What kind of nuts do you have to eat?

Update: February 2019

Nuts – high-calorie product: 100 grams contain more than 550
kcal Nutritionist, MD Mariat Mukhina recommends
eat no more than 50-60 grams of nuts per day, increasing this dose
can badly affect the liver and cause diarrhea. People who
abandoned meat, can eat nuts more often, but little by little. Children up to
3 years it is better not to give nuts because of poor digestibility and possible

Much can be said about the benefits of raw nuts: they help
preserve youth, protect vessels from atherosclerosis, strengthen
immunity, improve the condition of articular cartilage, maintain sharpness
view and more. It is important that the nuts are fresh and not
processed: useful in fried, salted and caramelized
No products.

Nutritionist spoke about the benefits of different types of nuts for individual


Supports the cardiovascular system, improves function
brain, lowers blood glucose, helps fight obesity and
prevents cancer. It is the second most allergenic after


Tasty nut and a leader in the content of nutrients. Almondное
milk is almost a full-fledged substitute for cow for people with
intolerance to dairy products. Should remember that this is the most
allergenic nut!


Useful for brain, bone and cartilage work. Reduces risk
development of atherosclerosis, including, coronary and cerebral arteries.
Reduces blood sugar, normalizes blood pressure, helps
lose weight, reduces the risk of prostate cancer and breast cancer. Strong

Cashew nuts

Useful for strengthening the heart and blood vessels, lowering cholesterol
blood, improve vision. Recommended for people with diabetes second
type Positive effect on brain development: useful for pregnant women and
Children over 3 years old.



Helper with frequent spasms and cramps. Rich in rare vitamins.
B3, which together with sterol prevents the formation of
atherosclerotic plaques and helps fight fatigue.


Restorative and stimulating product. Rich in vitamin B6,
helping to normalize hormonal levels. Recommended to women
during menopause.

Pine nuts

Improve the work of the heart, strengthen the arteries. Level up
hemoglobin in the blood, improve vision. Energy product,
at the same time suppressing appetite.


Coconutовый сок, который нужно пить сразу после вскрытия ореха,
is similar in composition to human blood: helps to recuperate when
severe physical exertion, recommended for 12-prong ulcer
intestine and stomach, diseases of the liver and gallbladder.

Coconut pulp improves thyroid function, reduces
antibiotic resistance, energizing. Helps to conceive
baby by increasing the susceptibility of the eggs and increasing
sperm motility. Powerful aphrodisiac.

Edible chestnut

Rich in vitamin C and folic acid, low in fat.
Useful planning pregnancy.

Brazilian nut

An antioxidant product that helps keep youth and
freshness of the skin. Contains oleic and ellagic acids, inhibiting
growth of cancer cells. Helps prevent liver cirrhosis
diseases of the cardiovascular system and premature aging.
Recommended for anemia, high cholesterol, diabetes second
type, arthritis. And accelerate the healing of wounds, bruises.


The sweetest and most high-calorie product (718 kcal / 100 g), not
recommended for diabetics and people with metabolic disorders.
Contains many times more vitamins and minerals than any other
nuts. Useful for headaches, migraines, chronic fatigue,
bad memory. Rejuvenates the body at the cellular level
restores strength. Nut oil makes the skin soft and supple,
and hair and nails – strong. Macadamia is called a means for
instant recovery of the body.


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