What should mom do if a child refuseschest?

One of the major problems encountered
Young mothers – this is a child’s refusal from the breast – the crumb does not want
take the chest. This problem is especially acute for those who
настроен на грудное вскармливание и не планирует его
stop. In this article we will tell you about the reasons why
kids do not take the chest, and help find a way out of this difficult

ребенок не берёт грудь

Baby refuses to breast – reasons

Sometimes already immediately after the birth of the crumb does not want to suck mother’s
chest, turns away, does not respond to all attempts to feed him.
There can be several reasons:

  • The child is incorrectly applied to the chest. AT
    A good maternity hospital should do this even in the delivery room. ATсе же
    it also happens that women do not even properly explain how to properly
    attach the baby to the chest. ATажно, чтобы при кормлении мама и ребенок
    were in comfortable postures, allowing you to relax. Head
    the newborn should be slightly thrown back, and the lower lip –
    вывернута, малыш должен упираться носиком и подбородком в
    mother’s chest. Keep your baby nipple from gripping
    along with the areola, resting your nose and chin on your chest. We read
    How to кормить грудью? How to
    прикладывать новорожденного ребенка к chest?
  • Nipples have a special shape. If they are flat,
    too large or retracted, it is difficult for a child to grab them
    right. Workout will help solve the problem. Apply frequently
    baby to the breast or wear special silicone on the nipples
  • У ребенка слабый сосательный рефлекс – это
    characteristic of premature babies born with a small
    heavy or heavy labor. AT таком случае нужно кормить
    infants often and little by little, so that he gorges, but it does not
  • Baby accustomed to the bottles and pacifiers. If
    women had a difficult labor, she was given a caesarean section, then she
    recovery required. Therefore, the baby spends the first day.
    his life without a mother, and fed him a bottle. So how to suck out
    it is easy, later the crumb may not want to make an effort to
    sucking breasts. To solve the problem, you need to completely abandon
    bottles and as often as possible to put the baby to the chest.
  • Mom swollen nipples due to blockage of milk ducts
    This happens when there is a lot of milk, but little baby
    sucks. Correctly capture swollen nipples, he can not. AT
    This situation is recommended to massage the chest under a warm shower and
    express milk.
  • Excess milk, because of which the crumb chokes at
    trying to suckle.
    Mom should express a little bit
    before each feeding, and also give one and several times in a row
    the same chest.

If a child needs to be fed for some reason,
give him expressed milk with a spoon, pipette or syringe
without needles. This will help maintain the sucking reflex, therefore
nothing will prevent breastfeeding.

Grown up baby does not want to take the breast

отказ ребенка от груди

Some babies normally eat mother’s milk from the very
of birth, but after a few months suddenly begin
act up, turn away, do not want to suck. Such behavior
can cause different circumstances:

  • Стресс у ребенка – это самая распространенная
    The reason why children begin to refuse breast. He can
    provoke conflicts in the family, mood swings with mom,
    long separation from her, relocation, noisy home holidays,
    guests, travel. To restore breastfeeding, mom
    you need to create a quiet, relaxed atmosphere and constantly be close to
    little one. The ideal option is to transfer all household chores to relatives,
    and most lie in bed with the baby for a couple of days. You can also try
    wear slings, thanks to which the infant is constantly at
    chest If he refuses to take the breast, you need it more often.
    offer, ignoring all schedules and schedules. Especially important
    feed the baby at night.
  • Кормление проходит в некомфортной обстановке
    for example, interferes with bright light, loud sound, the presence of strangers
    in the room. If this is the problem, try to make
    nothing disturbed or distracted the infant. Stay with him
    alone, close the door, close the curtains and accept the comfortable one,
    relaxed posture (poses for breastfeeding).
  • The baby does not like the unusual taste or smell
    This happens when a mother uses perfume or
    nipple cream, drink pills or become pregnant during lactation.
    If cosmetics or drugs have affected breast milk, they will
    should be abandoned, and during pregnancy a woman nothing remains
    How to be patient and more often offer the child a breast. Can
    try to feed the baby when he is napping – at such moments
    It decreases sensitivity to tastes and smells.
  • Teeth are cut. This process is accompanied by
    discomfort, pain in the gums, therefore often leads to the rejection of
    chest To make it easier for your child, lubricate his gums with Calgel
    or similar anesthetic for 15-20 minutes. before feeding
    (first aid in teething babies: TOP – 7 gels for
  • The kid got sick. With a cold, otitis, thrush
    babies become restless and begin to cry at the breast,
    they can not properly capture the nipple and fully suck.
    You need to contact a pediatrician. He will prescribe a proper treatment, and after
    recovery of the child can be safely continue breast
  • Крохе предлагали бутылочки и пустышки – у
    grown-up child, they can also discourage sucking breasts. If a
    you are going to continue lactation, feed and lure
    child of a spoon or a cup.
  • Наступил кризис лактации: у мамы неожиданно
    milk is lost, which causes severe stress in the child. Some
    having tried to suck an empty breast, he starts crying,
    turns away and does not want to make new attempts. With this precisely
    sucking is the main way to cope with the crisis and resume
    lactation. To return the milk, a woman needs to drink more.
    liquids, including lactogonic teas, take a hot bath,
    do breast and nipple massages, decant (how to recover
    lactation – 10 main recommendations).
    Baby must everything
    time to stay close to mom. Therefore feed on demand
    wear slings, sleep with a baby and avoid stressful situations.

Very often it is the refusal of the baby from the chest leads to the completion
breastfeeding. No longer wanting to torture the child and herself,
woman sees the only solution in the transition to the mixture. Only
Be aware that 99% lactation can be continued. The main thing – stock up
patience and solve the problem gradually.

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Why the newborn throws his chest and cries (Neonatologist Guzel

Что делать когда ребёнок отказывается от chest?

Sometimes the child protests, or even throws the chest, and not all
cope with this task. Именно for этого и сделано данное видео
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