What is the difference from a modular strollerstrollers?

Every newborn baby needs its own
vehicle. About purchasing a baby carriage young
parents think before the baby is born. Which version of the stroller
to choose: transformer or modular? To answer this question
need to understand the intricacies of their devices, as well as
fundamental differences of one model from another. These two kinds
wheelchairs belong to the universal type of strollers. Transformer and
modular stroller used since birth of the child when
baby predominantly lies, until he reaches the age of three
age when the child is already difficult to lay or
sit down.

How to distinguish a transformer from a modular stroller?

Коляски трансформеры завоевали популярность
quite a long time ago. For several decades, parents with
great success using similar models. Children’s
Transformer stroller – a versatile vehicle that
using simple manipulations it quickly turns from a cradle for
newborn in a comfortable walking option for grown up

Типичная коляска-трансформер

Типичная коляска-трансформер

Модульные модели появились на современном рынке
baby strollers recently. In this embodiment, the cradle for crumbs
not transformed, but simply replaced by another plug-in module. AT
Three modules usually come with this stroller:

  • car seat;
  • walking block;
  • cradle.
Модульная коляска 3 в 1

Модульная коляска 3 в 1

Cradle: основные отличия

Transformer. For a newborn baby
комфортную прогулку на свежем воздухе обеспечивает cradle. For
Stroller-transformer provides a special basket-carrying,
equipped with a hard bottom and soft sides. For удобства в таких
cradles are provided with fabric handles, with their help, the baby is pretty
easy to get out of the stroller.

Modular. The modular stroller is equipped with a cradle with
hard frame and hard bottom. ATнутренняя часть такого модуля
well insulated and covered with cotton fabric. Baby in such a cradle
convenient and comfortable. Hard frame supports crumbs from all
sides, thanks to which his body takes anatomically correct
position. The module is also equipped with a handle, but only plastic, which
позволяет при необходимости переносить baby

Walking block: which one is more convenient?

Коляска трансформер превращается из обычной в
pleasure using a rather simple mechanism. Cradle
removed, using front buttons removed
metal frame, and in its place is set to handle
sheathed in soft fabric. It remains to adjust the position
back and everything, the stroller is ready for a walk.

AT модульной модели подобный механизм
absent, however, turn this stroller into a stroller too
not difficult. Cradle полностью снимается, а на освободившуюся платформу
special removable seat is installed. Back of this
the armchair is also regulated, so if necessary it can be
lower and put the tired child to sleep. Many modular models
wheelchairs have a car seat included, which is easy to install
on the platform, as well as in the vehicle interior.

Wheels: which model is better?

Коляски-трансформеры могут похвастаться
fairly massive four wheels that are usually missing
rotation function. It was added to only the last few.
models. One of the main advantages of transformers is
adjustable suspension. Thanks to its presence, strollers possess
good cushioning properties.

Модульные коляски могут быть оснащены как
four and three wheels. Front wheels performs in less
diameter, it is necessary for greater maneuverability of transport.
However, on a chassis with reduced wheels can completely
no depreciation system. This complicates walking a little.
on a rough road, but also prevents to rock the crumbs in the stroller.
Swiveling in modular strollers always have front

Ergonomic characteristics of wheelchairs

Transformers and modular strollers vary in size and weight.
ATес трансформеров может составлять от 14 до 20 кг.
And when the baby is growing up, the stroller becomes much harder for
bill of weight karapuz. The main convenience of such products –
the ability to quickly fold using just two buttons that
need to press at the same time. A stroller is like a book, here
only the width remains the same. However, due to the wide chassis
such models do not fit in the trunk of small cars that do not
quite comfortable.

Трансформеры различаются: по количеству колес и
by the way the walking part is transformed into a cradle and
back as well as possible to install on the chassis frame
car seats (2 in 1 and 3 in 1).

Модульные коляски значительно легче своих
fellow transformers. The basis together with wheels weighs about 8 kg.
To this weight is added either the weight of the cradle 4-5 kg ​​or weight
walking block 2-4 kg. AT итоге даже с поставленными модулями
such a stroller has a smaller total mass than the transformer.
You can fold the stroller as follows: first, the cradle is removed
or a walking block, and then the frame is folded. Only
minus for storage of all modules and the chassis itself need more

Модульные коляски различаются: по
number of modules: 2 in 1, 3 in 1, 4 in 1; by the number of wheels:
3 or 4 wheels; by wheel type: front and rear are the same
large diameter not rotary ie on a classic chassis or
front pivots of smaller diameter and rear pivots larger or all
the wheels are equally small and the front swivel.


  • Амортизация — лучше трансформер;
  • Permeability is better than a transformer;
  • Maneuverability – better modular stroller;
  • Характеристики люльки: более жесткая и утепленная –
    modular stroller, soft, light – transformer;
  • Season: in winter it will be warmer in the cradle of the modular stroller, a little
    cooler in the transformer, and in the summer the opposite: in the transformer will be
    better than in a modular stroller’s closed, rigid cradle;
  • ATес: тяжелее – трансформер, легче – модульная.

Tips for choosing strollers

ATыбирая pram для родившегося ребенка, необходимо учитывать
a lot of little things. What to look for, and on what basis
choose transport for crumbs?

  1. Of great importance is the road surface on which
    planned to walk. If around the house is smooth and even
    asphalt, then you can stay on the modular version. If
    there is no asphalt, and in bad weather the trampled down paths turn into
    a real mess, you should choose
    transformer, because it has better permeability.
  2. When choosing a stroller also need to pay attention to the width
    doorways. Also worth commemorating the capacity of the trunk
    car and the dimensions of the stroller when folded.
  3. If the baby was born in the autumn-winter period, he will be
    Much cozier in the cradle modular stroller. But in the summer to the baby
    much more comfortable in the basket transformer.
  4. Buying a stroller, you should pay attention to additional
    accessories. This can be a bag for mom, oilcloth rain or
    mosquito net. These handy accessories will be faithful helpers.
    for parents.

As you can see, each model has its own stroller
positive and negative sides. Which option to give
preference is up to the parent. However, the main selection criterion
should become a safe and comfortable environment for

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