What to do – at the baby scales on the head


  1. Causes
  2. Treatment
  3. Prevention
  4. Conclusion

Flakes that appear on the child’s head are not uncommon. it should not bother too young mothers, although in reality everything happens the other way around – they often panic because of this.

This publication will help to understand the reason in detail. the appearance of crusts, ways to eliminate and prevent the occurrence of such a situation.


In addition to physiological reasons, the appeared scales on the head of infants provoke external factors:

  • Staying a baby around the clock in a warm hat, because of which the skin sweats on the head;
  • A thorough bath also disrupts the skin, causing drying out of the skin, which loses elasticity, causing the appearance of crusts;
  • The use of non-natural hygiene products with dyes;
  • The introduction of new allergy-causing products processes.


The most effective, very affordable, as well as the maximum A simple way is to manually remove the flakes. Dried crusts you need to rub carefully with your fingers, after which they themselves will be strewed. For this it is convenient to use latex gloves, you can simply wrap your fingers in polyethylene. such flakes, otherwise damage to the delicate skin and infection in the wounds. Quite effective crusts eliminated when swimming. Do a head massage, lightly on the skin pressing down.

Water will perfectly soften the scales, then remove them enough simply. When bathing, a good shampoo also helps crusts. After washing, still wet skin needs to be combed and all the crusts will remain on the comb.

To peel the peels faster, use vegetable oil. It is enough to lubricate the head with it, so that after a third of an hour it becomes clean. After the procedure, rinse thoroughly with shampoo head. When mom prefers medication, she should buy baby dandruff shampoo. It contains substances that reduce peeling, as well as protecting the skin from overdrying. Although constantly this shampoo is not used recommended.

To prevent intolerance to infants certain cosmetics when choosing it without fail Get pediatrician approval.

Treatment shampoos are recommended when crusts return after they are removed again. Therefore, for the absence of other effective methods can also be applied medications.


Mom washes the baby’s head with special shampooTo those who wish permanently get rid of annoying scales, should not dwell only on treatment issues. Also necessary apply preventive measures to protect against their occurrence:

  • To prevent the appearance of crusts, it is impossible without extreme needs to put the baby in a hat, and even at home – the head of the newborn should not overheat;
  • Be sure to keep fresh air that protects the baby’s skin without letting it dry out;
  • Using shampoo, immediately after washing, lubricate the head baby with a moisturizing cream, it will protect the most delicate skin;
  • Check your baby’s foods tirelessly since intolerance to some can cause crusts.

We advise you to read additionally – how to get rid of the crust on head in the baby.

Be sure to read in advance the instructions for the first bathing of the baby after the hospital.

It is useful to read to moms a publication about ways to get rid of infant dandruff.

Very often mixtures-fed babies have on foods an allergy. It is necessary to carefully select exactly those components mixtures that will become optimal for the newborn.


Over time, most newborns will be able to get rid of the presence of scales in a completely natural way, in Otherwise, adequate treatment will be required. From our publication you need to choose the method that suits you, apply him and forget about the current problem.

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