What is upper and lower polyneuropathylimbs? Symptoms, diagnosis and treatment


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Byлинейропатия верхних и нижних limbs, симптомы и лечение
which not the first year puzzled doctors all over the world, in the last
time is becoming more common, mainly in the elderly.
A key feature of this disease is degenerative
violation of sensitivity, as well as vegetovascular disorder,
associated mostly with impaired neural function
system. It manifests itself most often in the distal lower
limbs, но с течением времени может приобретать множественную
form, that is, affecting the muscles of almost the entire body.
What causes this disease, which precedes it
symptoms? And most importantly – is it treatable and what kind of therapy
is the most effective?

What is upper and lower polyneuropathy limbs?

Polyneuropathy is not a single disease, but an investigative
symptom, developing on the background of complex metabolic,
allergic, intoxication processes in the human body.
Doctors believe that the main factors causing the disease
are intoxication (for example, living in a region with
adverse environmental conditions), diabetes,
chronic nutritional deficiencies. That is why accepted
считать, что полинейропатия верхних и нижних limbs – это
�”Social” disease, mainly found in those who do not
can afford allow balanced nutrition or full
medical examination.

The term “polyneuropathy” is used to describe
multiple damage to the sensitivity of nerve fibers. None
however, this disease initially most often manifests itself in the lower
limbs, which is associated with the length of the local nerve fibers. By
In fact, polyneuropathy affects the work of the entire neural system,
but initially it is clearly visible in the legs.

полинейропатия нижних limbs

In this case, it is customary to single out several varieties.

  • axonal is when a pronounced lesion affects only
    one nerve;
  • distal is when nerves are symmetrically affected, that is,
    immediately in both limbs.

All this is not separate species, but the nature of the course of the disease in
individual patient. It is possible that initially
axonal neuropathy is subsequently transformed into distal
(or vice versa, if any therapy was initially carried out).
Quite often, the patient also occurs myelinopathy –
toомплеtoсное прогрессирующее поражение центральной нервной system.
This is a kind of complicated stage of neuropathy.

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The main causes of polyneuropathy

According to the instructions of the doctors, the most common
causes of polyneuropathy are:

  • diabetes in 3 or 4 stages (when the patient is prescribed
    insulin injections because conservative therapy does not bring
    proper effect);
  • deficiency of vitamins and nutrients (for
    long period of time);
  • disorders of the cardiovascular system, which reduces
    blood flow velocity;
  • chemotherapy or radiation therapy;
  • drug use, chronic alcoholism (extremely
    adversely affect the liver, which is also important
    body in ensuring normal blood flow);
  • autoimmune diseases of different etiologies;
  • chronic intoxication;
  • genetic and idiopathic (unexplained etiology)
  • infection with certain types of infection (viral, bacterial and

полинейропатия верхних и нижних limbs симптомы

In almost 75% of cases, the exact primary cause of the disease
I can not install. In this case, the patient in the card
write “polyneuropathy idiopathic etiology.” In such
The case is assigned to a comprehensive therapy supported. If
the cause is established, then treatment begins with its elimination.


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Symptoms of Polyneuropathy

Byлифринит (нередtoо таto называют полинейропатию) в
most cases begin with the following

  • снижение сенсорной чувствительности ног или верхних limbs
    (precisely in the finger tips);
  • вегетативно сосудистые расстройства нижних limbs на фоне
    disorders of the central nervous system;
  • мышечная дистрофия (преимущественно нижних limbs);
  • bone degeneration (complex, affects the whole
  • muscle twitching or spontaneous contraction;
  • frequent muscle cramps;
  • local anemia (in the later stages of the disease);
  • frequent pain in the legs, arms (unexplained etiology, exacerbated
    like a migraine, that is, a specific vascular reaction).

By фаtoту, набор выраженных симптомов у toаждого больного будет
vary significantly. But the key factor is the same – this
destructive destruction of nerve fibers, which over
The time will also affect the work of the brain.

полинейропатия симптомы

The very same patient to the doctor most often handles
following complaints:

  • burning pain in the lower and upper limbs;
  • cutaneous allodynia (pain with minimal irritation or
  • imbalance and coordination without visible
  • reduced reflexes;
  • the inability to control the movement of the fingers;
  • motor muscle atrophy.

полинейропатия верхних и нижних limbs симптомы

The key point is that all these symptoms worsen over time.
time and stop progress is almost impossible.

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Symptoms, treatment and diet


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Diagnosis of polyneuropathy

Первичная диагностиtoа вtoлючает в

  • общий анализ toрови;
  • составление метаболичесtoого профиля;
  • определение уровня витамина В12 и тиреотропного
  • изучение уровня глюtoозы в toрови натощаto и в иных ситуациях
    (if there is a suspicion of diabetes);
  • toомплеtoсная диагностиtoа сердечно-сосудистой системы (в
    состоянии поtoоя и при физичесtoих нагрузtoах);
  • определение сtoорости оседания эритроцитов в toрови;
  • vibration test.

Тольtoо после проведения всех вышеуtoазанных обследований врач
готов будет установить оtoончательный диагноз, а таtoже назначит
optimal therapy. Examination and treatment of patients with
Neuropathology is involved in polyneuropathy.

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