What should I do if I constantly scream at mybaby

Your child has grown up, and sometimes behaves so badly
that starts to take you out of patience. It seems to you that he is clearly
knows what the pain points are most vulnerable in your soul, and on purpose
clicks on them, just out of harm. AND в результате вы срываетесь
to scream. Well aware that the baby is not even a year old. Between
moms with strollers complain to each other
on myself. Только и слышно — я кричу on child, что

The content of the article

  • 1 First calm down
    • 1.1 Shouting the case will not help
    • 1.2 Видео: как не кричать on child
    • 1.3 The pot is empty and the diaper is full.
    • 1.4 Before bedtime there should be silence
  • 2 5 ways how not to scream at the child
  • 3 Video: Shouted at the child … What to do?

как перестать кричать на своего baby

First calm down

What are the reasons for crying? Child психует, без причины
naughty, not listening to you, throwing things? ANDли вы  просто
are you tired? ANDли вас кто-то обидел? Do you have nerves at the limit? Child
brings you to tears? You are ready not to shout, to beat
(См почему мы кричим на children?)

Любая стрессовая ситуация, неприятности в семье, каприз
baby — злость и гнев готовы излиться на малыша. And between
However, the child is often not involved. He gets scared, sometimes offended, but
more often starts a tantrum even more. But you are not a robot either.
insensible. In addition, unremitting anger can accumulate, and
sure to break through.

Оправдания, дескать, кричу on child, не хватает терпения —
sound unconvincing even to you. After all, an adult can
control your emotions, and the baby is not yet available.

The main advice proven over the years :)

When you feel anger rising from the inside,
take a few deep breaths. Exhale as much air as possible.
and do not breathe for a few seconds. Count to ten, and just
go out for a minute or two from the room. ТЕРПЕНANDЕ, ТЕРПЕНANDЕ и еще РBUTЗ

If the cry escapes from you, yell at something
inanimate, for example, on a sofa cushion. You can even hit

If the baby is already “big”, he is more than ten months old, you can
make him a stern and angry face – it will affect him
stronger, he will feel that you are unhappy with them. На некоторых children
silence is very powerful – it is much more effective

Your child should not annoy you! — читаем
interesting article

Shout the case will not help

It is noticed – the more you shout at the baby, the worse it is
behaves. Everyone has told you more than once that to raise
the voice on the baby is not worth it. Но вот почему нельзя кричать on child,
All the more – baby? There are several reasons.

  • At this age, he simply will not understand you. And your cry
    can scare him so much that he starts screaming himself –
    already from fear. His cry “will lead” you even more, you get a chain
    screams reaction Stop that you still have to. So
    is it worth starting?

If your child has “tried so hard” to bring you
before white heat, distract it with a loud and sharp sound. But only
no shouting and no slapping – best of all, drop it on the floor in the kitchen
cover from the pan. The baby will instantly work reflex, conditionally
called “what happened?”, and in a few seconds he will forget about his
�”Atrocities”, his energy can be put into a peaceful course. Yes and
you have this action will let off steam and calm your nerves.

  • Infants up to a year are real monkeys in all. They
    they adopt a style of behavior from you, eagerly absorb every word,
    gestures, facial expressions. The same applies to the style of communication

Kidу может показаться, что своим криком вы пытаетесь добиться
from him obedience. After a relatively short time, he will begin
behave the same way – he will start screaming himself, asking for you
anything. Why teach him to shout at himself?

  • Child к крику привыкает, и перестает обращать на него

Often there are life situations when it is easy to shout
necessary. For example, to stop him from impending
danger. But if a child from infancy got used to the “empty”
cry, he will not pay attention to him and at the right time.

AND самое опасное в криках на children — запуганный ребенок
grows inactive.

Видео: как не кричать on child

The pot is empty and the diaper is full.

Kid подрос и появилась проблема — горшок. AND то, что ребенок не
wants to use it. Mom complains, says – constantly screaming
baby, когда усаживаю на горшок. But the cry does not help – your baby
can make a real strike. It is better to check, and suddenly
the pot is cold, unpleasant. Or maybe the child just does not want to
do pottery business. Try to distract him with a toy. AND
console yourself with a thought – every person will learn this sooner or later
uncomplicated occupation. AND ваша кроха тоже постигнет это искусство. BUT
grieve over wet pants – is it worth it?

We recommend a useful article on our website: how to teach
baby к горшку

There should be silence before going to bed

как перестать кричать на children

Хуже всего ситуация, когда родители начинают кричать on child,
before you put him to bed. Scream just ruin everything!

If a кто-то из родителей жалуется что кричит on child,
when he puts him to bed, the nipple will help. But not the child
and the parent. To keep your mouth busy.

  • Laying the baby must begin at least half an hour before
    present tense when he should fall asleep. From now on, you need not
    succumb to his petty “provocations” about reluctance
    to fit

To do this, come up with some kind of ritual that would prepare
child to the “inevitable”, set him and you to the desired wave. Long
he will not be able to be capricious and indignant, and by the right moment he will
ready to fall asleep.

If, however, before bedtime to scream at the child, he will remember
the time when they shout at him will wait for him with fear. And in the end
ends will begin to be afraid to go to bed.

  • The baby may be overworked, because it is naughty and screaming. AND
    if everybody starts screaming, it won’t lead to anything good. Kid
    only even more perevozbuditsya.

In this case, your limitless peace and
If you have it at the moment
No, then drink a glass of warm water – this is the best and the most
harmless soothing. Count to ten and start.
calmly lay the baby. If he does not want to go to bed,
let them sit on your lap a moment. Let the child lay
sleep you or a toy. Sing a lullaby – it will work well
and on the child, and on you. The vocal data in this case, the role is not
play ЧANDТBUTЕМ ТBUTКЖЕ: Почему у меня не хватает


5 ways how not to scream at the child

How to cope with minute emotions that lead to
cry for a child? How not to scream at the child? How not to shout? I
I will give a few ways that I came up with for myself

1. Realize that you will never again scream
on child

For a start, I decided that my mother was unworthy to shout.

Not worthy of screaming at all, and especially on children who need
to understand and obey at a half-word (even if in fact
деле дети совсем не понимают и с десятого раза).
Просто для начала осознайте, что вы больше Н-AND-К-О-Г-Д-BUT не
You will scream at your children!
AND что бы они ни делали, как
If they didn’t try, they wouldn’t make you scream.
Как только вы замечаете, что кричите on child, остановитесь на
second and imagine yourself … for example the english queen
Elizabeth second or first, it does not matter. Just imagine on
minute, as if in this situation the person who is for
your benchmark of endurance and restraint.

2. Находите любые оправдания для своего

Как только вы замечаете, что вот-вот начнете кричать on child,
imagine that it starts to swear your words
completely alien and foreign person or person that you
extremely unpleasant.

Нормальная реакция любой мамы на это — найти любые
оправдания для своего baby и сгладить конфликтную ситуацию.

3. Imagine that your child is a stranger.

Another similar way. Noticing for a desire to break on
cry, imagine that before you is not your own and
любимый ребенок, а чужой (соседский, ребенок ваших
friends or relatives). After all, you will not allow yourself to shout at
чужого baby. Во-первых, вы не примете ситуацию
так близко к сердцу, а во-вторых, это не
ваш ребенок и вы не можете кричать на чужих children в

There is something to think about. Why, we to the wrongs of others
children are more tolerant than their mistakes.

4. Invite guests

We are very affectionate with our children when we are at home
guests Поэтому порыв накричать on child, можно погасить,
presenting in her next room a distant relative or
familiar. Ведь вы не накричите on child при гостях, так почему же
can this be done without them?

Why before strangers we can hide our
negative emotions, but before our children we don’t even try
to do.

As a rule, overcoming the first minutes of increased negative
emotionality we no longer see the unpleasant situation
so dramatic, in which you need to scream and raise

5. Introduce yourself to a TV show.

This method helped me when it seemed that children’s
Pranks, misunderstandings and whims can go crazy. AND я понимала,
that the opportunity to break into a cry is very great. At such moments I
just imagined that I participate in any reality show, such as
«лучшая мама» или даже «розыгрыш»
and I need to adequately get out of this situation. AND я находила,
it seems to me quite reasonable in terms of pedagogy


I не знаю насколько правильны с точки зрения психологии мои
tips. But these ways I came up with, trying to look in the eyes
their children emotionally balanced and loving mom.

Children have the right to make mistakes. ANDх ошибки и проступки
should be taken for granted. Глупо ожидать от baby идеального

Теперь, когда мои дети уже перешли в age
a category of adolescents, quite difficult for adults to perceive,
I learned very well how to control my emotions, whatever
they did not give me the news.

If very tight, then drink some sedatives,
drink glycine, go to a psychologist, read books on education
и уходу за ребенком — раздел книги, и берите себя в руки,
no other way…

It is also important on the subject of education, tantrums, whims, behavior

психология воспитания baby

психология воспитания baby
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    капризы baby и бороться с ними (полезно);
  • 10 tips to stop shouting at your

    — http://razvitie-krohi.ru/psihologiya-detey/kak-perestat-krichat-na-svoih-detey.html;
  • How to understand yourself and stop shouting at
    baby, расскажет эксперт Евлалия Просветова

    — http://razvitie-krohi.ru/eto-polezno-znat/rasskazyivaet-ekspert-psiholog-evlaliya-prosvetova-kak-perestat-krichat-na-rebenka.html;
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  • Что нельзя делать родителям, когда ребенок
    behaves unbearably?
  • 7 вещей, которыми мы обижаем своего baby.

If you are confident and calm, your
equanimity will be passed to the child. Shout at him will not

Пройдите тест, умеете ли вы воспитывать children (буквально
2 minutes)

Video: Shouted at the child … What to do?

Yeah, this is an approach to education :)

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