What kind of fish can be given to a child at 8 months


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What kind of fish can be given to a child at 8 months, because in this Aged experts recommend introducing fish and meat dishes into as complementary foods for infants?

Fish for children is a valuable product. No worse than meat, it provides the body is a quality protein of animal origin. is he breaks down into amino acids that are not produced in the body.

For an actively growing child, they are very important, as they participate in the formation of new tissues, antibodies that protect weak immune system from viruses.

Seafood Protein Digestive System Children Digest easier and faster than meat: fish – by 98% of the volume, meat – by 89%. Low calorie content, delicate texture without refractory fats, films and coarse fibers ideal weak digestive system of children.

What kind of fish feed infants

To understand the details, you need to find out what happens to fish. According to the concentration of fats:

  • Low-fat (4% fat) ─ zander, hake, pollock, pollock;
  • Moderately oily (4-8% fat) ─ bream, carp, herring, catfish;
  • Fatty species (8% or more fat) ─ sturgeon, pink salmon, saury, mackerel, herring.

What kind of fish can be given to a child at 8 monthsOf all categories the first two are suitable for eight-month-old infants. Unsaturated fatty acids regulate metabolism, normalize the work of the nervous and cardiovascular systems contribute to the active brain activity.

Such feeding will be especially valuable for babies on artificial nutrition.

Vitamins A and D, E and B2, B12 and PP, fluorine and phosphorus are involved in creating durable tooth enamel, strengthening the skeleton and brain activity. Iron provides anemia prevention.

It is also in meat dishes, but iodine, which provides normal thyroid function, ─ only in seafood.

When choosing a fish variety, one must take into account the method of processing it. AT the composition of any fish is more or less present creatine, carnosine, purine compounds and other extracts that saturate the broth, giving it a special taste that enhances the allocation gastric juice.

Such decoctions are useful for children with poor appetite. But active secretion burdens the digestive system too much, therefore strong broths are best offered to children from 3 years. This also applies to other seafood – caviar.

Can I give canned fish to babies

Among the recommendations from nutritionists and pediatricians there are special canned food. Such a product does not require time and effort to prepare (just warm up enough), successfully complements a healthy diet nutrition.

Preferred glass packaging, be sure to read information on the label commenting on the composition of canned food, date manufacture, etc .. To diversify the diet, canned fish complement vegetables and cereals.

The proportion of additives may be 50 – 90%. Fish combined with friends dishes like babies and better absorbed. Of vegetables here you can see zucchini, carrot, mashed potatoes, as well as different types of cabbage, beans, peas, onions. Add also pearl barley, oat, semolina, rice, corn grits.

Canned fish is produced with olive, corn, sunflower, soybean oils, there is a little fish oil. For sometimes butter, tomato paste, starch, greenery.

Which fish to start with

What kind of fish can be given to a child at 8 monthsBreastfeeding for the first time evaluating unfamiliar food for them, it is best to offer mashed potatoes without spices and starch.

The enzymes that help digest starch in the body are crumbs not enough, it leads to bowel problems. If in fish canned food eat oil, add it additionally to this meal undesirable.

If at the first meeting eight-month-old babies are offered fish only in the form of mashed potatoes, then in the future (up to a year) you can give coarse chopped fish dishes. After a year, the children willingly eat canned food with pieces of fish.

If a caring mother prefers food for the baby, she she cooks herself, it is important to follow all the rules of preparation and storage. Nutritional value as well as safety will depend on this. food.

Canned food can be salted or completely without salt. Kids do not eat fresh food with pleasure, because it enhances appetite, salt in the diet of children under 3 years old is not needed. If you cook fish in a double boiler, the salt that the fish contains in myself, it’s enough.


For the first treat, cook low-fat red fish (salmon, salmon, chum salmon), marine ─ hypoallergenic, with many necessary trace elements. In addition to hake, flounder or cod, you can take trout, pike perch, silver carp.

It will not be amiss to recall the general rules for introducing a new dish: if the child is sick or after vaccination, as well as with very hot the weather does not offer new food. When and how to offer tiny fish dishes

About age already mentioned: treat infants from 8-9 months old with fish with a frequency of 2 times a week. Even if the baby is not allergic, You should not abuse it, because seafood is everything highly allergenic.

Moreover, the crumbs can painfully perceive non-fish dishes in general, but a fish of a particular species. If someone has a family similar allergy, fish feeding time shifts from 8 to 12 months.

What kind of fish can be given to a child at 8 monthsFor a new dish choose the time when the baby is most configured to eat. Mashed fish should be given before breast or artificial feeding and preferably in the morning.

Then mom will have enough time to evaluate the reaction organism. When feeding a baby, it is necessary to plant, and offer food in the form of heat.

Start with ½- ¼ teaspoon. Fish is offered in pure form or mixed with the usual porridge for the child or vegetables.

In the future, the main goal will be to monitor the health of the crumbs: stool, skin. If everything went well, you can increase the dose of new foods to 1 teaspoon.

For 7-10 days, complementary foods are brought to normal, which corresponds to the age of the baby. For an eight-month-old it will be 5-30 g of fish or 50-100 g of fish with additives of mashed potatoes.

Breast at the age of 9-12 months is enough seafood 30-60 g per day, 18 months – 70 g, at two years old children are given 80 g of fish.

Increase these standards, guided by preferences no child: digestive problems can occur simply due to excess. Store the product for 2 days in a glass jar with a tight lid at a temperature of + 2-6 °.

Another important rule: fish feeding is introduced after how children got to know meat products. One day meat and fish dishes can only be offered in the second year of life.

Cooking fish dishes

What kind of fish can be given to a child at 8 monthsBy 10 months most children eat fish especially cooked in home conditions. For the child, fish dishes are prepared separately – cook, stew, but do not fry!

One-year-old babies can be treated with a serious dish – pudding. And two-year-old gourmets will taste fish meatballs.

  • Mashed potatoes. 60 g of fillet suitable for age fish are boiled and cool. The product is crushed using a blender, diluting mashed potatoes a teaspoon of milk and the same amount of vegetable oil. Warm the mass to a boil, and can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 days in closed form.
  • Pudding. 100g of fish fillet is boiled in slightly salt water. AT other dishes need to cook a small potato tuber (or half). Potatoes can be mashed with a fork, and a piece of fish chopped. Combine the products, seasoning with mashed potatoes 2 tbsp. tablespoons of milk, 2 hours tablespoons of oil and ½ raw egg (pre-beat). Good knead and fill out the form. Pudding is cooked for half an hour in a double boiler or in a water bath.
  • Meatballs. Soak 10g of stale white bread in water. 60 g filet turn low-fat fish into minced meat. Add bread and again twist through a meat grinder. In the stuffing, put ¼ yolk, salt and 1 hour. a spoonful of oil. Knead well and form meatballs. In a saucepan heat water and put meatballs there. (Water should cover them half). Cook over low heat for 20-30 minutes.

When buying fish, pay attention to its freshness. If it is covered with a thick ice shell, from such a product is better refuse, as this may mean its multiple freezing.

To preserve all nutrients, you must defrost the fish in cold salted water. When cutting, pay special attention bones.

Is it worth recalling that dried, smoked, dried fish Doesn’t apply to children’s food? Squid, mussels, shrimp children under 3 years old are not cooked. And offer sea kale from 1 of the year. You just have to cook it at home from a dry semi-finished product without preservatives. Be sure to learn from this article when to give bread for babies.

Be sure to ask how to introduce meat babies.

Valuable information – when infants can be given herculean decoction. What kind of fish can be given to a child at 8 months? In ancient times in general, they tried not to indulge fish dishes of infants up to a year: according to omen, if a child feeds fish early, it will grow silent and speak later than his peers.

Superstitions are a thing of the past, but you still have to be careful with the fish. Hereby the indicator for feeding is not age, since all babies develop differently, and the formation of nutritional interest in specific products.

If the baby reaches for your plate of fish, ignoring the phone and other toys, its enzymes are ready to digest it, and you can safely treat the baby with a new dish, considering what kind of fish can be given child at 8 months.

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