What is the normal weight gain in newborns?children?

You had a baby. You’ve been waiting for him, imagining how
he will, and how you will grow and educate him. But when it is,
finally happened you come across suddenly with a lot
unforeseen problems. One of them, not ceasing to worry
каждую молодую маму и всех на свете бабушек, является норма
weight gain in newborns.

Норма прибавки веса у новорожденных

Норма веса у новорожденного ребенка

«Точка отсчета» веса новорожденного

Each newborn baby is examined by a pediatrician, and when
the first inspection, it is immediately weighed and measured growth (Growth
newborns). Then the child with his mother for another 4-6 days
will stay in the hospital to see the doctors. On the day of discharge
weighed again. It is from these 2 numbers – the weight in the first minutes.
after your birth and weight on the day of discharge from the hospital –
начинается и во многом зависит последующая прибавка веса
newborn baby. So:

Baby weight at birth

All babies are born with different height and weight, and
normal weight healthy baby at birth is considered
being in the range from 2,700 kg to 3,700 kg.
notice that the initial weight of the child depends on a number of different

  • Health baby.
  • Heredity. Moms are tall with more weight
    large children are born, and vice versa: thin, tall women
    little babies are born.
  • Paul’s As a rule, boys are always born bigger (harder)
  • Mother’s nutrition during pregnancy. With high-calorie nutrition
    pregnant fetus usually gains a large mass.
  • The physical and psychological state of women. If mom
    unwell or lived in a state for a long time during pregnancy
    stress, it may well affect your health and,
    accordingly, the weight of her newborn baby.
  • The presence of pregnant bad habits. Of course, a smoker, and
    especially drinking and using drugs can
    to be born sick children with insufficient weight.

Discharge weight

In the first few days of life, children lose some weight. Weight loss
for several reasons:

  • Loss of fluid. Having been born, the child begins to breathe, and through
    his respiratory system and skin evaporate a large amount
  • Power installation. In the early days, the baby drinks colostrum, and
    in small portions until he has nutrition, and his mother
    milk will begin to arrive.
  • Adapting to the conditions of life. We know very well that
    young saplings transplanted by us from the greenhouse to the garden,
    are taken to grow by no means immediately. So is the child, fundamentally
    changing habitat at birth, does not immediately get used to living in

Thus, the weight at discharge differs by about 6-10% from
weight at birth. And it is from this, the second, and the numbers
отсчитывать нормы прибавки
веса у каждого newborn baby.

Weight Gain Rates

You and your baby were discharged from the hospital, and you were at home.
The kid learned to eat, his digestion is gradually improving and
heat air exchange with the environment, and it starts rapidly

Video: child’s weight


The reasons for weight gain or lack thereof

Weight gain depends on the following.

  • Health If the baby is sick, he eats worse.
  • Appetite
  • Type of feeding: breast or artificial. With artificial
    feeding babies usually gain weight faster.
  • The quality and quantity of food (milk from mom).
  • The mobility of the child. The person involved in sports, usually
    pulled up. Similarly, a lively child is somewhat leaner than
    couch potato.
  • Regime of the day and meals. When feeding “by the hour” weight grows
    slower than on demand.
  • Age In the first months, children grow faster, by the year of growth
    slows down.

Whatever the case may be, some
average conditional rates of infant weight gain

Rates of increases: the weight table of a child up to a year

Среднестатистические данные показывают, что обычно прибавки
веса за первый год жизни таковы:

  • During the first month when your child is still very
    small, considered normal weight gain
    90-150 граммов в неделю.
  • From the second, the third to the end of the fourth month the baby should
    набирать уже по 140-200 граммов за неделю.
  • From the fifth month to six months, the weight is added again to
    100-160 граммов в неделю, и к полугоду вес вашего
    baby should increase approximately twice.
  • Further growth begins to slow down, and by one year
    the baby weighs about 3 times more than it was at birth.
Таблица веса ребенка

Таблица веса ребенка до года (кликабельно)

Отклонения от норм: стоит ли волноваться

Deviations from the aforementioned means are often observed.
indicators. This is too small or unnecessarily large increase.
weights, which is also bad, because the guys are too fat
sedentary and slower develop. In addition to possible diseases
baby, the reasons for such deviations may be as follows:

  1. Each person is individual in his physiology and everything grows.
    differently: someone a little faster, and another a little
  2. Нормы прибавок веса у
    всех новорожденных большего роста обычно больше. So,
    if for a child whose initial height was 52 cm, it is considered
    a normal increase of 170 grams, then for a child with an initial growth of 58
    cm, it is already about 210 grams.
  3. It often happens that boys gain weight faster than
  4. With artificial питании малыши толстеют быстрее.

And many other reasons, which are different in each case, and
it is possible to reveal them only at an individual approach. AND
only after identifying these causes is it possible to give an exact answer,
should parents worry about this and accept
Urgent measures. В любом случае, показатели норм прибавки веса у
новорожденных усреднены и примерны, и не стоит принимать их за
ideal. And when in doubt about the growth of the child is better
just pass the tests and consult with experts. If you and
your child is healthy, then perhaps for the appearance of rounded folds
on his body it’s enough to start feeding him on demand, more often
putting it to the chest, and this problem will be solved.

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