What is lipomatosis and pancreatic lipoma?glands? What is the danger and the main methods of treatment?


  • what такое липоматоз поджелудочной glands?
  • Causes of lipomatosis
  • Types of pancreatic lipomatosis
  • Symptoms of lipomatosis
  • Diagnosis of lipomatosis
  • Treatment of pancreatic lipomatosis
  • Video
  • Traditional methods of treatment of pancreatic lipomatosis

Липоматоз поджелудочной glands — что это такое и как лечить
this disease? Its main danger lies in the fact that
in the early stages, it proceeds without any noticeable symptoms, and
diagnosed – randomly (for example, with ultrasound, that
subsequently confirmed by a comprehensive study). But on
In the later stages, the only treatment option is surgical. what
является причиной возникновения липоматоза поджелудочной glands,
what symptoms may indicate this disease, whether it is susceptible

what такое липоматоз поджелудочной glands?

Основная функция поджелудочной glands – это синтез
pancreatic juice, which contains enzymes. Those in their
turn, regulate protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism. WITH
течением времени происходит атрофия клеток glands, снижение их
productivity. And instead of connective tissue, the organ is filled

But due to some factors this process can accelerate.
настолько, что уже к 30 – 40 годам у человека железа на 60
и более процентов состоит именно из жировой ткани
Naturally, the functionality of the pancreas due to this
broken, it synthesizes an insufficient amount of enzymes that
complex effect on the entire metabolism.

А в запущенных стадиях липоматоз поджелудочной glands нередко
transformed into a malignant tumor. And along with that in
the body has a nutrient deficiency that is practically
completely destroys the immune system. Unfortunately, in the late
stages of the disease the likelihood of death is very high.
And lipomatosis itself is an irreversible process. Fully
восстановить функциональность поджелудочной glands не получится.
Единственный вариант – остановить атрофию клеток glands, замедлить
fat accumulation.

what такое липома

What is dangerous lipomatosis? The fact that it is extremely difficult to diagnose
at an early stage. WITHоответственно, за врачебной помощью больные
apply in most cases when the order of 40 – 50%
pancreas is replaced by fat. And this pathology can
extend to other organs. Quite often doctors
liver lipomatosis is additionally diagnosed.

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Causes of lipomatosis

AT большинстве случаев разрушение клеток glands провоцируется
following factors:

  • active inflammatory processes;
  • механическая травма glands;
  • intoxication (alcohol, drugs,
    tobacco smoke derivatives);
  • diabetes;
  • unbalanced diet (especially often diagnosed
    lipomatosis in those who abuse fast food);
  • obesity.

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заболевание поджелудочной glands

липоматоз поджелудочной glands

Also, doctors argue that there is a genetic
predisposition to the disease but detailed studies on
this account was not conducted.

It must be borne in mind that lipomatosis may be provoking
factor for the development of other diseases. Often with him
обнаруживают дисфункцию щитовидной glands (или патологические
an increase in its volume), hepatitis, diabetes mellitus type 2 (especially
often occurs with obesity).

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Types of pancreatic lipomatosis

Lipomatosis is classified according to the stage of pancreatic lesion.
glands. With 1 degree to 30% of the body is fatty tissue, with
this no major changes in the functionality of the pancreas
occurs, the symptoms are either completely absent or not pronounced. With
липоматозе 2 степени жировая ткань занимает до 60% объема glands. AT
In this case, there are already clinical signs of the disease,
the functionality of the body is slightly impaired, but the risk
acute – high. AT 3-й степени свыше 60% поджелудочной
заменяется жировой тканью, возникает недостаточность glands,
complex metabolism is disturbed, lipoidosis occurs
fat metabolism).

More lipomatosis classified into:

  • diffuse;
  • focal (local).

AT первом случае жировая ткань распределяется равномерно по всей
gland, often it increases in volume. With очаговом –
there are lipomas, that is, fatty tumors with clear boundaries,
that literally germinate through the pancreas (and are prone to
to increase over time).

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Symptoms of lipomatosis

симптомы липоматоза

WITHимптоматика индивидуальна для каждого пациента, но в
In most cases, at the 1st stage there are no clinical findings.
manifestations do not occur. And the patient is most often treated by doctors
with the following complaints:

  • pain and discomfort in the stomach or in the stomach after
    приема пищи
    (даже если это «легкий» завтрак);
  • сильная боль в области подреберья (чуть ниже
  • хронический запор, диарея без видимых на то
  • частые и безосновательные приступы тошноты,
  • decrease in working capacity (regardless
    physical form);
  • быстрая потеря веса (порядка 3 – 4 килограмм в
    month at stage 2);
  • иммунодефицит (очень слабая устойчивость
    organism to infection).

It is not necessary for the patient to have all of the above symptoms.
The presence of even some of them is a sufficient reason for
conducting a comprehensive diagnosis. And for advice
It is recommended to contact a gastroenterologist.

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Diagnosis of lipomatosis

Основной метод диагностики липоматоза поджелудочной glands – это
CT scan. For the initial diagnosis can
used ultrasound (ultrasound), but with it
it is impossible to reliably establish the stage of the disease, the current volume
adipose tissue. Additionally, the patient donates blood for analysis (total,
to determine the level of glucose), and they can assign him
gastroscopy (the study of the cavity of the stomach). Only after
the passage of all stages of diagnosis, the doctor may lead the final
diagnosis, and make a treatment plan.

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Treatment of pancreatic lipomatosis

Treatment of lipomatosis in most cases implies
the appointment of conservative therapy. It includes:

  • dietary correction;
  • elimination of intoxication (if necessary – getting rid of
    bad habits);
  • weight normalization;
  • compliance with generally accepted rules of healthy lifestyles.

And to reduce the load on the pancreas, an appointment is prescribed.
synthetic enzymes. One of the most common drugs
из данной категории – Фестал. But the reception of such
funds necessarily conducted by small courses to stimulate
восстановление функциональности glands. If you take the drug
constantly, then it provokes the inhibition of natural production
enzymes and only aggravate the course of the disease.

Фестал липоматоз


Но самый лучший эффект приносит коррекция пищевого рациона,
rejection of junk food, balancing the proportion of protein consumed,
fats, carbohydrates. Ключевые правила обязательной диеты при

  • rejection of fatty foods;
  • rejection of fried, salty, pepper, sweet;
  • almost all dishes are steamed;
  • only poultry, fish are allowed;
  • mandatory inclusion in the diet of croup (but without adding
  • obligatory use of low-fat fermented milk products
    (optimally – kefir, nonfat milk, low-fat cottage cheese).

Под эти правила идеально подходит диета «стол №5» по
Its key feature is its inclusion in the diet.
only easily digestible foods. But at the same time the diet should be
compensating, recommended daily intake – 2800 kilocalories
(for a patient weighing about 85 kilograms). WITHам рацион составляется
for each patient individually by a gastroenterologist or
nutritionist. With необходимости её корректируют для получения лучшего
therapeutic effect. And such food will need to be observed on
permanent basis. AT противном случае липоматоз непременно начнет

диета при липоматозе

But one of the most useful dishes for lipomatosis
are considered:

  • салат из топинамбура и моркови с небольшим
    amount of vegetable oil (best suited
  • каша из тыквы (с небольшим количеством
  • кофе из цикория и сушенных корней одуванчика
    (без Sahara);
  • обезжиренный творог с низкокалорийной
    sour cream.

Such dishes not only reduce the load on the pancreas,
but still contribute to the acceleration of metabolism, the normalization of the level

AT критических же случаях врачи назначают проведение операции
(usually in the 3rd stage of the disease), during which
удаляются все липомы из поджелудочной glands. AT будущем же больному
have the rest of your life to take synthetic enzymes.

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