What means and how often you need to wash your hairchild up to a year

What tools do experts recommend to use to care for
hair newborns? Why is it so important to use only
special baby shampoos? And how to wash your hair
baby, so they were healthy, thick and beautiful?

The skin of babies is very delicate and sensitive, it needs
careful care. The hair of a child up to one year also has its own characteristics,
based on which you need to pick up baby cosmetics. let’s
together we will understand what hair products you need to use and
how often you can wash your head with a newborn baby.

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The basic rules of hair care for a child up to a year

  • To care for the hair and scalp of the newborn need
    use only safe baby cosmetics. Level
    The acid-base balance (pH) of the shampoo should be neutral.
    The shampoo should not contain harmful substances.
    (silicones, sulfates, etc.) that can cause rashes and
    redness of the scalp;
  • It is not recommended to immediately apply shampoo on the baby’s head. It is better
    pour a little money on the palm, beat in foam and soft
    massage onto the baby’s hair, after which
    wash off. Small children are washed in the head so that water flows along
    direction from forehead to back. To make it more convenient, you can put
    head the baby on your elbow and support it by the shoulder. The most
    the main thing is to prevent the ingress of water and soap suds into the eyes,
    so as not to scare the crumb. Do not forget the water temperature – it does not
    must exceed 37 degrees;
  • Shampoos should be used 1-2 times a day.
    . On other days you just need to rinse your hair.
    baby water. If you do not, then the head will appear
    scaly crusts. Such peeling is not dangerous, but quite
    naturally when changing hair in children. If there are many crusts, then
    Immediately after washing, steamed scalp should be lubricated with children
    oil Try to apply the oil directly on the skin, not on

How to comb a child’s hair

The scalp of a newborn is very tender. In order for her not
damage, you need to use special brushes with a soft
natural bristles. When the baby is a little older, you can
comb his hair with a comb. It may be wooden
a comb, a plastic comb with fine, not sharp teeth or
soft massage brush.



  • You can not use someone else’s comb – it is unhygienic and can
    cause skin diseases. Comb in child
    Must be your own. Make sure the comb is always
    clean, wash with soap and water after use;
  • Before combing your baby’s hair should dry well.
    If the child’s hair is very confused, then the selected shampoo to him
    does not fit;
  • After washing, you can not dry your baby’s hair dryer. Under
    exposure to hot air hair flakes open up and
    are damaged. Hair becomes weak, lose its natural

What is bad for baby hair

Below we have collected the most harmful factors affecting health and
baby’s hair condition. So:

  1. Long exposure to the sun (in direct sunlight) without
  2. Drying hair dryer.
  3. City dust, which contains a lot of harmful substances
    (the child’s head should be covered with a cap or a Panama).
  4. Frequent washing of hair with shampoo (shampoo hair should be washed 1 time
    per week in normal weather, if it is hot outside – 2 times).
  5. Wrong temperature for washing hair.

If properly care for baby hair, they will
healthy, thick and shiny.


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