What parents should not do when a child leadsyourself unbearable?

All the kids are different, and sometimes their behavior does not just lead.
from himself, and even plunges into a stupor. Parents just don’t
represent how to behave in provocative situations when
babe purposely falls into a puddle in protest, or rolls
hysterics in the store, and make a number of mistakes in their behavior by
relation to the child. Today we will announce some of the major mistakes
so that you understand how to act in all sorts of unpleasant


  • War to the bitter end

It is this reaction that often follows intolerable behavior.
beloved child To defend their point of view is necessary, but not
become a dictator. Constant reproaches and imposition
own opinions will inevitably cause a protest and a desire to make
vice versa. Such a confrontation only destroys the authority of the parent.
Try to find a compromise and stop treating children like
to offenders.

  • Suppression

A common mistake of parents is the suppression of the will of the child.
Adults with the height of their age and experience believe that a child
must obey unquestioningly, not show discontent and
follow all their instructions religiously. By such actions you
kill in the child his own “I” and bring up the limp

Direct your experience and knowledge in a more peaceful direction, let
baby at least sometimes make decisions. Making mistakes he is faster
understand your right and will listen to your advice, not because “so
it is necessary “, but because they believe in your knowledge.

  • We remove the belt to the side



And we do this not to spoil the child. Physical
punishment causes even more protest than any other. Ban
baby watch his favorite cartoons. Believe that this measure
will work on it much more efficiently than a belt. Besides
there have been cases of parents causing a child in a state of anger
physical damage and then they themselves were tormented, dabbing the thresholds of doctors.
In addition, frequent physical punishment can still injure
the fragile psyche of the child. We read
Бить или не бить ребенка – последствия
physical punishment of children

  • Engaged in self-study

Any normal parent should know how a child develops,
how is his intellectual and mental becoming. AT
our time you can find a lot of literature on these topics. And for
more effect you can contact the experts who will help
you understand the basic principles of child development and tell you how you
должны себя вести в конкретных situations. Remember that wrong
parenting can break the will of a child and negatively affect the entire
his future life.

  • We encourage self-expression

Let your child express himself, within reasonable limits, of course.
same Stopping all attempts to show independence, you interfere
shaping the character of the baby. AT зависимости от особенностей
child, such parental behavior may provoke
spinelessness, adversely affect its sensitivity,
intelligence and creativity. Let the baby break
tenth typewriter or drag home another homeless person
a puppy. Just do not forget to explain to the kid that due to his
actions he had and new responsibilities. Let him learn
make informed decisions.

  • Take into account the opinion of the child

It seems that every parent should know this rule. Child
should grow as a full-fledged person and have the same rights as
adults. Involve him in the discussion of common family problems and
listen to his opinion, even if it seems absurd to you. AT
Otherwise, he may just stop turning on you
attention, and all his actions will be a protest to your upbringing. TO
the same children who grew up weak-willed often fall under the negative
the influence of other people.

Dear parents, consider your child.
full member of the family! Forget about dictation and imposing your
interests and opinions. Let your baby grow harmoniously and
grow a full-fledged person.

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