What is thyroid stimulating hormone (ttg) in women?What should be normal indicators ttg?


  • The main functions of the hormone ttg in women
  • Thyrotropic hormone rate indicator (table)
  • What is indicated by deviations from the norm?
  • Low Thyroid-Hormone Content
  • Preparation for analysis
  • Video
  • Treatment

Thyroid-stimulating hormone belongs to the class of glycoproteins, and
synthesized in the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland. Hormone as very
Essential part in the organization of metabolism
regulates the work of the internal organs secreted by the endocrine
cells directly into the blood. Thyroid stimulating hormone regulates
Conformity of thyroid hormones, and the norm in women TSH
presented in connection with the age category.

The main functions of the hormone ttg in women

The functionality of the hormone depends on a large number of conditions:
supplying the body with essential substances (vitamins and trace elements,
amino acids), from age and health. This item is denoted by
as tty or tsh. Its main goal is production promotion.
other thyroid hormones. So, depend on it
for life processes in the body.

The main purpose is to

  • Suppression of psychological disorders
  • Promotes better circulation
  • Normal metabolism
  • Synthesis of biopolymers with coded genetic content
  • Reproductive capacity regulation.

функции ттг

The main purpose of thyroid stimulating hormone is to regulate
production of red blood cells. In other words, it means the possibility
women to conception which may not occur due to
irregular menstruation cycle, as well as lowering the sexual
desires. Persistent bouts of nervousness, depression, and
indifference caused by an imbalance of hormones.

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Thyrotropic hormone rate indicator (table)

A specialist in the human endocrine system will recommend to pass
analysis to avoid the likelihood of disease and operational
cure after the age of 50 once a year. Confirmed that
this kind of aspect makes it possible to detect the problem in the early

The normal hormone rate in women should be from 0.4 to 4
�MU / ml (micro international unit). The main thing to know what
the laboratory conducts research because the results are in different
clinics will be different. Private hospitals use different methods.
to establish the level of hormones.

Analyzes are prescribed for suspected deviations in the body.
The study is carried out by the following methods:

  1. Radioimmune analysis (RIA) is based on the interaction of the antigen with
    antibody and has a radioactive label.
  2. Enzyme Immunoassay (ELISA) – Modern Laboratory
    study being searched
    specific antibodies in the blood or antigens.
  3. Immunochemiluminescent analysis (ILA) is carried out by
    study urine and blood to eliminate the immune response of antigens with
    specific antibody.

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The accepted rate depends on certain conditions in the body.
person Consider the characteristics of TTG by age, and the table
show figures:

Age category Norm (mme / l)
During the formation of the body (14-25 years) 0.6–4.5
25 to 50 years old 0.4–4.0
The rate of normal women planning pregnancy is not higher 2.5
Normal figure in position 0.2–3.5

An increase in the hormone ttg in the blood, which differs from the established
norms caused by disorders of the pituitary gland or the presence
certain diseases. The excess is recorded in the pathology of functions.
adrenal glands, psychological diseases, with inflammatory
process, neoplasms of the body, severe conditions in the period
of pregnancy.

The result of the study will demonstrate the prevalence of the TSH rate in
result considerable physical. loads of iodine deficiency. Completely
likely genetic predisposition to enhanced
item performance.

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What is indicated by deviations from the norm?

нормы ттг

Signs of excess: excessive sweating, sleep pathologies,
lowering t to 35 ° C, weight gain. Increased concentration
affects the body, so symptoms
different nature. Often violations are disguised as other diseases.
and also have common indicators: nervousness, lethargy, poor
appetite, apathy, anxiety, pain in the area
hearts, memory lapses, bloating, disruption
gastrointestinal tract, insomnia or lack of sleep,
rapid weight gain.

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Low Thyroid-Hormone Content

A qualified physician can determine low levels of the hormone in
blood based symptoms. The survey is assigned to
exclude possible diseases:

  • Pathological condition resulting from a lesion
    pituitary and hypothalamic nuclei,
  • Hormone poisoning,
  • Eliminate active development in position
  • Determine the presence of mental illness.

If the result indicates a reduced level of the hormone,
probably a complication in the activity of the thyroid gland.

Woman’s body negatively perceives a lack hormone with
overt symptoms: headaches, lethargy, lack of sleep,
increased appetite, the appearance of edema in the face, interruptions
menstruation, increased pressure. When signs appear
must immediately go to the doctor.

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Preparation for analysis

Before starting the procedure, you need to figure out how to properly
Prepare to donate blood from a vein. Sometimes it may be false
result due to inadequate training. Therefore, the doctor in most
cases will tell to take the analysis again in order to compare
the result with the norm indicators by age.

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treatment и последствия

анализ ттг

Подготовка заключается в following:

  1. Blood from a vein is always taken exclusively on the hungry.
  2. In order to correctly pass the study, should be the day before
    blood sampling give up alcohol and cigarettes.
  3. Be sure to complete taking the medicine.

Studies of hormonal levels, including blood on TSH, are conducted in
prophylactic purposes and only on prescription. When the body
is in the process of hormonal adjustment study is necessary
exercise more often. After 40 years, the period associated with
menopause, and after 60 years of age you should watch hormonal
indicators regularly.

Note that the hormone coefficient is not related to the phase
menstruation, so the analysis is carried out on any given day. For,
for the study to show normal results
strictly at one time. It is also necessary to pass tests only in
one clinic, since the study of blood on thyrotropin contains
several specifics, ranging from the type of reagents and applied

It is necessary to perform a blood test in subsequent

  • Lack of constant menstruation,
  • Depressive states
  • Indifference to everything around,
  • Lack of sexual desire
  • The instability of the emotional plan,
  • Loss of body weight
  • Bad dream
  • Increased hormone production.

In addition, the definition of a hormone is indicated for pregnant women at 12
weeks to eliminate danger to the baby. Pituitary screening
shown after 40 years when the likelihood of formation increases
thyroid dysfunction. In this case, there is
the probability that when deciphering the results of the thyroid gland
it will be possible to establish a mismatch with the set values.
Therefore, the task of the doctor is to develop a special course.
treatment of the patient.

After the doctor has established the pathology, he must go to
the question of prescribing treatment. Often adequate decoding of totals
laboratory studies helps determine that method of medical
events that will give the greatest effect to cure
the patient.

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