What to do if a child is afraid to swim inbathroom

Ситуация, когда новорожденный (грудной) ребенок боится
купаться в bathroom, скорее исключение из правил, нежели
norm. Новорожденные дети воды не боятся. Nine
for many months, the baby “swam” in the amniotic fluid. Therefore,
plunging into warm water after birth, the baby enters
familiar environment and is experiencing the pleasure of swimming. Child
she calms down, freely moves her legs and arms, smiles. If a
the newborn manifests, as it seems to you, signs of the fear of water,
it is not, the newborn may just be naughty. Not worth it
confused stah and whims. Fear of water can form in children
older people who are beginning to consciously understand everything and
reasons for fear lie on the surface.

ребенок боится купаться в ванне

The reasons why children are afraid to swim

If a ребенок с самого рождения испытывает «страх» перед
bathing, the causes of this phenomenon are likely to lie in
properly organized first bathing. ATозможно, температура воды
was not comfortable for the baby (too cold or hot.
Imagine the state of a child who was put into boiling water,
естественно второй раз малыш будет испытывать страх… см об
правильной температуре воды для первых купаний
). Or child
мог уйти с головой под воду и нахлебаться воды, мог испытать
discomfort if shampoo hit him in the eyes. Newborn
could get scared even by the loud sound of water pouring from the tap and now
associates unpleasant memories with bathing. Also, not to
scare baby, from the first day try to create before bathing
calm atmosphere.

We read подробно — как правильно купать
newborn baby

Watch the video: Baby’s first bathing

Another situation, when the crumb is initially happy
He took water procedures, and suddenly began to make tantrums when
одном виде bathroom комнаты. If a ребенок начал бояться купаться
a few weeks or months after the first swim, then you
to understand the situation, analyze the last
events, carefully observe the baby and try to understand
why the child began to be afraid of it.

The reasons may be those listed above, and

Child боится купаться в bathroom

  • usual fright;
  • not comfortable water temperature (fear of getting burned);
  • the child swallowed water (fear of drowning again);
  • baby does not like to wash his hair (fear to feel hit
    shampoo in the eyes);
  • uncomfortable bath: the child slides all the time and moves in
    water (choose a bath properly);
  • ребенок подскользнулся, упал и ударился в bathroom (страх упасть
  • the baby had diaper rash, and bathing caused him pain;
  • nervous situation (the reason, as you understood, in

Safety regulations

To avoid future child fear
before bathing, observe the safety rules from the very first

  • Температура воды должна быть 36-37 оС;
  • Приобретите for swimming специальную горку (кресло) или ванночку
    with hammock cloth. This adaptation is necessary before
    moment until the baby starts to sit confidently. It fixes well
    baby and allows mom to cope with bathing without strangers
  • Для купания в большой bathroom приобретите специальный резиновый
    коврик на дно bathroom, чтобы избежать скольжения, падения и
  • Мойте голову специальными детскими шампунями «без
    , они не вызывают раздражения глаз. ATполне достаточно
    мыть голову с шампуней несколько раз в неделю. We read
    useful article on how to wash a child’s head with pleasure: 7
    right ways to persuade your baby to wash his hair without tears;
  • Do not add hot water to the bath;
  • Ни на минуту не оставляйте кроху в bathroom без присмотра или
    together with the older children, the baby is enough for a few seconds,
    to drown even in a little water;
  • Do not bathe the baby for too long, so as not to overload
    an organism. ATполне достаточно 5-10 минут;

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ребенка (кипятить ли воду, добавлять ли марганцовку)

What to do?

ребенок боится купаться в bathroom что делать

There are various ways to overcome fear of
bathing. ATозможно, вам придется испробовать не один и не два, пока
one of these methods will not work on your

Method 1

AT раннем детстве малыши очень быстро забывают свои впечатления
(pleasant or negative), therefore the easiest way to
sometimes can help, will become a break in bathing for a few days.
Unpleasant memories will be forgotten, and the crumb will be happy again
take water treatments.


Method 2

Also, in early childhood, a child often associates
помещение (ванную комнату) с дальнейшими неприятными для
his actions. Иногда смена обстановки (перенесение купания в
другое помещение)
дает неожиданный результат: ребенок в новой
The setting behaves calmly and adequately.

Method 3

ATыбрать for swimming момент, когда малыш в хорошем расположении
of the spirit. ATзять его на руки и, ласково разговаривая, поднести к воде.
Lower the baby in the tub, bending over with him to
it seemed to little that you bathe together. AT ручку ребенку
You can put a bright toy for distraction. Perhaps for
overcome fear you need a few days. Do not be nervous.
Act calmly. Soon the baby will relax and start getting
pleasure from the procedure.

Method 4

Another good method to overcome the fear of water is considered
sharing a baby’s bath with mom or dad.
An adult must first take a hygienic shower. Being
in close contact with an adult, the crumb feels full
safety and calms down.

ПОДРОБНО: Можно ли купаться в одной ванне
together with a newborn? Opinion of doctors and mummies
— http://razvitie-krohi.ru/eto-polezno-znat/mozhno-li-kupatsya-v-odnoy-vanne-vmeste-s-novorozhdennyim-mnenie-vrachey-i-mamochek.html

Method 5

This option is suitable for kids who are already sitting confidently. AT
pelvis need to pour a small amount of water and put various
toys (rubber animals, plastic fish, boats, watering cans).
Play with your baby, show him how “it is raining” from a watering can, how
joyfully splashing fish, ducks and frogs. Kids at this age with
enjoy playing similar games. After some time the game
need to move to a large bath.
ПОДРОБНО: Игрушки for swimming детям до
of the year

Method 6

For older children. There are cases when a child comes into
bath, is in the water, but is afraid to sit down and plunge into the water.
Спрашивайте, одновременно играя с крохой: «Нальем
водичку до коленочек или чуть больше?»
. No need to hurry,
stop at the achievement that you have achieved today and step
By step, overcome the child’s fear of water. One more
option, try to run soap bubbles. The kid will distract from
of your own fear and, perhaps playing with bubbles, will sit in

Игра — отличный помощник в борьбе с любыми страхами
children Старайтесь как можно больше играть с малышом в
bathroom, throw in the bath a lot of different water toys, entertain
ребенка, разговаривайте с ним, расскажите, что игрушки не
afraid of water, how fun they splash, play and not at all
боятся воды — и тогда процедура купания будет
associate only with fun. The child will forget what
fear of swimming :)

ЧИТАЕМ ТАКЖЕ: плавание для грудничков: как
and when to start classes with newborns at home in the bath. Lot
quality videos
инструкций http://razvitie-krohi.ru/zdorove-rebenka/zakalivanie-i-massazh/plavanie-grudnichkov-v-vanne.html

How to wash the head of a child without tears and whims: 11 tips + video

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for swimming

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