can
remain without gifts and will cry. At the same time, this
can be a good reason to think with your child how can
save up for your favorite thing.

Or give your child a list of what Grandfather Frost is this year.
can give and let him choose one thing (this will soften the feeling
failure). There are a lot of children on this world, and grandfather’s budget is limited,
and to bestow on everyone, there is such a limitation, otherwise many
will remain without a gift.

Responsibility for others

�”Mom, I want a dog,” – you hear from your child, but
don’t be in a hurry to get a pet, that’s why very often children
and ask the good Grandfather Frost to give them some homemade
animal. The first thing that comes to mind is to give a non-live puppy.
or a kitten, and a toy. But here you have to be careful: remember
Tears of the Kid from “Carlson”, when instead of the long-awaited dog to him
donated plush lapdog?

подарить ребенку на новый год собаку

You (of course, Santa Claus) can write a letter to the baby,
explain that a pet is very big
responsibility, you need to prepare for this, you need to walk with a dog
in the morning and in the evening in any weather or every day, vacuuming and
wipe the floors. Before the child becomes the owner of a puppy or
kitten, he should explain how hard it is to care for him,
that this is a living thing that requires constant care and

Suggest your child to be tested! Arrange a home quest:
cleaning, help in cooking simple dishes, assignments for
home. To do all of the above, the child will have to attach
efforts and sacrifice of his time (which he could spend
on the game).

Did the child pass the test? Then you can think about purchasing
animal, but which does not cause trouble. For example, fish or

And the tale will turn into reality …

The child asks Santa Claus to give him something that doesn’t exist –
the real Spider-man, the hero from the cartoon Fixiki or help
find yourself in a magical land. How to explain to him what it is

You shouldn’t harshly tell the kid that there are no magic creatures.
and this is fiction. And what about Santa Claus himself? In childhood, children should
be a fairy tale.


Try to explain that Santa Claus brings the children
he doesn’t have gifts that can be found in a simple store
opportunities to create them yourself.

Parent bans

Computer games, tablets, weapons, which they won’t think up
modern manufacturers to attract the interest of the child. Adults
understand how harmful it is, but powerless in front of skillful

A child can ask Santa for a toy or thing that
you consider unacceptable – one of the dolls “with the wrong message”,
computer “shooters” toy gun with bullets. In such
In case of Santa Claus can write a letter in which he explains that
knows that the parents are against the choice of the child, and will tell
An interesting “replacement” gift story.

It is worth discussing with the child that Santa Claus is always with
gladly listens to the requests of the children, but he does not have to
perform them.

World peace

And what if a child asks for something global – so that everyone will
healthy so that there is no wars in the world ..? This is a reason to be proud of their
baby But before the parent is no easy task – to explain
child that Santa Claus does not control all the processes on earth
therefore can not fulfill his desire. But offer the baby
make his personal contribution to the salvation of the world, let him feel
true hero. Do a good deed together! Congratulations
children from the orphanage, for example, bring them sweet gifts. If a
allows the age of the child, he can take part in volunteer
program, visit the animal shelter with your child …

In any case, the New Year is a special holiday, and gives us all
opportunity to touch the miracle. Children have dreams come true, and
adults have the opportunity to be very real
wizards :)

волшебство на новый год


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