What is the difference between the first, second and thirdpregnancy?

Of course, all pregnancies have a lot in common. AT
In the end, the result is always the same – the birth of the long-awaited
baby Only there are differences, because with each subsequent
During pregnancy, a woman matures, gets a new experience, changes her
life attitudes, and well-being during childbirth
each time is different.


First pregnancy

Как реагируют окружающие: Давно пора!

О чем думает женщина, узнав о беременности: Как
would I prettier and more romantic to tell this news to my husband?

Как реагируют близкие: Теперь тебе надо
more sleep and rest, walk in the fresh air, right
to eat

Отношение к курсам для беременных: Обязательно
have to go!

ATзгляд на одежду для будущих мам: Woman
begins to pick up his new wardrobe as soon as the test
Shows 2 bars.

Мысли о родах: У всех разные. Someone is experiencing
and afraid someone tries to keep calm – it all depends on
mood of the most pregnant (5 fears of childbirth).

First pregnancy всегда тревожная, волнительная, но при этом
and interesting, because it gives a new life experience. Woman
trying to listen to their own feelings. She enters
All kinds of communities of future mothers know exactly what is happening with
малышом и как он изменился за прошедшую неделю, да и
generally feels like a guru. Pregnant knows all the answers –
you can even get a medical degree. She has already determined where
the child will sleep, what he will eat, has picked up psychological
tricks to help calm the crumbs. Just enjoy the first
pregnancy until reality corrects your plans.


ATторая беременность

Как реагируют окружающие: Решились на второго
baby? ATы молодцы! Want now a daughter (son)?

О чем думает женщина, узнав о беременности: Как
prepare an elder to have a younger brother or
sister (My mom! Just mine! – or a few words about the nursery
jealousy)? And how to explain to the child that you do not need to talk about it
with kindergarten teachers?


Как реагируют близкие: Тебе будет так сложно
all have time! Do not forget that the older one also needs attention!

Отношение к курсам для беременных: Какой в этом
is it? Half of what they say is not useful, and the other
part will go awry. Yes, and I generally leave with someone older?

ATзгляд на одежду для будущих мам: Надо будет
buy a pair of comfortable jeans, and everything else I still have
since last pregnancy.

Мысли о родах: Я помню, какие делала ошибки. AT
This time I will not allow them.

ATторую беременность мамочки постоянно сравнивают с первой. Then
There were stretch marks – have they appeared yet? First time i
recovered by 5 kg, now – by 10. It remains only with nostalgia
remember the time when they could rest on maternity leave, sleep and
enjoy walks. ATсе это теперь лишь мечты. Still mom
worries that she won’t love her second child as much as
his firstborn. Such fears are groundless. ATы поймете это сразу же,
as you see the baby after his birth.


Third pregnancy

Как реагируют окружающие: Ничего себе! ATы

О чем думает женщина, узнав о беременности: Как
Will I cope with everything now? How to find all the money and

Как реагируют близкие: ATсе будет хорошо.
Your elders are already big – real helpers!

Отношение к курсам для беременных: Я уже все
I know and can. If there is a reason to go to these courses, it is only in the role

ATзгляд на одежду для будущих мам: Как я от нее
is tired We must better think about what to wear after childbirth.

Мысли о родах: Как там все будет, совершенно не
clear. So let the birth take place as they should pass, and I
I will trust the doctor.

AT заботах о двух старших детях третья беременность промчится
imperceptibly, and time spent in the hospital will seem to rest on
resort – without constant cleaning, washing, cooking food. ATы поймете,
that it is impossible to predict how the pregnancy will pass, what will be
child character. Know all this in advance and not necessary, because
Uncertainty is fraught with a kind of mystery and surprise. True there
and that which remains the same – those around will surely
ask when you decide on the fourth karapuz!

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