What is the importance of early application?newborn to breast (attachment immediately after childbirth)

Many maternity hospitals now practice early attachment.
newborn to her mother’s breast. Why and why is it necessary?

The baby is very stressed during childbirth: just now
was warm and moisture, was protected, and suddenly feels the cold surrounding
his moisture was gone. Therefore, first of all it is important that the baby
felt the warmth of my mother’s body, her heartbeat, heard my own
voice immediately after birth.

прикладывание ребенка к груди сразу после родов

As soon as a child is born, an obstetrician or doctor immediately, without washing
mucus and blood put it on my mother’s belly and cover with a bed sheet or
diaper. The baby from the first seconds of birth is surrounded by my mother’s
care, love, feels gentle mother’s hands, feels
protected. This sense of security is important to
the subsequent development of the baby, his perception of himself and others,
positive relationship with the world.

No less valuable are the first minutes for mom. It is during these moments.
maternal instinct awakens in it, a relationship is born
�”Mother is a child.” No wonder doctors say that when attaching to
breasts immediately after childbirth, even those mothers who wanted to give up
child, usually take him home.

With early application, the process of completion of labor is accelerated,
uterine contractions are stimulated, resulting in faster
leaves last.

Early application of the baby to the breast contributes to the rapid and
increased flow of milk into the breast of the mother, and then more
prolonged lactation.

And only in cases of premature birth, severely weakened
baby or child with breathing problems early attachment

It is very important to give the baby suck exactly the colostrum. No interference
it is also the fact that the woman was given medication or cesarean was given to her
cross section. Of course, the baby still does not know how to suck, and so far he has the strength
few. Therefore, the doctor or midwife brings mother’s nipple to the lips of the child.
and gently squeezes the droplets of colostrum into his mouth. Suck
the newborn cannot but swallow the droplets in the mouth
is able to.

Why is it important to give baby colostrum?

Colostrum – the most powerful tool that nature has endowed mother. AT
a few drops of it contain everything necessary for the development
newborn baby.

With the help of colostrum, the right, useful one gets into the intestines of the infant.
microflora. ATедь при появлении на свет кишечник младенца полностью
sterile. And if he does not get good bacteria from colostrum
the mother’s microflora of the child’s environment
In this case, the hospital. And it contains, besides useful, and
many pathogenic bacteria and germs.

Colostrum helps to get rid of the first
the product of the life of a small organism – meconium
(original feces).

Colostrum reduces the harmful effects of bilirubin,
provoking the occurrence of jaundice in newborns.

AT составе молозива имеются особые вещества – иммуноглобулины,
protect the baby’s fragile body from harmful microorganisms.
Children who received colostrum in the first minutes of life have more
strong immunity. They get sick 3.3 times less often than those who were
attached to the chest at the end of the day after birth.

Итак, плюсы прикладывания к груди сразу после

This is happiness !!! Кто согласен?

This is happiness !!! Кто согласен?
  • Помогает скорее завершить роды, т. к. усиливает сокращения
    uterus and promotes rapid separation of the placenta;
  • ATключает механизмы образования молока, способствует усилению
  • Establishes an emotional connection between a child and
  • Strengthens the immunity of the infant, reduces the risk of disease in
  • The phenomenon of imprinting occurs – memorization by the infant is
    his mother, the emergence of a deep inner connection between
  • The child has a feeling of strong psychological protection, which
    will provide him further positive harmonious development.
How to apply to the chest

How to apply to the chest

Attaching to the breast immediately after childbirth – granted to the mother
the very nature of the opportunity to establish a close emotional connection with
a child. The chance to facilitate the newborn entry into a new,
independent life. A chance that is necessary

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Colostrum after delivery

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