What is the 2019 NCoV Coronavirus Genome – Like where did coronavirus come from

For the fifth month, the spread of the new coronavirus into the world. Due to SARS-COV-2, the world economy suffers huge losses in the field of trade and tourism. All because a new infection from Wuhan proved extremely resistant to climatic conditions и не поддается лечению ныне известными способами.

Когда и откуда появился Ncov 2019? Coronavirus biological weapons?

At the end of last year, a citizen of China appealed to the Wuhan hospital with symptoms of pneumonia. Laboratory tests of nucleic acid Patient’s acids revealed a new virus genome unknown to science. Also, a new pathogen was discovered in several other residents with similar symptoms. Chinese government officially reported the world about a new infection in January 2020, referring it to the family coronaviruses. For the first time, the 2019 Ncov genome is completely decoded by Chinese virologists to better understand it structure. Other countries where infected are also found conducted their own studies of the Wuhan RNA chain coronavirus. Scientists have confirmed that this pandemic does not have traces of artificial interference. Rumors that the virus was created as biological weapons are misinformation and who asks not to cause a panic.

Worldwide distribution of coronavirus

SARS-COV-2 was revealed in December 2019. Active many factors served as the spread of infection:

  • First, Wuhan is the center transit travel intercity flights. People in transport stay in this province for recreation;
  • Upcoming Chinese New Year contributed to an active increase in the number of trips: Many Chinese go to see their relatives on this holiday;
  • Incubation period NCOV-2019 is 14 days. For this period of time, potentially infected can transmit the coronavirus to other people, while feeling good;
  • High Survival – Chlorine the solution does not kill the virus, and antibiotics are powerless against him.
  • SARS-COV-2 can live on surfaces of objects up to 72 hours, and in the air up to 3 hours, which increases the spread of infection through household items and penetration into the respiratory organs;
  • Infection occurs airborne droplets – possible infection through saliva of the patient when it enters the mucous areas of the body (eyes, nose, oral cavity).

If, upon detection of coronavirus, the infection was only on territory of China, then to date, a list of infected countries is 153, according to data on March 24, 2020. It means that pandemic spread around the world is growing exponentially progression.

How coronavirus and its new genome appeared:

The term Genome is used to define a chain of DNA and RNA, where contains hereditary information in the cell of living things. Also, viruses can have a genome – they contain a destruction code and replication, which is activated upon penetration into living organism. Chinese scientists suggest that a new new genome Covid-19 appeared due to homologous recombination of two animals coronavirus: Chinese cobra and horseshoe bats. Two nucleotide chains of viruses formed a completely new and extremely dangerous strain. Data animals were sold at the Wuhan meat market, where they were still kept alive. An accidental person could eat their meat. No one The secret is that the Chinese cook food from still living insects and animals. Such a cooking method could transmit the still living virus pathogen to dish. Another theory is that a strain of coronavirus could spread to humans from pangolins – no one subspecies armadillos. The rest claim that 2019 Ncov was only transmitted from bats – an RNA sample of a new pathogen is 97% the same as the genome of SARS. Differences could arise in the process. mutations. There is a confirmed fact that the original nucleotide the structure of the coronavirus is different from the current one. If you trace everything genome analyzes, then you can notice how the virus RNA chain subjected to change at least 140 times in 3 months.

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