What kind of fruit can you eat with a nursing mother?breastfeeding?

A nursing mother should receive a full amount.
necessary substances and vitamins.
This is only possible with
a balanced diet that is unthinkable without fruit. And if to
our “native” apples do not have any complaints, how about
abundance of other fruits? After all, very useful, richly saturated
microelements and the like already familiar fruits can harm the baby.
We propose a number of principles that a young mom should
stick when composing your menu.


It’s no secret that often feeding a nursing mother
Significantly different from other people’s nutrition. Pregnancy, childbirth
and the next few months after giving birth, she takes a huge
number of forces, so it needs to replenish the resources of the body.
Употребляя фрукты в период грудного вскармливания, мама
provides for himself and his
ребенка необходимыми витаминами.

Do no harm: how to avoid allergies and not provoke

Before the child is a month old, pick the fruit using the method

  1. По цвету: убираем из рациона красные и
    orange fruit. Pigment, giving them a bright color, provokes
    allergic skin reactions – rash, blemishes. The exception may be
    red apple, if you first remove from his skin.
  2. По роду: исключаем цитрусовые. Large
    Vitamin C content makes them strong allergens. Can only
    put a small slice of lemon in the tea.
  3. According to the degree of impact on the microflora
    виноград, слива, некоторые сорта груши. They
    cause bloating, flatulence. From the plum still expect a surprise in
    strong laxative effect that is completely undesirable for
    small body (but during constipation with mom or baby, plum
    just might come to the rescue).

Основополагающая статья: Что можно есть при

Down with the exotic, eat your

Fragrant exotic fruits (papaya, mango, pineapple) and
the citrus fruits already mentioned above are harmless due to their
foreignness for our edges.
Example: in sunny Spain
oranges and tangerines in the first positions in the diet of moms and in the feeding
children For them, it is less allergen than the same cereal with
gluten free. But for Russia, especially central, it’s still exotic and
certain risk. The exceptions are hypoallergenic bananas,
Russians are happy to eat since childhood.

The benefits of an apple from your garden, compared to those from
overseas edges of an exotic fruit is obvious: the first version
much more appropriate and nutritious.

Proved: the human body is faster and better
assimilates the fruits characteristic of a particular region in which
man lives.

But it is wrong to exclude “non-native” fruits from the diet entirely.
It is through mother’s milk that the baby meets everyone.
food components. And later, in the period of feeding the baby,
particular fruit will be much easier. The child will get used
to the components of various fruits eaten before by mom and take them
without undesirable reactions, and still mom gives protective milk
mechanisms from potential allergens, already formed by it.

Фрукты разрешенные при breastfeeding

Exotic fruits are by definition imported and
условия их транспортировки далеки от идеальных.Ни один
fruit or berry will not be able to endure a long journey if
Do not treat with chemicals for better storage.

And if you dare to bite a foreign forbidden fruit, then
do it little by little and not in the first month of the baby’s life. Peel
it is better to remove, and the fruit itself is pre-washed in a solution of food


Seasonal fruits – the choice of caring mother

Showcases and shelves of supermarkets and markets delight our eye with fruit
variety all year round. Nursing mom is supposed to be alert and
think: where did a juicy blueberry or alluring appear in January
raspberries? On the box we find the answer – Chile (or some other
distant “banana” republic). About the harmful costs of transportation
Overseas fruits and berries we mentioned above. AND
непредсказуемо, какой эффект окажут
chemical compounds penetrating into breast milk into fragile
infant organism.

As for seasonality, you should listen to the opinion
специалистов: большая часть плодов имеет чёткие временные
framework of ripening and in their season they contain more vitamins and
полезных веществ
. The taste of fruit in the period of natural
ripening is also better.

Here is a list of very useful seasonal fruits on HBs and

  1. Sweet cherry (white, yellow), from May to August. You can consume with
    first day
  2. Currants (red, black). It has a lot of vitamin C, and therefore
    refers to potential allergens. After the third month you can
    introduce fruit drinks based on it, and then the berries themselves.
  3. Nectarines, peaches, mid-July-September. Rich in silicon,
    why and improve metabolic processes. You can try at first
    pores, most importantly, to monitor the reaction of the child.
  4. ANDнжир, с июня по сентябрь. Has antipyretic agent,
    increases the body’s resistance to diseases, which is important for HB,
    when in reserve nursing moms limited list of medicinal
  5. Persimmon, from October to December. Excellent boosts hemoglobin and
    imbues with iodine. In the diet when breastfeeding fruit is better to enter
    after three months, but this fruit is not suitable for feeding:
    is fraught with intestinal obstruction in an infant.
  6. Garnet. From September to late December. Pomegranate juice
    (diluted) in moderate consumption will only beautify mom’s diet.
    Up to a month it is better to abstain, and then try to enter, one-time
    the portion should be no more than 30 ml.

When the soul knows how to measure

New fruits (also juices and fruit drinks) should be introduced into mom’s diet.
gradually, one new product for 3 days. To eat
a small slice is desirable in the morning, the reaction of the baby
(if any) will manifest in the evening. If a suspicious reaction (spots
or a skin rash, peeling, dry skin) did not slow down
manifest, it is necessary to exclude the use of this fruit for a period
one month, but then try to enter again. Digestive
the tract of infants ripen gradually and it gets easier to get used to the new
product. Если все нормально, спокойно кушаем, средняя
the daily portion of the GW for fruit is 200-300 grams.

It is important to consider your own individual intolerance: if
before pregnancy or during it, some fruit caused rejection,
you should not push it now, even if it is very useful.

It should be understood: your baby is unique, his reaction
unpredictable. Some children quietly “digest” strawberries, and
others sprinkles and puchit from a neutral pear. But
adhere to the general recommendations is, because strong
allergic reactions in early childhood – the cause of more complex
diseases (atopic dermatitis, allergic asthma).

Therefore, it should be clearly divided: what kind of fruit is possible, what is not.

ANDтак, в качестве вывода, ниже списки разрешенных и не
recommended fruit during breastfeeding.

Фрукты разрешенные при breastfeeding

фрукты при breastfeeding

  • Яблоки. ANDдеальный вариант при ГAT. Contain
    a large amount of fiber will provide iron, calcium, magnesium,
    iodine. Energize, rejuvenates and has a light
    laxative effect. Most often recommended to use green
    apples, but with careful use you can eat all varieties.
    Кушать яблоки рекомендуется сняв кожуру, а еще лучше в печеном
    the form (bake, for example, in the microwave – a delicacy will be ready
    after 2-3 minutes), in order to avoid strong gas formation in
    baby More on apples for HB;
  • Груши. The best source for the nursing mother
    фолиевой кислоты, пектина, клетчатки, также в них большое
    the amount of potassium, vitamins A, B9, C. You need to eat without skin and with
    особой осторожностью, может провоцировать у малыша colic;
  • Персики. Useful fruits permitted by
    breastfeeding. They богаты магнием, это хороший
    antidepressant: improves mood, resistance to stress,
    уравновешивают психику, плюс ко всему, это незаменимый
    material for the development of the brain of the baby;
  • Apricot. Rich in vitamins
    микроэлементами, бета-каротином — он так нужен для
    effective work of the immune system. Details on apricot;
  • Арбуз. Due to its wateriness
    increases lactation and improves metabolism. But здесь есть и
    pitfalls – modern watermelon grown using chemical
    additives, so their use is better to limit or even
    abandon them – more about watermelon for HB;
  • Слива. Good laxative so
    If you have a constipation, you can add a little bit to the menu
    drain But не стоит ими увлекаться, иначе можно достигнуть обратного
    effect – irritation of the intestinal mucosa and loose stools. AT
    baby food departments can be found mashed prunes;
  • Банан. Great dessert for mummies: in it
    a lot of potassium, it stimulates the production of serotonin (the joy hormone)
    and is an excellent source of energy. It has a high
    calorie and minimum fat content. Great snack for
    energy replenishment (see the article on bananas);
  • Ягоды (черешня, крыжовник, вишня, смородина)
    – богатый ресурс антиоксидантов и витаминов и как правило, не
    cause allergies to the baby. AT большинстве ягод достаточное
    the amount of vitamin C to improve immunity and prevention
    catarrhal diseases.

Fruits undesirable in the first 3 months

  • Экзотические (папайя, манго, фейхоа, киви,
    ананас и др) – могут стать причиной аллергических реакций у
    child But тот же киви – источник витамина Е, который, к
    Unfortunately, far from all fruits are found. This antioxidant
    removes slags from the body, normalizes patency
    gastrointestinal tract, prevents the development of the mother and
    child cancer. ATообще, экзотические
    фрукты содержат множество витаминов, они вкусны и разнообразят
    diet However, it is not recommended to lean on them. Beginning with
    four months old, you can turn on the menu one at a time
    fetus and look at the reaction of the baby. If nothing bothers him –
    you can eat. But осторожно – любые чрезмерные употребления
    will affect the baby .;
  • Цитрусовые (апельсин, лимон, лайм, грейпфрут,
    mandarin). The strongest allergens, they are recommended to enter from the 4th
    months of life baby. ANDз цитрусов хорош для мамочек pomelo fruit he
    less allergic, compared to their fellows;
  • ATиноград. Rich in minerals and
    trace elements contributes to the full development of the skeletal system.
    But риск вздутия животика у малыша высок, поэтому кушать его нужно
    little by little. Details about grapes;
  • Ягоды (малина, облепиха, земляника и клубника)
    – these are “notorious” allergens, they should also be eaten
    little by little

Nursing mothers need a large amount
vitamins and minerals of various groups in order to maintain
полноценную жизнедеятельность, её и самого child Therefore,
dear mommies, eat fruits, think about the safety of the baby,
remember the sense of proportion, and everything will be fine!

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You can, you can not, the reaction

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