What is thyrotoxicosis in women? The reasonsonset, symptoms and treatment.


  • The reasons тиреотоксикоза
  • Symptoms of thyrotoxicosis in women
  • Thyrotoxic Crisis
  • Diagnostic signs of hyperthyroidism
  • Principles of treatment
  • Video
  • Prevention of thyrotoxicosis

Excessive content in the body of thyroid hormones
(ЩЖ) обозначается термином «тиреотоксикоз»,
symptoms in women in the early stages of this pathology have erased
clinical picture that presents significant difficulties for
timely diagnosis.

The reasons тиреотоксикоза

Тиреотоксикоз (гипертиреоз) – это не
independent disease, and the clinical syndrome developing in
hyperproduction of thyroid hormones
following states:

  • Basedow’s disease (Graves);
  • multinodular toxic goiter;
  • autoimmune thyroiditis in the phase of hyperthyroidism;
  • toxic thyroid adenoma.

Diseases in which hyperthyroidism develops are associated with
destructive lesions of the thyroid gland, mainly
autoimmune nature. The reasons возникновения аденомы щитовидки до
no end set

Thyrotoxicosis can develop during the treatment of hypothyroidism with
taking large doses of hormonal drugs.

Источник: https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Гипертиреоз

For reference: diseases associated with thyrotoxicosis,
развиваются у женщин в 10 раз чаще, чем у

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Symptoms of thyrotoxicosis in women

Increased release of thyroid hormones into the blood leads to complex
metabolic changes in the body, in other words, leads to
metabolic disorder. Thyrotoxicosis occurs
disorders in all functional systems of the body –
cardiovascular, digestive, central nervous,
urinary, etc.

It is very difficult to diagnose in the initial stages of the disease.
thyrotoxicosis. Symptoms in women are mild and do not carry a special
informativeness for the diagnostician. Among them are:

  • chronic fatigue;
  • irritability;
  • tearfulness;
  • hair loss;
  • sleepiness and insomnia.

Since the first signs of thyrotoxicosis
diagnosis takes 4 to 6 months. It is to this
In time, the symptoms increase and get brighter.
clinical picture.

тиреотоксикоз симптомы

Pathological changes in thyrotoxicosis affect
all body systems:

  1. Since the cardiovascular system. Heart failure
    rhythm, rapid heartbeat, reaching 200 beats per minute,
    pain in the heart. With a prolonged course of thyrotoxicosis
    severe heart failure develops
    blood circulation that poses a serious threat to life.
  2. Neurological disorders. Excitability, tremors
    fingers, eyelids, tongue, sleep disorders, emotional disorders
    spheres: irritability, tearfulness, hyper-excitability. Tremor
    (shake) can occur throughout the body and even lead to
    speech disorders.
  3. Muscle disorders Hyperthyroidism is characterized by muscle weakness,
    reduction of the muscles of the arms and legs
  4. Disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. Resistant not passing
    diarrhea or spastic constipation, abnormal weight loss
    body with normal appetite. In severe cases develop
    pathological changes in the liver: jaundice, its increase
  5. Disorders of the reproductive system. Decreased sexual desire
    in the menstrual cycle, up to the complete absence

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in the body

In Graves’ disease, along with thyrotoxicosis in patients
There are marked ophthalmologic disorders that are apparently
expressed by bugoglazii, and an enlarged thyroid gland, detectable
by palpation or by ultrasound.

Important: in autoimmune thyroiditis the phenomenon of thyrotoxicosis is
temporary and has no significant symptoms.


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Thyrotoxic Crisis

Thyrotoxic Crisis или гипертоксикоз — явление, возникающее,
as a complication of Graves disease. Can provoke hypertoxicosis
concomitant infectious diseases, thyroid surgery
gland therapy with radioactive iodine on the background of pronounced

For reference: when a thyrotoxic crisis occurs, the level
thyroid hormone may be elevated slightly.

The clinical picture of thyrotoxic crisis is expressed in a sharp
worsening symptoms of thyrotoxicosis:

  • severe heart failure;
  • toxic hepatosis of the liver, accompanied by its swelling,
    severe pain and yellowness of the skin;
  • sinus tachycardia;
  • lowering blood pressure;
  • adrenal insufficiency accompanied by pigmentation

The patient has nausea, vomiting, confusion, fever.
In the absence of emergency medical care, the patient loses consciousness and
developing coma. The prognosis of life while much worse,
mortality reaches 50%.

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Diagnostic signs of hyperthyroidism

Thyrotoxicosis is diagnosed by laboratory
анализов крови на гормоны щитовидной железы.
The patient should be tested to determine the level of TSH, T3 and

Syndrome thyrotoxicosis confirmed at elevated levels of T3
or T4, or by increasing the concentration of both thyroid hormones.
TSH, as a rule, is on the contrary defined below the norm.

With confirmed laboratory thyrotoxicosis, the patient will
undergo a number of examinations, including an ultrasound scan of the thyroid gland.
Which tests to decide the attending endocrinologist, perhaps
will require the determination of autoantibodies to receptor TSH, thyroid
пероксидазе при подозрении на заболевание autoimmune nature.

диагностика тиреотоксикоза

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Principles of treatment

Treatment of thyrotoxicosis should be carried out only after
careful examination of the patient and diagnosis. How
treat and what tactics to use decides only the attending physician. AT
in some cases, for example, in thyroid adenoma and prolonged
Graves disease requires surgical intervention. With
temporary thyrotoxicosis due to postpartum thyroiditis,
specific treatment is usually not required.

Conservative treatment of thyrotoxicosis in Graves’ disease
includes the use of drugs aimed at stopping
thyroid hormone production. The course of therapy ranges from one year to
one and a half years.

Sometimes surgical treatment may be replaced by therapy.
radioactive iodine. However, radiation exposure can have
consequences in the form of the development of a thyrotoxic crisis.

Treatment of thyrotoxicosis – complex, multi-stage and long
process. Through surgery and radiotherapy
iodine achieved a significant reduction in thyroid hormones,
as a result, hypothyroidism develops. After surgery and radiation
therapy, the patient will receive a course of hypothyroidism therapy

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