What music is useful for newborns: what musiccan include babies

Music plays an important role in the upbringing and development of newborns.
children It helps the child to learn the world of emotions, and more
adult children develops memory, attentiveness, perseverance.

Music causes different reactions in people. Some melodies help
relax, others – on the contrary, invigorate and give a boost of energy.
Music has a great influence on newborns. Scientists even
proved that it has a positive effect on mood and
development of crumbs. Only adults can listen to any songs, but to
the selection of music for the baby needs to be approached more carefully.

музыка для новорожденных

Scientific studies of the past 30 years have shown that music
useful for newborns. She is having a mild soothing
impact, creates a pleasant emotional background, develops hearing and
the ability to capture the slightest nuances of sound that subsequently
helps in learning a language, including a foreign one.

Is it possible to include music for newborns

The child begins to hear sounds while still in her mother’s belly. WITH
16 weeks he already hears the sound of the mother’s heart, the voices of the parents. After
birth all the sounds for the baby become clearer, but by virtue
physiological features, his hearing remains defective,
as organs continue to develop and form,
recognizing sounds. To speed up these processes is useful
talk to the child, read nursery rhymes and nursery rhymes for him. Not
less important is to put the baby calm, soft music. WITH первых
weeks of life she will help the baby to relax, calm down,
get rid of the alarm. Calm melodies also stimulate
intellectual development.

What music is useful to listen to babies

в силу физиологических особенностей

The newborn is not suitable for all music, but only with
a certain emotional color. Melodies for the baby should
be calm, positive, peaceful – these criteria
полностью соответствует инструментальная музыка, предпочтение
should be given to the piano and string instruments, especially
the violin. The music should be harmonious, without significant differences
volume, rhythm and speed; WITHредней длины – длительность
one composition should not exceed 5 minutes.

Psychologists have observed the reactions of babies and
formed a list of composers whose music benefits in
different situations:

  • if the baby has anxiety, Chopin, Strauss will help to remove it,
  • so that the child calms down, turn on the music of Beethoven,
  • relax and help reduce stress works
  • for a good mood, the best music is the compositions of Mozart
    and Khachaturian;
  • If you need to increase concentration, choose
    works by Tchaikovsky and Mendelssohn.


ребенок за пианино

More than once, scientists have argued that it is the classical
music is best suited for small children and more positively
affects them. Quite often, parents choose for their crumbs.
such works as: “Moonlight” Dibyussi, “Ave Maria”
Schubert, Ode to Joy by Beethoven, Vivaldi’s Winter and so on.
Particular attention should be paid to the music of Mozart. That she is special
influence the child and his intellectual development began
talk a few centuries ago. Transitions in all compositions
Mozart is consonant with the biorhythms of the brain, that with regular listening
able to enhance intellectual development, attention and creative
abilities of your child. Most experts recommend
использовать музыку Моцарта именно для новорожденных children
The most popular compositions in this respect are Opera.
Волшебная флейта – Ария Папагено, WITHимфония №4d, Анданте и так

It is important that the child liked the music, caused him
joy and peace. Good “sedative” – ​​sounds alive
of nature: birds singing, the sound of sea waves, the noise of trees. You can put
newborns and songs from cartoons, fairy tales, musicals for

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for newborn

Developmental music and songs for babies

The songs that mom sings, not only acquaint the baby with the world
music, but also stimulate its development. You can sing lullabies
before going to bed, and even songs-poteshki when bathing, changing clothes, classes
gymnastics. WITHами мамы часто даже не замечают, что начинают петь,
doing with the baby. This is one of the manifestations of child care.
And the crumb always smiles in response to the mom’s song – and it doesn’t matter
Does she have a musical ear and vocal abilities?

To cheer the crumbs, try to put a home musical.
This idea will cheer up the newborn and fill his life.
bright colors, fun. More improvised music
The performances will help instill babies musical taste and interest in

Ustimenko T.V. The influence of music on the development of the child

What music can not be included

Notсмотря на всю пользу музыки для воспитания и развития малыша,
There are a number of contraindications to its use.


Psychologists and pediatricians prohibit the inclusion of music when a child
sleeping or resting, the only exception is the time of falling asleep and
quiet, soothing lullaby.

In no case can not wear crumbs headphones. Baby
perceives the scattered sound, and the directional can provoke
acoustic trauma. Sound source must be on
a distance of at least 1.5 m from the child, and preferably a little
above him. Not используйте дополнительные эффекты.

Babies under 6 months should not be taken to noisy places.
Selective attention in children at this age is not yet developed,
therefore, all the ambient sounds for them merge into a frightening

Newborns are forbidden to include hard rock, metal, rap,
grunge The tempo and combination of musical instruments will be negative
affect the condition of the crumbs, perhaps even will oppress him

Notльзя включать музыку очень громко. Рекомендуем с утра
include funny tunes, and in the evening – calm. On the day you can
listen to no more than 2-3 classic songs, total
lasting no more than 10-15 minutes, and this time is best
divided into two periods.

In general, only my mother’s song has no contraindications.
Virtually all the rest of the music will have to be abandoned if

  • predisposition to convulsions;
  • child illness;
  • ear infection;
  • increased intracranial pressure.

Music for newborns on different occasions

Music for sleep

Music for sleep должна быть особенно лиричной. She must
to remind the flow of a flat river, to be measured and

WITHписок подходящих мелодий:

  • Nocturnes Chopin;
  • Schubert “Ave Maria”;
  • Beethoven “Moonlight Sonata”;
  • Bach “The Well-Tempered Clavier”;
  • WITHтрунные квартеты и сонаты для фортепиано Моцарта;
  • Classic lullabies of Glinka, Mozart, Brahms and others

While awake

Israeli scientists are confident that listening to the classic
music while waking babies helps them grow more
quick-witted, increases the body’s resistance to stress and
improves memory.

Such music can be quite lively and fast, increase
mood is one of its rhythm.

WITHписок подходящих мелодий:

  • WITHеренады Моцарта;
  • Токкаты Baha;
  • Bach “Prelude in C Major”;
  • Vivaldi “The Seasons”;
  • Grieg “Morning Mood”;
  • Schubert “Fantasy in F minor four hands”;
  • Rachmaninov Italian Polka;
  • Fragments from the ballet “The Nutcracker” by Tchaikovsky, especially “Dance
    Fairies Dragee “;
  • Tchaikovsky “Children’s Album”;
  • Beethoven “Ode to Joy”;
  • Glinka “Children’s Polka”;
  • Fragments of the fabulous works of Rimsky-Korsakov:
    «Шехерезада», оперы «WITHказка о царе WITHалтане» и «WITHнегурочка»;
  • Paganini “La campanella”;
  • WITHен-WITHанс «Карнавал животных»;
  • Schumann “Children’s Album”.

Music while eating

WITHогласно исследованиям французских учёных, прослушивание детьми
classical music while eating increases appetite and improves
digestion, especially in premature babies or children with
weight loss

It is noted that many children subconsciously adapt their
rhythm of swallowing to the rhythm of listening to music. Therefore it is important that
such music was not too harsh or hasty.

WITHписок подходящих мелодий:

  • �”Andante” to various symphonies of Mozart;
  • Оркестрированные сюиты Baha;
  • Strauss Waltzes;
  • �“Waltz of Flowers” ​​from Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker ballet;
  • Pachelbel “Canon”.

Music therapy is useful for newborns, but it is important to select
Composition correctly and include them only when it is appropriate.
Subject to the recommendations of experts music will help
child to fully develop and explore this wonderful world
which surrounds him.

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