What mixture is better to feed a baby


  1. Types of mixtures
    1. Adapted Blends
    2. Milk mixture
    3. Hypoallergenic mixture
    4. Sour-milk mixture
    5. Specialized Blend
  2. The choice
  3. Conclusion

Breast milk is an ideal food for the baby. However not all mothers can breastfeed exclusively. Reasons for this maybe a lot.

This is a physical predisposition, and poor health, and psychological problems, and malnutrition.

What to do if the baby is not enough milk in order to feel satisfied and fully develop? Leave him hungry and wait for the situation will change?

No. If problems are found, you need to enter a little lure.

What mixture is better to feed an infant? Unequivocal answer this question does not exist, however, there are general rules and recommendations.

Types of mixtures

A wide selection of products is presented on store shelves. domestic and foreign manufacturers. Each of them has its own distinctive features. However, they are all divided into several main categories:

  • Adapted
  • Dairy
  • Low allergenic;
  • Sour-milk;
  • Specialized.

In order to understand which mixture is better choose for the baby, you should study the composition and the purpose of each of these types of baby food.

Adapted Blends

What is the best mix for babies?Almost all infant formula is made from cow’s milk. However the body of a newborn is not able to absorb milk protein animal origin. Therefore, for the manufacture of dry mix Dimineralized serum is used.

It is most similar in composition to breast milk. AT nutrition includes prebiotics, vitamins, trace elements, polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Therefore, mom, who is thinking about which mixture is better feed babies aged 0 to 6 months, should be acquired It’s adapted baby food. It is easy to digest the body of the child does not cause intestinal disorders and contributes to the successful development of the newborn. In the name of the mixture for babies, manufacturers usually put the number 1.

The most popular adapted mixtures are:

  • Nutrilak1;
  • Tutelli
  • “Nan1”;
  • “Nutrilon1”;
  • Enfamil
  • Hipp1;
  • Frisolak;
  • “Baby”;
  • “Beby Semper1”.

Milk mixture

From six months, the child’s body becomes more developed. The digestive system begins to adapt to a little new types of food. The baby has teeth, he quickly types weight, begins to crawl and move independently.

For children older than 6 months, partially adapted dry mixes that contain more protein and nutrients. AT their composition does not include serum, they are made directly from powdered cow’s milk.

Additionally, calcium, iron, lactose, prebiotics, polyunsaturated fatty acids of vegetable origin. The food packaging is labeled number 2.

What is the best mix for babies?For those who choose which milk mixture is best for babies, can recommend the following famous brands:

  • “Similac”;
  • Milumil
  • “Kid”;
  • “Impress”;
  • Agusha
  • “Detolact”;
  • “Nestle Nestogen”.

For children over one year of age, a mixture is intended that contains even more nutrients. On the packages she marked with the number 3. It has all the vitamins and minerals, necessary for a child at this age.

Hypoallergenic mixture

Serious allergic reactions in infants becoming an increasingly common problem. Many babies don’t standard food is suitable, they need a special diet in which not there will be elements that can cause allergies. Especially for such babies manufacturers offer a separate line of dry mixtures.

For children with complete intolerance to dairy cow protein, make dry nutrition based on goat’s milk. This the mixture is called Bannicole Nanny, it is adapted and Suitable for feeding newborns.


With poor tolerance of any milk protein, the child should give a hypoallergenic mixture. It can be made based on soybeans. An example are mixtures: Nutri Soy, Frisosoy.

If the baby is allergic to soy, the doctor prescribes low allergenic mixture in which the protein goes through a special stage processing and becomes almost completely split, hydrolyzed. This facilitates the process of assimilation and reduces the risk of allergic reactions.

Of the popular mixtures in this category, one can distinguish:

  • “Nan” (hypoallergenic);
  • Frisosep;
  • “Nutrilon” (hypoallergenic);
  • Algare
  • “Human” GA.

Grudnichkov, who are contraindicated in any form of lactose, fed with mixtures that do not have milk Sahara:

  • “Nutrilon” lactose-free;
  • “Nan” is lactose-free;
  • Semper Bifidum;
  • Humana SL.

Sour-milk mixture

What is the best mix for babies?For improvement Doctors recommend digestion and stool normalization supplement the child’s diet with a sour milk mixture. It contains beneficial bifidobacteria, and is not a separate diet, but therapeutic addition to the regular menu. She can be replaced by one from evening or day feedings. Food if necessary prepared from half the usual mixture and half fermented milk.

Of the recommended brands of this product, it can be noted:

  • “Nan fermented milk”;
  • “Nutrilon fermented milk”;
  • “Agusha1 fermented milk”;
  • “Nutrilac fermented milk.”

Specialized Blend

Having a baby with health problems and digestion may cause him to be fed food with special additives. What is the best infant formula? best for babies suffering from one or another disorders, only the attending physician can decide.

Antireflux mixtures will help babies who are often and plentiful spit up after eating. They include rice and corn starch, as well as carob gluten, gum. These substances help fight this problem.

Examples of the mixture:

  • Enfamil AR;
  • Frisovoy;
  • “Similak antireflux”;
  • “Nutrilon-omneo”;
  • “Nutrilon AR”.

For babies who show signs of anemia, prescribe a mixture of high iron. This is Enfamil Premium “,” Similak Premium “,” Humana Folgemilh “.

Breasts that were born prematurely need much more nutrients and trace elements. Their stomach yet not at all ready for a full-fledged job. Therefore, in the absence of mothers should breast-feed their milk with special mixtures. Examples include Prenan, Nenatal, Perhipp.

What is the best mix for babies?Kids up to a year often suffer from constipation. Feeding can help solve this problem. a mixture containing lactulose, which helps to increase the number beneficial bifidobacteria in the intestines and improved digestion. Examples of the mixture: “Detolact bifidus”, “Semperbifidus”.

The choice

In order to determine which mixture is the most best for babies, you can use a few simple tips:

  • Before choosing a mixture, be sure to consult with local pediatrician;
  • When buying, you should carefully study the ingredients included in dry food composition;
  • It is worth introducing complementary foods gradually, gradually, carefully watching a child;
  • In the absence of allergic reactions within a month, feeding the mixture can be continued without fear;
  • Do not change the brands of dry food too often;
  • Switch to a new type of mixture should be phased;
  • The body of each child is individual, when choosing nutrition take this into account;
  • If the baby does not want to eat the mixture, he does not like her and her need to change.

How to prepare a mixture and feed her baby – detailed description.

How to arrange night feeding babies.

What mixture to buy if a monthly child can not go to toilet for the most part is our stuff.


Sensitive, attentive to the baby and literate doctor’s recommendations will definitely help mom to do the right thing choice, understanding which mixture is best for babies.

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