What is insulin resistance? Symptomstreatment and diet


  • Insulin resistance – what it is simple
    in words?
  • Symptoms of insulin resistance
  • Causes of Insulin Resistance
  • Consequences of insulin insensitivity
  • Diagnosis of insulin resistance
  • Insulin Resistance Treatment
  • Is it possible to reduce or reverse the disease?
  • Diet for insulin resistance – nutrition

Insulin occupies an important place in metabolic processes. With
insulin resistance occur abnormalities in metabolic
reactions in response to insulin action. The body continues
synthesize the hormone in the usual amount, but it does not
used in due quantity.

Insulin resistance – what it is simple in words?

Insulin resistance is that the cells
the body can not adequately respond to insulin. As a result,
The patient develops type 2 diabetes. This condition is closely
associated with obesity, but people with normal weight are also in the group

Insulin immunity is diagnosed in every 4
inhabitant of the planet.
For the treatment of such deviations are used
therapeutic techniques that reduce insulin,
that produces the patient. In some cases are made
insulin injections. Suppression of such a state is facilitated by
ketogenic and low carbohydrate diets.

When the body does not take insulin, it tries
independently deal with the problem and begins to produce a hormone
in large quantities.

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Symptoms of insulin resistance

Insulin resistance is not symptomatic, therefore
such a condition is quite difficult to diagnose. Withзнаки
cell resistance to insulin:

  • rapid deposition of fatty tissue in the abdomen;
  • high blood pressure;
  • bloating;
  • fatigue;
  • an increase in the amount of sugar in the blood;
  • frequent feeling of hunger;
  • the presence of protein in the urine.

With помощи простых симптомов и лабораторных исследований
quite difficult to get an accurate diagnosis, since the number
insulin in the blood is constantly changing.

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Causes of Insulin Resistance

Most often, insulin immunity occurs due to
overweight, passive lifestyle and abnormal
a diet rich only in carbohydrates. Factors provoking such
pathological condition:

  • the presence of diabetes in relatives;
  • smoking;
  • sleep problems;
  • elderly age;
  • steroid treatment;
  • hormonal disbalance.

In some women, insulin resistance occurs during
of pregnancy. Такой тип отклонения называется гестационным
. Pathology can occur on the background.
cardiovascular diseases and non-alcoholic fatty lesions
the liver.

With генетической предрасположенности к инсулиновой
resistance occurs carbohydrate metabolism disorders. Such a
the deviation is diagnosed in people, relatives who have not been ill
only diabetes, but also obesity and arterial hypertension.

With ожирении у пациента возникает сбой в взаимодействии между
hormone with receptors and intracellular transport of glucose.

Deviation may occur against the background of the use of large
amounts of refined sugar. In this case, the body begins
more actively produce insulin. Due to this process
cell sensitivity to insulin becomes lower, and the level
blood glucose rises.

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Consequences of insulin insensitivity

Lack of insulin sensitivity can lead to development
a number of diseases. Most often there is atherosclerosis, which
occurs as a result of impaired fibrinolysis. Against the backdrop of such
pathological conditions arise:

  • cardiovascular abnormalities;

  • liver degeneration;
  • abnormal growth;
  • skin diseases;
  • polycystic ovary syndrome.

The development of fatty liver may cause cirrhosis
или рак the liver.


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Diagnosis of insulin resistance

Diagnosis of insulin resistance — довольно сложный комплекс
procedures, as the disease has no obvious symptoms, which
would encourage the patient to seek medical attention.

Most often, such a deviation is diagnosed during the passage
examination by an endocrinologist for suspected diabetes mellitus and

Diagnostic procedures:

  • insulin suppressive test;
  • oral glucose tolerance test;
  • intravenous glucose tolerance test;
  • HOMA-IR index.

The insulin suppressant test consists of
prolonged glucose administration and suppression of the β-cell response and
endogenous glucose production. In this case, the sensitivity to
insulin is determined by the amount of glucose in equilibrium
condition. MI value ≥7.0 indicates presence

The oral glucose tolerance test is carried out as part of
screening. Such a исследование позволяет определить присутствие и
severity of hyperinsulinemia. The essence of the test is to measure
serum glucose level. The procedure is performed on an empty stomach and
after taking carbohydrates.

With помощи внутривенного теста глюкозотолерантности можно
evaluate the insulin secretion phase. Such a обследование дает возможность
reproduce the physiological model of insulin action. The essence of this
diagnosis is the introduction of insulin and glucose by
specific pattern.

Before the calculation of the index HOMA-IR is analyzed
blood insulin and sugar. Insulin
resistance occurs when the index is above

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Insulin Resistance Treatment

After a complete diagnosis and confirmation of the diagnosis
treatment is determined. To increase glucose sensitivity
The following drugs are prescribed:

  • biguanides;
  • Acarbose;
  • thiazolidinedione.

Действие Бигуанидов направлено на уменьшение
glycogenesis rates as well as slowing down glucose production
соединений в the liver. The active substances of these drugs allow
improve insulin secretion, and they also inhibit absorption
sugar in the small intestine.

Акарбоза — одно из самых безопасных лекарственных
средств для устранения такого deviations. This is a reversible blocker.
alpha glucosidase. The effect of the drug is a violation
the process of polysaccharide and oligosaccharide cleavage and
subsequent absorption of such substances into the blood. Medicinal
the tool allows you to significantly reduce the level of insulin.

Active substances that are present in
тиазолидиндионах, позволяют усилить чувствительность к
insulin in fat and muscle fibers. Impact of such
drugs is not only in the fight against resistance, but also in
reducing blood sugar concentrations.

Treatment of insulin resistance is not based on all
rules of healthy eating and maintaining an active lifestyle.
Physical activity allows you to increase muscle mass, which
absorbs most of the glucose. Maintain an active image
life allows you to maintain optimal blood sugar levels,
thereby preventing insulin releases to the blood.

In addition to observation by the endocrinologist, the patient should
consult with a nutritionist who will make the appropriate
diet The diet will be effective only at the initial stage.
deviations, for the treatment of more advanced cases, the doctor prescribes

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Is it possible to reduce or reverse the disease?

There are a number of products and spices that allow you to reduce
insulin resistance. Restore insulin sensitivity
will allow the use of:

  • turmeric;
  • ginger;
  • cinnamon;
  • olive leaf extract;
  • berries;
  • black cumin;
  • spirulina.

Turmeric helps prevent diabetes. Study
proved that such a product would be more effective after
enhance the process of assimilation of glucose than a special medicine.
The use of ginger can significantly reduce the concentration
blood glucose.

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treatment and prevention

Cinnamon is recommended to take 0.5 tsp. in a day. Of this
enough to lower blood sugar concentration. Extract
olive leaf can reduce insulin resistance on
15%. It also activates cell performance.
pancreas that produce insulin.

After consuming the berries, the body needs significantly less
insulin for sugar balance. The most effective are
black chokeberry berries, blueberries, strawberries and lingonberries.
It is also recommended to use cranberries and blackberries.

To reduce the level of insulin resistance you need to use
2 g of black cumin. Spirulina improves sensitivity
to insulin by 225%.

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