What time does the color of the eyes change in infants


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When a small person is born, then all parents, willingly or involuntarily, they look in him for similarities with themselves or grandmothers and grandfathers. Immediately, attention is drawn to the eyes.

It cannot be any other way, because, as the classic said, it’s the mirror of one’s heart. Having established the similarity in eye color with one of the parents, there is no limit to joy.

Color change?

And this is obvious. But at some point in time to bewilderment parents, it seems to them that the color of their child’s eyes is changing. Is not it is it really? And if so, then why is this happening? Let’s get it together.

How many people in the world, and babies, are no exception, so many different colors and shades of eyes can meet. Why so some black-eyed, brown-eyed, and others blue-eyed, gray-eyed and other?


We will not burden you with the eye device, everyone remembers that the iris is located behind the cornea, it is transparent, since has no vessels. The iris, on the contrary, is the first part vascular pathway of the eye. In its center there is a hole called the pupil that regulates it.

The iris acts as a diaphragm (partitions), adjusting the volume of the light flux. Physically it consists of two layers, one of which is filled with pigment. The iris is painted completely in a specific shade, defining, so called eye tone.


It all depends on the amount of pigment of the iris, which commonly called “melanin.” The more “melanin” in the iris, the darker your baby’s eyes. The less “melanin”, the more they lighter.

By the way, there are “red” (pink) eyes. This is due to the complete absence of “melanin” in the iris. Since she is in In this case, it does not stain and becomes transparent, then through it blood vessels are visible, which give such an eye such tone.

The amount of “melanin” in a child is the result heredity. It is clear that if the quantity is unchanged, but it invariably, the iris does not change.

A change in the shade of the eyes in an infant with its growing one of the many illusions about man. As noted above, there is a pupil in the center of the iris.

When babies change eye colorVisually looking in eyes, we perceive the overall color gamut of the shell and size pupil. The bigger it is, the darker, let’s say juicier, it seems eyes.

The pupil, as the eye works, has the peculiarity of narrowing, restricting the incoming light output. So, does not change the color of the iris, and its value in relation to the pupil, which is perceived as black. Pupil, growing older, tapering, makes the eye in the middle less dark, which is perceived as eye color change.

With the color of the iris, which means eye color, nature presents various surprises. The baby may have eyes of different colors – one brown and the other blue. And it is not rarity.

Approximately, somewhere for 500 people, one has such eyes. And in the process of life, eye color does not is changing.

It may be different when certain parts of the iris painted in various colors. The reason for this color is congenital irregular pigmentation of the iris. In medicine this phenomenon is called heterochromia. Why appear in a child bruises under the eyes and how to act in such a situation.

How to correct strabismus in a child and is it possible to achieve positive result.

Find out by reading the article what to do if your child eyes are rotten.


The color of the eyes of the baby is not changing, our color perception due to the ratio of the total area of ​​the rainbow shell to the pupil area. The approximate size of the iris is 12.5 mm by 12 mm, and the pupil – 3 mm (medium), 8 mm (largest), 1 mm (least).

The pupil, changing, changes the ratio color gamut. Its purpose is to let light through. The size the pupil changes not only with age, but also with increasing brightness light (narrows), with a decrease in the brightness of light, with a strong emotional arousal, with pain and other irritants of the child organism – expands. Here is the answer to the question, what time do babies changing eye color.

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