What is the difference between endometritis and endometriosis?Differences of symptoms, diagnosis and treatment


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Among the many diseases of the uterus most common
diseases such as endometritis and endometriosis. What’s the difference between
them? Both diseases affect the mucous uterine layer, however,
illnesses have fundamental differences.

What is endometritis

Endometritis — это воспалительное заболевание,
resulting from pathogenic microbes entering the uterine
cavity. As a result, the mucous layer of the organ (endometrium)
inflamed. The causative agents of endometritis are: chlamydia,
Trichomonas, E. coli, mycoplasma, streptococcus.

Infection can get into the uterus in the following situations:

  • during or after gynecological cure
  • as a result of cesarean;
  • due to chronic gynecological diseases;
  • in the process of swimming in open ponds or pools during
  • during unprotected intercourse;
  • with long-term wearing of the intrauterine device;
  • in case of using non-sterile gynecological

What is endometritis

Endometritis can also develop due to cervical erosion or
due to a general infectious process in the body in which
reduced immunity.

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What is endometriosis?

Endometriosis имеет совершенно другую природу возникновения. With
this disease, the inner layer of the uterus begins to grow and
beyond the limits of the body. Endometrial cells are present in
fallopian tubes, ovaries. In severe cases, endometrium
grows into the deep layers of the uterus.


Withчины возникновения эндометриоза до настоящего времени точно
not defined. The affliction is due to hormonal imbalance and
often cause infertility. The main factors of appearance
diseases are considered:

  • endocrine diseases;
  • frequent abortions;
  • bad habits;
  • obesity;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • improper long-term use of hormonal contraceptives;
  • use of emergency contraception;
  • prolonged stress;
  • genetic predisposition.

Thus, the main differences of endometritis and endometriosis – in
the origin of pathology.

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Symptom Differences

Endometritis и эндометриоз имеют разную клиническую картину. If a
endometritis manifests itself vividly and its symptoms are impossible
notice that endometriosis is characterized by latent and difficult
amenable to diagnosis.

The main manifestations of endometritis appear 4-5 days after
infection. It can be:

  • abdominal pain, aggravated by intercourse;
  • spotting acyclic discharge;
  • increase or decrease in the number of menstrual blood;
  • tenderness of the uterus on palpation;
  • temperature rise;
  • pathological discharge with an unpleasant odor and color;
  • general deterioration: weakness, nausea, chills.

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Depending on the severity of the process appear one or immediately
many symptoms. As the inflammation increases
getting worse, the woman’s condition is getting worse. Disease can
result in peritonitis, sepsis or gangrene of the uterus, in these cases
increased risk of death.

With хроническом течении слизистая истончается, на поверхности
spikes, scars appear. In this case, the monthly may stop.


Endometriosis проявляет себя не столь ярко. Only similarity
symptoms are abdominal pain and painful menstruation. it
is due to the fact that the endometrium in endometriosis grows
beyond the uterus.

симптомы эндометриоза

The main signs on which it is possible to suspect development
endometriosis are:

  • failure of the menstrual cycle in which bleeding can be
    either twice a month, or missing a few months;
  • decrease in sexual desire;
  • infertility;
  • abundant periods;
  • emotional disturbance caused by hormonal

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Diagnostic Differences

Diagnose endometritis is not difficult. Inflammation
well seen on ultrasound, in addition, increased blood leukocytes and ESR.
Pathological changes in the smear are also detected.

Diagnosis of endometriosis presents some difficulties. In
Ultrasound time is impossible to detect pathological lesions. For accurate
statement of the diagnosis is carried out:

  • hysteroscopy, which determines the degree of germination
  • blood test for sex hormones.

However, the most informative method is laparoscopy,
which may have therapeutic value. If a очаги
endometriosis is small, the doctor can eliminate them during

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Different treatment approaches

Given the fundamental differences between these ailments,
different treatment approaches are used.

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Since endometritis is bacterial in nature, therapy
aims to eliminate the pathogen and reduce inflammation. For this
use the following groups of drugs:

  • Антибиотики (Цефазолин, Метранидазол).
  • Обезболивающие (Но-шпа, Baralgin,
  • Иммуностимулирующие средства (Виферон,
  • Лекарства, улучшающие обменные процессы
  • Противоотечные средства (Тавегил,
  • Противовоспалительные препараты местного действия
  • Средства, восстанавливающие влагалищную микрофлору

В комплексном лечении используют физиопроцедуры и отвары
medicinal herbs (nettle, coltsfoot. To strengthen
immunity prescribe vitamin-mineral complexes. With правильном
approach to treatment can permanently get rid of the disease for
few weeks.

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Endometriosis вылечить намного сложнее. At the base
therapy is the use of hormonal drugs and prompt
intervention. In most cases, conservative treatment is not
leads to complete deliverance from the problem, and helps only
reduce foci of endometriosis and remove negative symptoms.

The main drugs used to treat endometriosis:

  • Hormonal agents that reduce the activity of estrogen
    (Дюфастон, Жанин, Визанна).
  • Обезболивающие (Но-шпа, Папаверин).

Также для улучшения иммунитета назначаются витамины и
иммуностимуляторы (Циклоферон). If a возникают
prolonged and heavy bleeding, then apply gynecological

If a отсутствует положительный эффект от консервативного
лечения, от эндометриоза избавляются с помощью operations. it может
be laser effects, electro-coagulation, ultrasound. Basically
use laparoscopic access.

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