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Update: October 2018

Water is a unique inorganic substance that determines
the possibility of life on earth. It is universal
solvent, the basis for the flow of biochemical processes.
The uniqueness of water lies in the dissolution of both organic and
inorganic substances.

Water accompanies a person from birth to death. Also in
school we were taught that the human body consists of water approximately on
70%. Accordingly, without this natural resource, human life
is impossible.

What water should you drink?

Water must be physiologically adequate for health, then
there is:

  • have a natural origin from an underground source;
  • do not contain artificial additives;
  • do not undergo deep osmosis cleaning;
  • be slightly mineralized (0.5-0.75 g / l).

Only drinking water of natural origin contains all
necessary macro and micronutrients. This is the most valuable drink for
the body that determines health! About how to drink water
in the morning, what temperature should be water, see the article Fast water
– the secret of longevity

How useful and safe is drinking water in Russia?

Modern systems of cleaning and disinfection bring water to
our cranes to safe microbiological and
sanitary and chemical indicators. However, wear
plumbing leads to the fact that water can be observed
excess of iron, chlorine and even show up
organic matter and bacteria.

If water enters the water supply from an underground source, it’s
great advantage. But most big cities get water from
above ground sources – rivers, reservoirs and lakes. Yes she gets into
our taps after multistage cleaning, but its quality
indicators are far from artesian water characteristics.

Boiled or raw?

Raw water is preferable for the body because it contains
trace elements in the form of salts. It has a peculiar structure
location of water molecules. Often I call her alive, and for good reason –
only this water helps the cells to regenerate, prevents
free radical formation. But to drink raw (not purified) water
not recommended due to the risk of malicious
bacteria and toxic compounds.

Boiled water is not only useless, but also harmful. �”Dead
water “- some experts call it such a frightening phrase:

  • when boiling, useful salts precipitate into insoluble
  • significantly reduced oxygen content;
  • chlorine contained in tap water when boiling
    turns into toxic compounds leading to urolithiasis
    diseases and oncopathology (see health effects of chlorine);
  • modified by boiling the structure of the water contributes
    the fact that after a day this water becomes a favorable medium
    for breeding bacteria.

But the issue of water safety does not go anywhere – to ensure
that raw water does not contain harmful microorganisms is impossible.

If for security reasons you prefer
boiled water, let the raw water stand for 2 hours, then boil
and turn off the kettle at the very beginning of boiling: this water will be
disinfected, and most of the minerals will remain available for
assimilation condition. Drink only fresh boiled water, not
allow long-term storage and use.

What kind of raw water do you need and can drink?

Tap water

This is raw water purified on a water utility and brought to
requirements of regulatory documents. Not the best option for
health If there is no other option, you can drink it after
pretreatment in one of the following ways:

  • boiling with the obligatory observance of the above
  • filtering, which we will discuss below;
  • settling for 2 hours and continued use
    only the upper half of the fluid. But this method does not insure against
    microbes and toxic substances.

Bottled water

This is raw water purified by industrial means, but responsive
all safety requirements. It is packaged in large bottles, so
and in plastic bottles that are sold in stores. it happens
first and highest category.

  • The first one is artificially purified water (tap water, from
    surface water) method of deep cleaning
  • Higher – water from an artesian well, purified by gentle
    methods and ultraviolet disinfected.

How useful is it? With proper cleaning such water
really useful and safe, it does not need to boil before
by use. However, manufacturers often save on stages.
purification of water, as a result of which the product sold is far from being
what the label promises.

How to choose a bona fide manufacturer:

  • The longer a company is on the market, the more reliable it is;
  • Reputable manufacturer does not save on packaging;
  • On the good water will always go the rumor of the people;
  • Advice for the most demanding customers – take the purchase
    water in a special laboratory and check its quality and

Spring water

This is natural water that has undergone natural purification. through layers
soil. Each spring is unique. As a rule, such water is not only not
contains harmful impurities, but also enriched in the process of its
passing minerals through the soil. Of course from
springs located near cities or their boundaries are of little use. AT
Russia has many springs protected by the state, water from
which deservedly belongs to the highest category. These water bodies
have official passports, and access to them is limited.

Spring water can be seen in retail –
the manufacturer packs it in the same way as bottled. but
for the purpose of profit, some of them sell under the guise of spring water
ordinary artesian water, and even tap. Not to be
deceived, should adhere to the recommendations regarding choice
bottled water. Also on the bottle should be indicated
specific location of water intake, i.e. spring.

If you yourself take water from a spring – not
forget to do it in clean tara and periodically check
qualitative composition of water in the laboratory.

Mineral water

It is natural water with a high content of trace elements and
солей из глубоких слоев soil. Water mineralization occurs at
прохождении ее через породы soil. Mineral content of salts
water is divided into:

  • лечебную (минерализация >8 г/л);
  • medical-dining room (mineralization 1-8 g / l);
  • dining room (mineralization less than 1 g / l).

What mineral water is better to drink?

  • Table mineral water. You can drink without health risks.
    table water. Such water is especially good after long
    loads, in the recovery period after poisoning, diarrhea, acute
    intestinal infection. But still you should not drink it all the time.
  • Medicinal mineral water can only be prescribed by a doctor in
    strict dosage and for a certain time period. She (as
    and medicines) has both indications and sufficient
    list of contraindications to use, it can not be used without
    doctor’s appointments.
  • Medical table mineral water is also prescribed by a doctor, but in
    Subsequently, the patient himself may conduct a course intake of this

By the way, only in a few countries do people drink mineral water
instead of drinking water without restrictions, among which Russia. Well and
healthy children under the age of 12 should not be given even a canteen
mineral water.

Filtered water – harm and good

Household filter for water purification can be found in every home.
This is an economical way to get purified water from ordinary
plumbing. Filters are flow-through, which are embedded in
water supply system, and jug type, i.e. mobile.

Since each filter has its own cleansing base,
Initially, water should be analyzed from your tap in order to
know what specifically you need to purify water (excess chlorine, iron,
sulfates, etc.). Filtered water is beneficial when respecting
following points:

  • proper filtering system for a specific
  • timely replacement of cartridges, and you should not wait
    resource declared by the manufacturer – it is better to reduce this time in two
  • periodic study of the water obtained after

Universal Filters

The benefits of such water – They are that completely clear the tap
water from impurities, incl. viruses and bacteria. AT основу их работы
a reverse osmosis mechanism has been laid down;
только молекулы water.

ATред — Бессолевая или дистиллированная вода не очень полезна для
organism, so this filter is used mainly on
industrial facilities. With regular use of such water
demineralization of the organism occurs – the water devoid of salts will be
pick them up from human organs and tissues. ATсе это грозит
diseases of the bone and cardiovascular systems, disorders
metabolism and premature aging.

Heaped filters are supplied with an artificial system.
минерализации уже очищенной water. Digestibility of salts added to
water artificially leaves much to be desired. The best water is invented
by nature, and artificial supplements are a blow to the urinary
system and metabolism! The next danger is carcinogenic.
chlorine compounds easily penetrate through the membrane back into the water. BUT
This is the risk of developing cancer.

Jug type filters

As a rule, they purify water only from specific pollutants. AT
The all-fashionable jugs fashion which supposedly
подходят для любой water. No prior water analysis filter
may be useless in your particular case.
Microorganisms caught from water can multiply in
filter cartridges, enriching drinking water sources
infectious diseases.

Is it good to drink melt water?

Not so long ago there was a real boom among the population
талой water. AT домашних условиях получить истинную талую воду
is impossible. This method is comparable to settling – after defrosting
only the upper part of the meltwater is used, and the harmful precipitate
merges into the sewer. But, alas, not all impurities will be in this

Well water myths

Many people bring water to drink from wells from their
relatives living in villages. It is supposedly and tastier, and
more useful. In fact, well water is most often not
meets the requirements of sanitary regulations. At best, there
will be off the scale of iron, nitrates and sulphates, at worst
– to detect pathogens.

Well water is extracted from surface aquifers,
most prone to wastewater pollution. Rainwater
also often enters wells, contributing to pollution. For
those who still doubt, we note that when cleaning wells at the bottom
very often found the remains of the corpses of animals, empty bottles
and other debris – obviously not healthy supplements.

What water should be given to children?

Children under 3 years should be used for drinking and cooking.
food bottled water of the highest category, previously
boiling it in compliance with the rules of boiling. Children after 3 years already
You can drink bottled water of the highest category and without boiling, but
reducing the shelf life of an open bottle in half.

But many doctors consider these restrictions somewhat overestimated and
advise parents after a year to give their children a proven,
pure water without boiling. As for the special children’s water
– as a rule, it contains very few minerals (0.2-0.3 g / l), and
then it will flush out salt from the body.

BUTвтор: врач-гигиенист, эпидемиолог

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