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Нормальная температура тела у baby в первые дни
жизни померенная в подмышечной впадине — 37,0-37,5 °C.
Already after a few days the temperature can vary from 36 to 37
�WITH. (Вообще, всем привычная температура в 36,6 устанавливается
only by the end of the first year of the baby’s life.)

Normal temperature of infants

  • 36 – 37.3 ° C – in the armpit;
  • 36.6 – 37.2 ° C – oral temperature;
  • 36.9 – 38 ° C – rectal temperature.

нормальная температура у грудничка

У новорожденных детей процесс терморегуляции окончательно
not formed and heat transfer prevails over heat production
(heat production), babies often feel cold, which results in hiccups,
cooling and blue handles, legs. Therefore infants are easy
overheat or supercool.

Video consultation: why do babies have a fever

Parents should know that in conditions of constant swaddling
thermoregulation mechanisms “do not start.” It delays
child’s adaptation to the natural environment and makes him prone to
catarrhal diseases.

Maintain the normal temperature of the smallest
деток достигается  путем обычного ухода за ребенком.

Температура тела не бывает одинаковой для всех детей и
колеблется, как указано выше от 36 до 38 градусов (в
dependencies where we measure), plus depends on many factors of development
and physiology of the child. To determine the optimal
(нормальной) температуры тела вашего малыша, необходимо
for several days in the morning, at lunch and in the evening
to measure.
This way, parents can set
The average stable temperature of your newborn baby.

ЧИТАЕМ ТАКЖЕ: Как новорожденному ребенку
measure the temperature (where it is better to measure and how thermometer)

Video: how to measure the temperature of the baby

Ways to maintain normal body temperature in
newborn baby

The smaller the child, the more he needs to create
special thermal conditions. There are simple ways to create a child.
comfortable conditions.

  1. Детская комната должна быть хорошо прогрета от 20º до
  2. Одевать baby нужно на один слой больше/меньше (в
    depending on the season), than an adult is dressed in these conditions.
  3. Ensure that the child does not freeze at night. Cover him
    natural blanket (made of wool, cotton), which preserves better
    heat, while simultaneously ensuring proper thermoregulation.
  4. For outdoor festivities, an infant should be dressed for the season.
    and according to the weather.  It is important that the baby’s head
    was warm to avoid hypothermia, because almost 30%
    тепла теряется именно при открытой голове.
  5. At first, it will be wise to use the room in a simple
    wall thermometer to determine the temperature in the room
    (См статью об оптимальной температуре в комнате
    newborn baby).
  6. To make sure the baby is warm, touch the palm of your hand.
    back of the head. If the nape is cool, then the baby needs
    extra heat.

How to prevent overheating baby

At the same time, parents should be careful not to
prevent overheating of the baby, because overheating infants
endure much heavier than hypothermia.

Normal body temperature is determined by the warm calf,
pink skin, child activity. If parents
noticed a decrease in the activity of the child, lack of appetite,
fever (especially if such symptoms occur in
warm season) – the baby may be overheated. (В особо
severe cases, overheating can even lead to lethal

Для предупреждения перегрева воспользуйтесь
in the following ways:

  • The baby should be appropriately dressed (enough in summer
    cotton shirts and sheets for harboring).
  • Provide plenty of drink.
  • В жару не выносите newborn baby на открытое солнечное
    space, try to walk with him in the shade.
  • Put on the baby’s head panama.
  • Do not leave unattended in the summer in the stroller for
    daytime sleep, because the sun can heat not only the stroller, but also
    overheat the baby.
  • НИКОГДА не оставляйте baby в
    closed machine one.

Each child is individual and the temperature norm is
каждого baby может быть своя. If a child
active, healthy, eating well and not experiencing any
there is no discomfort!

Is your baby coughing? Does it flow from the nose? Or perhaps his
eyes are red? If you are in the morning, collecting a child in kindergarten or in
school, noticed signs of disease, then rather give the baby
Oscillococcinum. In the very early stages of influenza and ARVI drug
will help the child’s body to cope with the disease and will not allow to lie down with
temperature Why hurt if there is Oscillococcinum? Already after
the first admission you will notice that the child has become much easier!

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Temperature in newborns and infants

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