What plant extracts protect againstradiation and help fight cancer?

Update: February 2019

Растительный компонент из кориандра, лаванды и
уменьшает отрицательное воздействие радиации на
the body and helps destroy cancer cells. To this conclusion
came scientists from the University of Okayama (Japan).

Herbal extracts have been used in cooking for many years.
food, medicine and pharmaceuticals: based on them they make aroma oils and
medication. Components from oils derived from flowers, leaves and
cortex, called monoterpenes.


Monoterpenes are capable of capturing ROS (active forms
oxygen) in the body. These molecules are a product of metabolism.
oxygen and play a crucial role in signal and other
biological processes. It is also noted that during times of stress,
which includes the effects of ionizing radiation during treatment
cancer, the level of ROS may increase significantly, in which case
molecules have a toxic effect on the body. Surplus AFC
able to cause changes in DNA and lead to the death of healthy
cells. The study found that radiation is less
harms the body under the influence of monoterpenes.

Experts studied the effects of thymol, linalool and menthol,
using mouse lymphoma cells to track changes
proliferation under the influence of treatment one of these

  • Linalool from ginger, coriander and lavender has rendered significant
    protective action: after exposure to radiation viability
    сохранило 80% cells. Monoterpene captured the AFC and warned
    DNA strand disruption;
  • Timol and menthol had no such action.

Anti-cancer activity of the compounds is also noted: EL4 cell growth
was suppressed during the day. Therefore, linalool is useful.
for cancer patients doubly: able to reduce negative
radiation effect and help fight cancer cells.

Monoterpenes are low toxic and may form the basis of new drugs.
to fight cancer. Work in this direction will continue.

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