What to do if the baby fell or ate the paper:cheat sheet from the doctor

The most troubled people in the world are undoubtedly
new parents. Hundreds of questions that need answers
to know here and now, they are tormented 24 hours a day: why are they crying
and whether eats right, why does not like to swim, etc. We asked
to answer them neonatologist Lyudmila Brodskaya and turned out
a kind of crib for restless parents.

Неонатолог Людмила Бродская

– Одна из самых распространенных проблем, которой любят
�“Frighten” young moms, – colic in babies. Are they so scary on
really? What are the reasons for their appearance and what should be done
take parents?

– Однозначно сказать, что именно является причиной колик,
can not. Often parents call colic any attack.
inconsolable sudden crying in a healthy baby. Colic is rare
observed in children older than three months.

An abdominal distention may be caused, for example, by congestion.
газов, причем эта причина двоякая: малыш начинает кричать от
pain, while screaming sometimes hold your breath, and then convulsively
swallows air. Excess of the last gets into the stomach – pain
is increasing.

What to do: in this case, massage will help the tummy, the slopes
child (the same “column”, which is recommended to do after
each feeding), glycerin suppositories (only after consultation with
a doctor). If the mother is breastfeeding, then lead to the formation of gases
some of its products may also be consumed (for example, nuts,
молочная продукция), поэтому внимательно следите за своим
nutrition (read in detail about colic).

– Еще один кошмар молодых родителей –
cutting teeth. What only stories you will not hear enough: here and
fever, and crying day and night, and lack
appetite … How to alleviate the suffering of the baby?

– First of all, do not panic in advance: all children have teeth cut
Differently, and I can say, that in most cases horror
�”Teething” period exaggerated – in my practice, barely
there are no more children for whom the appearance of teeth either did not deliver
никаких беспокойств вообще, либо они были минимальны. Among
symptoms, often accompanying teething, occurs
fever, baby irritability, crying, problems with
stool, nasal congestion, excessive salivation.

What to do: most of these symptoms go away on their own
a few days without treatment. If the baby doesn’t get any better,
срочно покажите его педиатру: возможно, зубы – вовсе не
reason for cough / runny nose, and the child should be treated for another illness
(baby teething).

– How dangerous is the fall of the baby from the changing table
or a sofa?

– Не занимайтесь самобичеванием: вы – не первые родители, с
which it happened At least once, but the children fall practically
all moms and dads. Дети, к счастью, достаточно крепки и, скорее
всего, с ними не случится ничего серьезного из-за падения.
Of course, this does not mean that you can safely leave the child.
one in the room: parental responsibility no one

What to do: after the fall, calm the baby carefully
look around and watch for another day. Unequivocally address
seeking medical advice is recommended if you notice one or
several of the following symptoms: inappropriate behavior, vomiting,
convulsions, pupils of different sizes, bleeding from the nose and ears and

– And if mom saw, but did not have time to stop, but how
ребенок проглотил кусок бумаги, стиральный порошок или
any medications, such as nasal drops …

– Ключевые слова тут – «если мама увидела» – значит,
do not have time to eat much. From a piece of paper (he did not have a notebook
eat until mom ran up) there will be no harm, as well as from everything
the rest is unlikely the baby will have time to fall asleep packaging
стирального порошка, да, и скорее всего, выплюнет – дети
do not eat something that is tasteless and washing powder is not included in the number
favorite children’s delicacies.

What to do: if the baby did not have time to swallow the paper, gently
Get it out of his mouth. Managed? Not scary; from tiny
a piece of nothing happens. Give a drink and switch attention:
for example, show that tearing paper into long strips is much
more exciting than chewing.

However, there are also serious situations. In my practice there was a case
when mom just didn’t see, and my daughter decided not to report that
that swallowed a few coins. Mom suspected evil when
the child began to vomit, the girl began to wheeze, complaining of pain in
chest An ambulance doctor immediately asked if she had swallowed something.
The girl told about the coins. We got foreign bodies under
anesthesia in the hospital.

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– And if the child suddenly appeared stains incomprehensible

– In such cases, do not need to engage in amateur and treat
�“The best recipe for the neighbor” and smear the child
miracle ointments. If the cause of the spots is a viral disease,
then at best it will be useless, at worst – you will
waste time healing the spots themselves instead of treating
the cause of their occurrence.

What to do: of course, you need to consult a doctor.

– Pets in the same house with the baby: dangerous or
No, for example, if a dog licks a kid’s face? As far as here
важен факт – привито животное или нет?

– I will start from the end, namely from vaccinations: here it’s categorically homemade
the animal must be vaccinated, there are no other options. Cases
pet rabies are rare, but they do happen. You
want to “give” to yourself and your child even a tiny but chance
to be bitten by a sick animal? The question is rhetorical. Therefore –
instill, every year. Next, another important point is an allergy to
animal. It may occur in the baby, but maybe not, not
to predict. How to deal with animals in case of
аллергии  – решать вам. But be sure to pass the analysis on
identifying an allergen, maybe your Murzik has nothing to do with it, and the source
the disease is different.

What to do: if a healthy vaccinated animal showed its
sympathy for the child, having licked him, nothing will happen, here is the question
purely personal – how do you feel about this.

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