What to do if hair falls out after childbirth andduring pregnancy

Update: October 2018

Many young mothers notice that after pregnancy they have become
hair fall out In fact, this is a natural process – hair grows
during life, and only 10% of them are at rest and falls out
over time. In their place grow new hair
rods, so a person does not grow bald and does not lose his hair,
daily while observing a certain amount of hair on

Causes of Accelerated Hair Loss

Let us see why hairs fall out after giving birth. The reasons for this
several, and it is knowledge of the root cause helps to pick
proper treatment for each particular woman.

  • Hormonal adjustment. For sure, every pregnant woman
    noted that the hair became stronger, healthier and shiny,
    stopped falling out and gained volume. Such positive changes
    associated with changes in hormonal levels. Elevated level
    estrogen accelerates cell division of hair follicles. However after
    delivery hormones gradually come to the previous level and
    hair that should have fallen out over time
    pregnancy, begin to fall out actively. If hair loss
    It is equal to 30%, you should not worry, this is a normal phenomenon,
    which will soon pass.
  • The use of anesthesia during childbirth. Possible such a side
    effect on anesthesia, however in this case the hair ceases
    fall out after 3 months after birth.
  • Androgenetic alopecia. In this case, violated
    the ratio of hormones (estrogen and androgen). Distinctive
    a sign is an increase in the lumen of the parting.
  • Low hemoglobin. Often after childbirth in women
    there is a lack of iron in the body that can be detected
    when examining blood in the form of low hemoglobin.
  • Endocrine disruption. Hair fall out
    significant volume and continue to fall out a year after birth.
    In parallel, there is an excess of body weight.
  • Imbalance of vitamins and microelements and lack of protein. This
    The problem is especially characteristic of nursing moms – during lactation
    There is some loss of important nutrient and mineral
    substances, especially magnesium, calcium, iron and vitamin D. How
    As a rule, the skin and nails condition suffers at the same time. therefore
    it is very important to eat fully and properly during the whole period
    breastfeeding, but about diets and strict dietary restrictions with
    the goal of weight normalization is out of the question. Milk anyway
    will be full and nutritious, but the question is – from what reserves
    the body will take everything useful: from its own reserves or from
  • Malnutrition during childbirth. Rarely but
    it happens that a pregnant woman limits herself considerably
    in food and eats almost nothing (due to strong toxicosis, fear
    get better, changes in taste preferences, etc.). In this case
    woman begins to notice that already during pregnancy began
    hair fall out, well, and after childbirth the problem gets
    catastrophic scale. It is very important to eat fully, and
    not only to preserve their own health, but also to
    harmonious development of the child.
  • Poor nutrition after childbirth. Some women who
    feed children artificially, believe that they can
    allow yourself dietary restrictions to lose weight. But not
    forget that energy is also wasted on caring for a child, and
    the body in any case requires recovery, which lasts
    at least 6 months after delivery. therefore, хотя бы на этот период
    should be put off all sorts of diets. Especially important to use
    enough dairy products, fresh vegetables, fruits and
  • Constant fatigue, lack of sleep, emotional
    overvoltage. Of course, there is no one more expensive than a newborn baby
    and young mothers fully devote themselves to the care of the baby, forgetting about
    yourself and your own health. It has a negative effect on health.
    and on the condition of the hair in particular. We must not forget that the possibilities
    organism is not infinite, and allow yourself to sleep during the day
    baby rest.

It is not always possible to determine the cause of the problem yourself,
therefore, it is best to consult a doctor, take a complete blood count and
blood for hormones. These questions are in the competence
doctor-trichologist (see the causes of hair loss in women).

Hair treatment

So, if your hair falls out badly, what measures can you take?
Treatment depends on the cause of the condition (see treatment
hair loss).выпадают волосы после родов

Proper care

First of all, you need to abandon the tight elastic bands, curls and
staining. Wash your head with water not hotter than 40 C. Many
a regular haircut helps, i.e. reducing hair length.

Hormonal treatment

As it turned out above, no threat of increased hair loss in
the first year after birth does not represent if the total amount of “loss”
makes no more than 30%. If the pathological process
continues after the child reaches the age of one or
takes a serious scale up to baldness, you need to turn
to the doctor and donate blood on hormones, especially thyroid. With
If necessary, the doctor will prescribe a hormonal corrective


Salon procedure during which the scalp is injected
nourishing cocktail that activates hair growth. Procedure is pretty
effective, but requires a visit to a beauty salon and worth
not cheap.

Vitamin ampoules for rubbing in the hair roots

Vichy, L’Oreal, Placental formula, Vivas – costly funds
(50-500 r for 1 ampoule), which contain proteins, vitamins,
amino acids, minerals, placenta and plant extracts, etc. Require
regular use (up to 3 times a week), but the effectiveness is not
always is expected.

Rational, good nutrition

In the daily diet are required:

  • dairy and dairy products, especially cheese, cottage cheese,
    sour milk;
  • low-fat fish and meat;
  • vegetables and fruits, especially when fresh;
  • greenery;
  • natural vegetable and fruit juices;
  • vegetable oils (corn, olive);
  • dried fruits.

Vitamins and Minerals

Pharmacies sell special complexes (Pantovigar, Volvit,
Revalid), including for nursing mothers who contain the necessary
substances in a balanced composition, but they should be applied
complex, but not occasionally. Vitamin C is especially important.
groups B, iodine, zinc, selenium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur.


Nourishing masks

Regular use of various nutritional formulations
allows you to increase blood supply to the hair follicles, which
positive effect on hair growth. You can use masks
industrial manufacturing sold in pharmacies or
stores (burdock from others. Santa, Omega-6, intense mask
�”Elf” and others.), And you can make masks yourself, according to the
lower recipes. It is recommended during the application of the composition to do
light massage of the scalp, which also enhances

Healing Shampoo

There are pharmaceutical shampoos that help in solving the problem.
– onion shampoo 911, burdock shampoo “Elf”, Head and
Shoulders, grandmother Agafi’s recipes, Rinfoltin, Regein and others. Can
to make any shampoo therapeutic – add 2 vbs. to the bottle.
tea tree or pine nut oil.

Homemade masks

To enhance hair growth, it is recommended to add a burning to the masks.
component that irritates the skin, thereby enhancing
blood circulation and improving the nutrition of hair follicles (see masks from
hair loss at home).

Pepper ujhxbxyj rtabhyf vfcrf

Alcoholic tincture of hot pepper diluted with castor or
burdock oil for dry hair and with water for oily hair in
ratio of 1: 2. Rub the mixture for 15 minutes before
by washing


One yolk mixed with 2 tbsp. mustard dry and 2 tbsp. water up
thick sour cream. Apply to scalp for 20 minutes, rinse

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Two tablespoons of mustard dry mix with kefir 100 ml, one
yolk, 1 tsp burdock oil. Apply to the scalp, cover
wrap and towel for 1 hour. Repeat once a week.



Burdock oil heated to a warm state and rub into the roots
hair, cover with foil and warm towel for 1 h, rinse.

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Cooking salt applied to wet hair between partings,
cover with foil for 15 minutes and rinse with warm water. Repeat 1 time per
a week

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Mix: 1 tbsp. honey, gruel of grated potatoes, 2 tbsp. juice
aloe and 1 ampoule of vitamin A and E, put on the hair under the film on
20 min, rinse.

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Finely grate one onion and 1 clove of garlic, mix with
olive oil and apply on hair for 10 minutes, rinse with water.

What to do if hair falls out after childbirth? First, not
panic, realistically estimate the amount of loss and take feasible
measures such as homemade masks and normalization of the diet. And what
helped you or your friends in solving this problem?
Leave your proven recipes in the comments.

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