What is lactation

Lactation is the formation of breast milk
moms. its accumulation and excretion. Milk production begins as early as
gestation period. This is evidenced by the release of colostrum,
which begins in the second trimester of pregnancy. Each
women lactation period is individual, for some mummies he
may last for several years, while for others it ends and after
month after delivery.


What contributes to the production of breast milk?

Prolactin and oxytocin are the main hormones that carry
responsible for making breast milk. During the time when
prolactin performs its functions to create milk, oxytocin
plays a role in the form of an assistant for going outside.

To have enough milk, and it was
nutritious for the baby, young mom should be healthy
life, eat balanced and not overwork.

Remember the following rule: the more often the baby will
breastfeeding, the more will be produced

Stages of lactation

  1. Certain substances begin to accumulate in the mammary gland.
    in the blood.
  2. Further, they take part in the synthesis of the constituent parts
    breast milk that flows in the secretory cells of the mammary
  3. Synthesized products are formed and accumulated in
    cytoplasm of secretory cells.
  4. And at the final stage, breast milk enters the alveoli
    молочной glands.

All stages of lactation begin in the process of pregnancy, for
except for the final stage. Excretion of breast milk
occurs after childbirth. Its influence on the processes of lactation have
все те же гормоны, выделяющиеся в gestation period.

Lactation process

Physiology лактации

Physiology лактации

Lactation process у всех женщин протекает по-разному. how
As a rule, a small amount of colostrum is released after birth. But
further production of breast milk depends on the amount
hormones, the emotional state of the parturient woman, her nutrition, flow
childbirth and other moments that affect lactation.

In some cases, a sharp surge of milk occurs already on
second day after birth But возможно, что прирост будет
proceed gradually.

Milk can appear much later, only by 5-7 days.
Delayed lactation often occurs in primiparous women. what
makes them think of ways to increase lactation. But, как
It is known that the main responsibility for this process lies

It is very important to feed the newborn properly. It helps
produce breast milk in the required quantity. If a
stop feeding the baby, or apply it to the breast very much
rarely, milk production will decline. But и перекармливать ребенка
not worth it. The remaining milk can be expressed.

In the first month of the baby’s life, not only
количество, но и состав milk The first two weeks of lactation chest
milk is considered preparatory, and only from 10-13 days it can be
call mature.

Mother’s milk is the most important product for the baby, containing everything
necessary nutrients, trace elements and vitamins.
Even the highest quality infant formula is inferior to breast milk.
Lactation is a natural process necessary for harmonious
development of the baby.

Products affecting lactation

There are several methods to normalize the process.
production of breast milk: naturally and at the expense of special
medical drugs. Medication recommended
use only when you cannot reach certain
results in the usual ways (proper nutrition, healthy
lifestyle), and only on the recommendation of a specialist.

It is important that a nursing mother drink plenty of fluids, not
less than 2 liters per day. It is required to balance nutrition and
eliminate harmful products. In the diet of the nurse must

  • lean meats: chicken, veal, rabbit meat;
  • fish: hake, pike perch, carp, pollock, carp;
  • protein products: milk, eggs;
  • nuts;
  • fermented milk products: yogurt, kefir, ryazhenka, cottage cheese,
  • cheese.

Required to exclude from the diet:

  • fatty;
  • roast;
  • spice;
  • preservatives, dyes and additives;
  • carbonated drinks;
  • vegetables, fruits and berries that cause allergic
    reactions: tomato, citrus, strawberry, black currant,

ЧИТАЕМ ТАКЖЕ: что можно и нельзя кушать
nursing mommy

Proper breastfeeding

From birth, you need to learn how to feed the baby.
грудью (читаем большую статью как это делать). With
lack of milk should be fed more often than usual.

The proper feeding process looks like this: during sucking
breasts baby should turn the lower lip out, and the upper, firmly
press nipple to the bottom. The child must fully embrace the whole
nipple. This nipple massage during infants stimulates
lactation. With неправильном прикладывании возможно появление трещин,
that will bring discomfort to mommy. To the healing of such cracks
it will take time at which you will have to temporarily not feed the child
грудью, что может привести к потере milk

Healthy sleep, rest and fresh air will help the nurse receive
положительные эмоции, а это окажет воздействие на lactation.

Nursing mom should give more time to the child: hug
kiss him and talk to him. All these actions are not only
well affect lactation, but also give the opportunity to the baby
Feel calm and protected.

Ways to increase lactation

Withнятие горячих ванн и массаж груди также способствует
increase lactation. Withнимая душ, следует направить струю воды на
chest, while making circular movements with his hand. Withнятие ванн
business is not only useful, but also pleasant.

There is also a popular method – hot tea with condensed milk and
halva. These are miraculous means by which
In minutes you can feel a surge of milk in the breast.

If a все данные способы не дают должного эффекта, тогда стоит
consult a specialist who, after certain examinations
will recommend taking special drugs to enhance


Thanks to active propaganda and information, most
modern moms themselves want to breast feed the baby, because
realize that this is important and beneficial for the child. Sometimes
circumstances are such that, despite the great desire
feed, lactation is extinguished and it needs to be restored. how
restore lactation – 10 main recommendations
— http://razvitie-krohi.ru/kormlenie-grudyu/kak-vosstanovit-laktatsiyu-10-glavnyih-rekomendatsiy.html

Sooner or later it is time to stop
кормить ребенка грудью, и нужно как-то прекратить лактацию milk
And here there are certain difficulties. To wean a child from
Breasts easy (see how to do it simply). But как заставить молоко
leave? Unpleasant “chewing” sensations in swollen breasts, wet from
milk underwear – which women are not familiar with these
sensations? Folk ways to stop lactation and a list
drugs for quick lactation
— http://razvitie-krohi.ru/kormlenie-grudyu/kak-prekratit-laktatsiyu.html

howие препараты повышают лактацию?

Сегодня есть много средств, помогающих увеличить lactation. Most
popular – teas, they contain vitamins, herbs and
minerals. Например, бабушкино лукошко, лактогон, лактавит (вот
тут список наиболее популярных чаев для лактации

Many mummies independently prepare different mixes, which
должны повысить количество грудного milk Don’t do that
recommended. Only after consulting a doctor and
Certain surveys can prepare and take different
decoctions of herbs.

Herbs such as lemon balm, nettle, dill, fennel, popular
среди кормящих мамочек, входят в состав чаев для lactation. They can
to use and separately. Withнимать все настои и отвары трав
recommended in the form of heat, because a warm drink increases
выработку milk

ЧИТАЕМ ТАКЖЕ: how увеличить лактацию грудного
milk at home (folk remedies and

how работает лактация?

how производится грудное молоко? Physiology
lactation. howие гормоны работают при выработке молока? Prolactin,
oxytocin, progesterone and adrenaline – how can we affect
the work of the main lactation hormones?

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