What to do if gums bleed when cleaningteeth, during pregnancy

Update: October 2018

Many people believe that to increased bleeding gums
lead toothbrushes with too stiff bristles. But healthy
gums rarely bleed due to a toothbrush. Of course too
sensitive gums necessarily require careful handling
brushing your teeth. Then you need to change your toothbrush to the option
with softer setae.

It is necessary to understand that it is impossible to refuse oral hygiene, so
how it will promote the reproduction of bacteria, development
inflammation and increased bleeding. First you need
determine the reason for which the gums hurt and bleed.

Most often the fault is negligent, poor oral care in
combination with harmful addictions to smoking and picking in the teeth.
These factors entail other consequences, for example,
the occurrence of diseases such as periodontitis or gingivitis, therefore
with constant bleeding gums should refer to
the dentist to establish an accurate diagnosis and timely,
adequate treatment.

Causes of bleeding gums

Improper oral care

Direct trauma to the gingival margin and papillae with hard brushes,
toothpicks and other foreign objects. Teeth picking
leads to the formation around the teeth of pathological gingival
pockets in which microorganisms accumulate more easily and more
more favorable flowing inflammation destroying small vessels that
bleed. Irregular or improper tooth brushing creates
conditions for the formation of tartar, which moves the tooth away from
gums that causes bleeding.

Taking certain medications

Some medicines can also cause bleeding in the gums.
Most often this is due to the fact that drugs of this type
often lead to blood thinning, as well as gum bleeding
should be described in side effects. One of these drugs is
aspirin. Most often, when you stop the course of the drug, with such
properties, bleeding will stop. Similarly manifest themselves
heparins, warfarin, clopidogrel, many nonsteroidal

Vitamin deficiency

Gums suffer from a lack of vitamins.
(especially from the lack of such vitamins as B, K, C, and also
vitamin E). So it is not recommended to go on such diets,
which could cause a lack of the above vitamins.
The most characteristic bleeding causes vitamin C deficiency.
(scurvy). At the same time, except for bleeding, appear on the skin
multiple bruises, swelling. Teeth loose and fall out
internal organs suffer.

Dental procedures

Dental procedures также могут быть виновниками
bleeding from the gums. Teeth removal or implant placement is
direct injury with bleeding. Substandard or
improperly fitted orthopedic structures injure
gingival margin. Seals sometimes give bedsores. Professional cleaning
teeth can also lead to a similar problem.

Blood diseases

Sometimes factors that cause bleeding can become
blood diseases. All coagulation disorders (hemophilia,
thrombocytopenia, vitamin K deficiencies), as well as tumor processes
(leukemia, leukemia) affect the condition of the gums mucosa.

Gum disease

Inflammatory processes in the oral cavity can cause
bleeding from the gums, it can be gingivitis and periodontitis, but
also periodontitis, periodontal disease, etc. If the gums are constantly bleeding
while brushing your teeth – do not delay your visit to the dentist.


Gingivitis является воспалением десен, при котором появляются
symptoms such as swelling and swelling of the affected area.
At the same time, the patient develops a soft as well as hard patina on
teeth. These are the places where microbes are concentrated. This disease
appears again:

  • due to improper dental care
  • background smoking (inhibiting the protective properties of the mucous and
    lowering the level of vitamin C in the blood)
  • diabetes
  • lack of vitamin C
  • immunodeficiency states, in the program of influenza, tuberculosis or
    sore throats
  • less often the causes are rooted in chronic gum trauma,
    crown or denture.

Due to the fact that microbes multiply very quickly, there are
strong dental deposits. Further, these deposits will turn into dental
stone, where microbes get even more comfortable conditions. Process
more often affects children and young people up to 30 years. Besides
bacterial, gingivitis can be viral – herpetic or
fungal (candidal).


It is an inflammation of the dental ligament that abounds in blood
vessels. In this process, not only there is an increased
bleeding gums, but the tooth can loosen, worsen
nutrition of the alveolar jaw and cement, pathologically
redistribute the chewing load on the teeth, leading to their
premature abrasion and injury.

Periodontitis causes inflammation of the circulatory tissues and gradually
can lead to destruction of the aeolar process of the jaw. For
diseases characterized by the formation of gum pockets in which
accumulates plaque and pus, teeth loosening, exposure
dental necks. Process может носить острый или хронический характер.
In the outcome of the teeth diverge in the form of a fan or fall out.


Periodontal disease

Be sure to exclude such a serious disease as
periodontal disease, it is characterized by the predominance of dystrophic
processes over inflammation. However, gums can also bleed,
and the teeth loose. This insidious disease develops very
long time (more than one year), for diagnosis, except for inspection
a dentist requires an x-ray (see symptoms and
treatment of periodontal disease).

Gums in pregnancy bleed

Bleeding gums during pregnancy – this is a separate issue.
Many future mothers experienced similar inconvenience in time.
carrying babies. There is a good reason for this. Woman,
who is experiencing a pregnancy, is experiencing very powerful
hormonal shifts. And this, of course, affects her

During pregnancy, the gums of the woman become loose and
inflamed and bleed at any inaccurate touch.
Most often, after childbirth, this condition stops. Recommended
before pregnancy to pass a routine dental examination for
identify possible foci of inflammation and also eliminate

Unfortunately, avoid bleeding gums during pregnancy.
It is not always possible, even with the observance of all preventive measures.
starts from 4 months of pregnancy. If there is no cavity diseases
mouth, then it does not require special treatment. Just need
Follow the guidelines below:

  • You need to eat fully. Do not go on a diet. It will be
    It is harmful not only to the gums, but also to the baby.
  • Brushing your teeth is shown not twice a day, but after each use.
  • Leftover food must be removed using floss
    (dental floss).
  • The mouth will need to be rinsed with various herbal infusions, and
    also decoctions.
  • It is necessary to use anti-inflammatory toothpastes.
    Such as, for example, Prodontax, Asept or Lacalut.

But in case bleeding was caused by dental stones,
It is necessary to adhere to the following rules when deleting them:

  • It is best to visit the dentist in the second trimester.
  • The duration of the manipulations should be reduced to
    the minimum.
  • Do not undergo ultrasonic removal.
    dental calculus.
  • It is important to remember that the dentist must use drugs that are not
    contraindicated pregnant.

Bleed gums, what to do?

One way to solve the problem of bleeding gums –
diet. Adequate content of complete animal protein in the diet
strengthens the immune system and provides regeneration of the gum mucosa and
periodontal tissue. In this diet, you must include:

  • Foods fortified with vitamin C.

They increase the level of immunity of the oral mucosa to various
infections, and also eliminate fragility of vessels and limit
inflammation. Vitamin C is found in foods like: fresh
cabbage, parsley, raspberry, spinach, potato, currant, celery,
citrus, tomatoes, red pepper. It is important to eat fruit in its raw form.
no sugar, vegetables – in salads or cooked in a short time
for a couple.

  • Vitamin B

It strengthens the gums and teeth, and also prevents the appearance
various cracks and ulcers in the mouth. Vitamins of this group can
get from products like: apples, milk, beef and
lamb, buckwheat and oatmeal, apples, eggs, unpolished
rice, rye flour (see foods rich in vitamins, harm
synthetic vitamins).

  • Vitamin K

This is a blood coagulation factor, analogue of vikasol. It is contained in
the following foods: avocados, cucumbers, spinach, soy, dairy
products, bananas.

  • Vitamin E

It promotes the healing of wounds on the mucous and also reduces
sensitivity of the gums. This vitamin is rich in such foods
as: vegetable oil (olive oil), bread, peas,
various dairy products, lettuce, beans, cod, wheat,

  • Carrot, beetroot fresh juices

An ideal drink to strengthen gums and prevent
bleeding from them is carrot juice. Drink recommended
drink in the morning, before breakfast. A few days condition
The gums will improve significantly. Also very useful beet juice,
after pressing for 3 hours, it should be left in the fridge (to
harmful compounds disappeared), then drink in small portions,
can be mixed with carrot.

  • Many spices

Spices (cinnamon, sesame, wasabi, sea salt) allow
to deal with increased fragility of the vessels of the gums. Spices will stop
reproduction of bacteria, will help to clean a raid, and also will prevent

Professional treatment

  • The first step is to clean the teeth and remove stones.
  • The second is a daily rinse with chlorhexidine of the mouth and
    gums for 10 days every morning after breakfast are cleaned
    teeth and rinsing used. Rinse your mouth need one minute.
    Then the gums are dried with a gauze swab and Cholisal gel is applied.
    Procedure repeated in the evening after dinner.
  • Further the toothbrush with marking Soft is selected,
    having soft bristles use specialized toothpastes
    and dental floss (floss and superfloss) for oral hygiene.
  • Twice a year, prophylactic visits are carried out to
    to the dentist.

Gums are bleeding: home treatment

When the tendency to bleeding from the gums should be given more
attention to oral hygiene.

  • Toothpastes – for this purpose it is recommended at home
    use specialized toothpastes, especially
    Parodontaks paste is effective (not very tasty, but
    natural and therapeutic), you can also use Blanks, Lakalut,
    President, Mexidol.
  • Rinsing solutions – help reduce risks
    inflammation (Perio-Aid, PresiDent, VitizOrthodontic,
    Elfix, Forest Balsam, Effectiv, Stomatofit Fresh).
  • Antiseptics are indicated for the rehabilitation of the oral cavity – Miramistin,
    Eludril, Chlorhexidine, Lugol solution. Spray jocks
    Corsodil, Yodinol, Chlorfillipt, Salvin, Novoimanin,
    Tincture of Calendula, 0.2% solution of Furacillin, Baking soda –
    appointed by the dentist in a specific course (usually no more than
    10 days).  Cannot be abused and used for
    further daily rinsing (see why rinses for
    oral cavity can not often be used).
  • Resorption pills: Grammydin, Septoltet, Laripront,
    Faringosept, Hexaliz, Ajisept, Dekamin allow you to fight
    infection. Их также следует использовать курсом,  нельзя
    abuse (with long-term use is violated
    natural protective microflora of the oral cavity).
  • Askorutin for a weekly course allows to reduce fragility
  • Stimulate the healing of mucous Salvin, Rotokan, Sea-buckthorn
    oil, Stomatofit, dental paste Solcoseryl, Metragil Denta gel,
    spray parodontotsid.

Folk remedies if the gums bleed

Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and hemostatic agents
traditional medicine for gums is safe enough. Exists
many options are widely used in everyday life folk drugs.
They are simple enough to cook and store.

  • Oak bark – one of the most popular recipes has become a decoction of the bark
    oak tree Tannins of this product strengthen gums and reduce
    риск кровотечений из нtheir. Polustakan boiling water should be poured
    tablespoon of bark. Next, the resulting suspension must
    bring to a boil and cook on low heat or water bath 6-7
    minutes Cool and strain broth. Rinse your mouth with oak broth
    twice a day – in the morning and in the evening.
  • Chamomile – a dessert spoon of pharmaceutical chamomile is poured over a cup
    boiling water. Настаивают в термосе в течение тридцати minutes
    Again strain. Rinse your mouth with this decoction
    каждого приема food.
  • Sage – to two tablespoons of sage herb must be added
    400 milliliters of hot boiled water and let stand under
    cover half an hour. After this, it is also necessary to strain the broth.
    sage and rinse your mouth 2 times a day.

Thus, if the gums bleed while brushing your teeth, it is worth
carefully look for the causes of this condition. Before going to
the dentist can use simple pharmacy or folk
antiseptics anti-inflammatory drugs. But,
to postpone the visit to the doctor is not worth it because of the serious threat to
preservation of teeth and oral health.

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