What is the PSA blood test in men? howdecipher the results?


  • howую роль играет ПСА в организме человека?
  • When is a PSA test prescribed?
  • howие значения ПСА у здорового мужчины?
  • What does high PSA mean for a patient?
  • howова клиническая картина заболеваний простаты?
  • PSA analysis: how to prepare?
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  • Treatment of prostate pathologies

PSA blood test: what does it mean? Under this analysis
implies a definition in the bloodstream of a specific
substances. PSA is produced by the prostate gland and is important
diagnostic value. Having determined his blood level, doctors
can judge the health or illness of the prostate. Analysis allows
diagnose oncological disease of the organ, when it is only

howую роль играет ПСА в организме человека?

PSA (another option – PSA) is known in urology as
простатический специфический антиген. He is in big
the amount is part of the prostate secret. Thanks
the latter is cleansing and moistening the urethra
channel. The secret makes the ejaculate more liquid, dissolving cervical
slime. Due to this, a comfortable environment is formed, allowing
sperm to easily reach the uterus of a woman.

In men, prostate cells are responsible for PSA production. Fine
prostate antigen is the basis of sperm. If normal
PSA level is impaired, this leads to infertility. After all, in this case
sperm will not be able to move freely, which means it will not
get to the uterus, and will not fertilize the egg.

ПСА что это такое

Если ПСА выше  нормативных показателей, это тоже плохой
sign. Excess PSA is an indicator of prostate tumor development.
glands. For professionals, the prostatic antigen is
oncomarker, which is found in serum.

PSA does not show which pathology struck the prostate.
However, based on PSA data, inflammation can be judged in this
the body. Thanks анализам на ПСА врачи диагностируют рак и аденому
prostate in the very early stages of their development.

Based on the last statement, it becomes clear that
research on PSA should be periodically. Especially this
applies to men over 40 years old.

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When is a PSA test prescribed?

The material for the study is venous blood. Her collection
produced for general research and free. In total
they give an idea of ​​the state of the prostate.

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ПСА анализ

When is the analysis appropriate? He is appointed:

  • In order to prevent prostate disease in elderly men
  • To confirm or disprove a disease
  • After surgery on the prostate gland when excised
    tumor tissue.
  • To monitor the effectiveness of prescribed therapy for diseases

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howие значения ПСА у здорового мужчины?

PSA scores are changeable and rates are in direct
зависимости от age The older the man, the higher
PSA levels are normal. The norm by age is presented in the table.

Age period Permissible limits (ng / ml) Ideal value (ng / ml)
39 to 49 0.5–1.0 2.6
From 51 to 59 0.6–1.5 3.4
From 60 to 69 0.9–3.2 4.6
From 70 and up 0.9-3.1 6.7


Data decryption is performed by certified specialists.
in medical centers.

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What does high PSA mean for a patient?

PSA scores increase if men develop
pathological conditions of the prostate:

  • Hypertrophy.
  • Аденома. how и гипертрофия, аденома
    detected with an increase in total PSA.
  • Prostatitis. Inflammation causes tissue swelling
    body. Edema closes the ducts, making it difficult to remove the secret to
    sperm Because PSA in large volumes begins to flow in
  • Crayfish. With malignant cell tumors
    organ in excessive quantities produce PSA.
    A prostate-specific antigen penetrates the blood and forms there
    connection with peptides. Peptides are protein structures that
    combined with PSA, are considered tumor markers. Their detection in the blood
    serves as a reason to suspect cancer.

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howова клиническая картина заболеваний простаты?

It is known that the malignant process in the prostate can undergo
asymptomatic, and therefore establish the diagnosis in the early stages of
patient complaints will fail. It is the PSA analysis that allows
ранних этапах диагностировать рак предстательной glands.

The pathology of the prostate is indicated by the following signs:

  • Urinary problems. They disturb the patient in the evening
    clock. There is no sense of relief after the process, urine
    excreted in drops. The urination itself is accompanied
    discomfort in the form of sharp pain.
  • Urinary retention This is due to hematuria, when in the urinary
    the bladder collects a lot of blood.
  • Pain in the lower back, perineum. Joining pain
    evidence of tumor growth.
  • Poor renal function. Renal
    deficiency is characterized by pains in the head, lower back,
    exhaustion, frequent thirst, dryness of visible mucous membranes.
  • Pain in the pelvis and lower back resembling pain with radiculitis. Their
    appearance speaks of metastasis.

The same symptoms are also found in prostate adenoma, which
attributed to benign tumors. However, if the cancer grows
out, then adenoma- inside.

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PSA analysis: how to prepare?

The PSA test, like any other study, requires
preliminary preparation. The right approach to the analysis
allows you to get reliable results. Dressing gown
attitude to the upcoming analysis leads to a distortion of the data, and
therefore, subsequent treatment will be fundamentally wrong.

Doctors recommend refraining from the actions below,
If you have a PSA test:

  • Sexual contact and masturbation. Abstain from sex is worth
    3 days before the test.
  • Массажа prostate The analysis is carried out 24 hours after
    last session.
  • Ultrasound of the prostate gland, conducted by the rectal method.
    The procedure is better to postpone and hold it after the test. If
    it was not possible to transfer it, then the analysis is done 7 days after
  • Instrumental examinations (biopsy) and prostate surgery.
    In the latter case, the analysis is not carried out for six months.
  • From those sports that in any way affect
    prostate These include equestrian sport and cycling.
  • Drinking coffee, cigarettes, strong drinks 7 days before

Material for the fence shall be in accordance with the following rules:

  1. Before lunch, that is, until 11-12 o’clock in the afternoon.
  2. On an almost empty stomach. You can not have breakfast, you can drink
    water without gas.
  3. The prohibition of emotional stress.

When the primary analysis showed an elevated PSA level,
It is recommended to re-study. This is necessary in order
eliminate false positive interpretation of data.

To ensure the correctness of the results, conduct more ELISA.
If the enzyme immunoassay is positive, it says in
пользу онкопатологии prostate

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