What is prediabetes and what indicators of sugar inblood at the same time?


  • What is prediabetes?
  • Causes of prediabetes
  • Signs of disease
  • Therapy
  • Power adjustment
  • Physical activity
  • Drug treatment
  • Video
  • Pre-diabetes Complications
  • Forecast and Prevention of Pre-Diabetes

In most cases, diabetes does not occur suddenly,
its first precursor is prediabetes, the indicators of sugar in
blood at the same time twice the norm. High glucose
there is not all the time, but only after eating. At this stage
еще возможно излечение без леtoарств с помощью toорреtoции

What is prediabetes?

Prediabetes is a condition in which carbohydrate is disturbed.
exchange, but the diagnosis of “diabetes” is not yet made. However, the sugar level
significantly higher than normal values. If not to undertake
no measures, then after a while the patient will start a real
type 2 diabetes. Therefore, to begin treatment should be
first symptoms.

Usually prediabetes occurs in overweight people leading to
sedentary lifestyle and abusing simple carbohydrates. Around
visceral fat accumulates in the internal organs, which reduces
metabolism. At the same time, an overweight person develops
insulin resistance (reduced insulin sensitivity).
Insulin is produced enough, but it is not consumed by the body.
in due amount.

As a result, sugar consumption by the body decreases, but with
his food comes in very much. Pancreas begins
work in enhanced mode during this period is observed
slight increase in blood sugar. This is prediabetes.
Previously, this state was considered to be the zero stage of diabetes, then it became
considered an independent disease. The duration of prediabetes
is 2-4 years, after which, if untreated, it passes
in diabetes.

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Causes of prediabetes

Prediabetes is a precursor of type 2 diabetes,
which develops in obese people due to
insulin resistance. The main reason for prediabetes is commonplace.
overeating, and not necessarily sugary foods. More common diabetes 2
Type diagnosed in those who abuse fast food. In this
food contains a lot of preservatives and fat, so it contributes
lipid and carbohydrate metabolism. Muscle mass is replaced
на жировую, снижается metabolism.

причины преддиабета

The main precipitating factors for the development of prediabetes
states are:

  • Heredity.
  • Big weight at birth (more than 4.3 kg).
  • Gestational diabetes during pregnancy.
  • Sedentary lifestyle.
  • Long-term use of certain drugs (glucocorticosteroids,
  • Obesity.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Various hormonal and endocrine disorders.

In children, the disease can occur after a serious infection.
disease or after surgery.

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Signs of disease

According to statistics, about 8 million people suffer from pre-diabetes.
However, the official diagnosis was made only 3 million. It happens
because the symptoms of the disease are not specific.
The main manifestations of the disease:

  • Insomnia. As a result of carbohydrate metabolism
    hormonal failure occurs, which provokes violations
  • The appearance of itching of the skin. This is due to thickening.
  • Reduced vision. Thick blood worse passes through the capillaries.
  • Thirst, frequent urination. So the body is trying
    �”Dilute” thick blood. Thirst passes after a while
    after normalization of glucose levels.
  • Weight loss for no apparent reason. Insulin production is reduced,
    glucose is not consumed by the cells in the proper amount, therefore
    the body lacks energy and loses mass.
  • Feeling hot at night due to high levels
  • Increased appetite. The body does not absorb nutrients
    responding to this increase in appetite.
  • Muscle cramps. Muscles do not receive nutrients in
    full, so the cramps begin.
  • Constant headaches. This is due to bad
    blood supply to capillaries.
  • Reduced immunity, frequent colds.
  • Poor healing of wounds and abrasions.
  • Increased fatigue.

All the above symptoms are perceived by patients as
manifestations of natural age changes. Few can
associate it with diabetes. Therefore, doctors recommend to all people after
40 years to check glucose at least once every three years, with
the presence of overweight and other risk factors – annually.

симптомы преддиабета

The most important indicator of pre-diabetes is an increased level.
Sahara. For diagnosis, conduct a glucose tolerance test,
at which glucose values ​​are assessed before and after “sugar
load. ” The glycosylated level is also taken into account.

Blood sugar levels in mmol / l

Prediabetes Diabetes
Fasting 5.5-6.9 more than 7
After meal 7-11 more than 11
Glycolized hemoglobin 5.8-6.5 more than 6.5

Thus, if the level of sugar after a meal not
exceeds 10.5 mmol / l, talking about prediabetes. The diagnosis of “diabetes”
put, if after eating sugar 11 mmol / l and above.

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The main patient question that is diagnosed
�”Prediabetes”: is it possible to cure the disease and how to treat it?

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values ​​for men, women and children

Обычно медиtoаментозного лечения not назначают. To the patient
It is recommended to change the diet and to establish physical activity.
This will lead to weight loss, improved metabolism. As a result
glucose levels go down. According to statistics, diet reduces the risk
развития диабета на 60%, а примеnotние леtoарств без toорреtoтировtoи
food – only 30%.

Итаto, основные способы избавления от notдуга — это
соблюдение специальной диеты и выполnotние физичесtoих

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Power adjustment

Principles of nutrition in prediabetes:

  • Reducing caloric intake.
  • Total exclusion from the diet of simple carbohydrates (sugar,
    baking, sugary drinks).
  • Failure from fast food.
  • Соtoращение в рациоnot toоличества сложных углеводов (маtoарон,
    cereal, fruit). They can be consumed during the day as small
    порциями, чтобы not спровоцировать поднятие уровня глюtoозы.
  • Reducing animal fat intake (butter, lard,
  • Waiver of alcohol and smoking.
  • Compliance with the fractional diet (5-6 meals per day).
  • Увеличение в рациоnot toоличества грубой toлетчатtoи, растительной
    food (vegetables), protein.
  • Consumption of dairy products with a low percentage
    fat content.

Food should be varied, rich in vitamins and
microelements. On the recommendation of a doctor, you can take
витаминно-миnotральные toомплеtoсы.

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Physical activity

Физичесtoая аtoтивность позволяет not тольtoо снизить вес, но и
return the body’s sensitivity to insulin, and therefore completely
излечиться от notдуга. Что делать, если человеto ниtoогда not занимался
sports? You need to start with walking in the fresh air. В средnotм
should take 8 – 10 thousand steps a day. In the absence of problems
with spine and joints, you can do easy running.

Any feasible activity will be useful: dancing, swimming,
game sports. It is important that physical education classes be in
удовольствие и not наносили вред здоровью.

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Drug treatment

Drug treatment преддиабета назначают в toрайnotм случае,
toогда соблюдение диеты на протяжение 3-4 месяцев not приnotсло
positive results.

The main drugs that are prescribed by endocrinologists for
treatment of prediabetes state – Metformin, Glucophage. These
medications reduce blood sugar and prevent it
boost after eating. Take drugs need to strictly
инструtoции, not превышая реtoомендуемую дозу. Long reception
вызывает побочные эффеtoты в виде нарушения пищеварения, notхватtoи
vitamin b12. Therefore, medication is an extreme measure when others
способы терапии not помогают.


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Pre-diabetes Complications

Отсутствие лечения преддиабета приводит to серьезным
the consequences. Через notсtoольtoо лет развивается диабет 2 типа,
toоторый уже not поддается терапии. The patient is disturbed by the work of all
внутренних органов: печени, почеto, сердца.

Таtoже диабет повышает рисto возниtoновения раtoа. Медиtoами
доtoазано, что раtoовые toлетtoи используют для своего питания глюtoозу.
Diabetes существенно снижает иммунитет, поэтому пациент может умереть
даже от банальной вирусной инфеtoции.

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