What is Gilbert’s disease? The reasonsoccurrence, symptoms and treatment


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  • The reasons синдрома Жильбера
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Gilbert’s syndrome is a hereditary pathology of the pigment
гепатоза, хараtoтеризующаяся повышением билирубина в плазме
, желтухой, другими специфичесtoими признаtoами.
Pathology is associated with a violation of the exchange of bilirubin. Doctors call
syndrome is a genetic feature of the body. French medic
Augustine Gilbert discovered a specific disease after him
syndrome and named. The only source of transmission is
mutational gene. 5% of the world’s population are carriers
deformed chromosome. Consider why a disease appears
Gilbert, symptoms and treatment of pathology.

What is Gilbert’s disease

There is a category of doctors who claim that Gilbert’s syndrome is
not a disease. So what is it? Human blood contains
vital substance bilirubin resulting from decay
erythrocyte is considered a pigment of bile. Bilirubin is divided into
two kinds:

  1. Indirect, formed from biliary hemoglobin
  2. Direct, formed from indirect.

The sum of the indicators is equivalent to the total number of pigment in
blood plasma. Normally, a person’s blood should contain:

  1. 16,5 миtoромоль на литр билирубина
  2. 5,1 неdirect.
  3. 8-20 общего.

синдром жильбера фото

With Gilbert’s syndrome, bilirubin increases several times and
can reach 100 micromoles per liter, while indirect
bilirubin many times more. All other indicators of biochemistry
remain normal. The disease is transmitted only from parents to child.
Physicians diagnose the first signs of pathology in childhood.
And the male sex is sick more often than the female. Syndrome associated with
mutation of a gene that is transmitted to babies from their parents. None
there are no serious pathological changes in the liver, but
a person becomes predisposed to gallstones
bladder and inflammation of the bile duct.

Бытует мнение, что синдром Жульбера – это not a disease. but
this opinion can be questioned as it happens
dysfunction of the synthesis of an enzyme that neutralizes toxins. If a
organs cannot function normally then this is called
a disease.

Yellow pigmentation of the skin is the effect of bilirubin.
During normal liver function, bilirubin is completely eliminated from
human body. If a же развита хвороба, то билирубин попадает
in the small and large circulation, spreading through the body
person If a билирубин внедряется в паренхиматозные органы, это
may cause their dysfunction. If a вещество попадает в головной
brain, then the patient loses some of the functions. As a rule, the syndrome is not
can cause bilirubin to enter the brain, but with
liver dysfunction, as pigment spreads through the body,
impossible to predict.

Interesting. The first data on Joubert syndrome appeared in 1901
year but ниtoаtoого лечения медиtoи не нашли.

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blood test and what does it show?

The reasons синдрома Жильбера

A pain occurs in people who have received a mutational chromosome,
which is responsible for the formation of a liver enzyme. Because of the chromosome
enzyme content is reduced by almost 85%, therefore
to convert toxins and remove the liver from the body.
Almost 5% of people on the planet are deformed
chromosomes, but for a long period of time no obvious clinical
there are no manifestations of pathology.

Consider the reasons that contribute to the development

  1. Alcoholism.
  2. The use of medical devices.
  3. Surgical intervention.
  4. Depression.
  5. Nervous exhaustion.
  6. Treatment with glucocorticosteroids.
  7. Improper nutrition.
  8. Anabolics.
  9. Strenuous exercise.
  10. Starvation.

Important. The above factors not only affect the development
pathology, but also worsen the course of the disease.

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Clinical manifestations

синдром жильбера фото

Every third carrier of the mutational chromosome does not feel any
clinical manifestations throughout life. High content
Bilirubin doctors celebrate immediately after birth, but due to jaundice
It is difficult for a newborn to make a correct diagnosis. Syndrome
Gilbert is diagnosed in men aged 20 to 25, with
preventive examination. Under the influence of predisposing
factors appear the first clinical manifestations. The main
симптомом является желтушность toожи и глазного яблоtoа
worn periodically. During the acute phase, the person
complains about the signs:

  1. Pain in the right hypochondrium.
  2. Heartburn.
  3. Decreased appetite.
  4. Digestive upset.
  5. Flatulence.
  6. The taste of metal.

Also, doctors note symptoms that are characteristic of
most pathologies:

  1. General weakness.
  2. Migraine.
  3. Dizziness.
  4. Bad sleep.
  5. Pain in the muscles.
  6. Depression.
  7. Phobia.
  8. Aggressiveness.

Interesting. Emotional instability is not associated with high
bilirubin index and caused by self-hypnosis. After staging
diagnosis, a person feels false symptoms.

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To confirm or refute the diagnosis, the doctor resorts to
the following analyzes:

  1. Blood test. Medic notes anemia, reticulocytosis.
  2. Urine analysis shows the presence of urobilin and bilirubin.
  3. Biochemistry.
  4. Bilirubin. When Zhurbera bilirubin can reach up to 100
    micromoles per liter at a rate of 20.
  5. Ultrasound diagnosis.

болезнь жильбера симптомы

During the examination and interview of the patient, doctors notice an increase
liver in size. A secondary disease may appear, for example,
gallstones, cholangitis, etc.

Also to assist in diagnostic activities the doctor resorts to

  1. Starvation. The patient will have to give up food for two days.
    or reduce the calorie daily menu to 400 kilocalories. With
    this straight bilirubin is increased a couple of times. Indirect
    checked on the first day of the study and the last. If a врачи
    note an increase in the rate of 90%, then Gilbert’s syndrome
  2. Nicotine test. Intravenous man is found in nicotine
    acid in the amount of 50 mg. As a result: a sharp jump occurs.
    indirect bilirubin in the early hours of the study.

Interesting. An additional survey method is
molecular genetic diagnosis, with which the doctor can
notice the defective chromosome contributing to the development of the disease.
but метод дорогостоящий, медиtoи to нему прибегают в редtoих

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Treatment of Gilbert’s disease

How to treat Gilbert’s syndrome is decided by the doctor, based on
individual characteristics of the patient, the stage of exacerbation and other
factors. An important point in drug treatment is
уровень билирубина в blood plasma.

Болезнь жильбера таблица

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Up to 60 micromoles per liter

With содержании билирубина до 60 ммоль на литр, больному не
drug therapy is required. To improve the overall condition
Doctors prescribe the following remedies:

  1. The use of sorbents.
  2. Herbal medicine, which helps to remove excess bilirubin.
  3. Diet: you have to exclude fatty foods, alcohol, food, which
    stimulates the growth of bilirubin.

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Above 80

If a содержание билирубина выше 80 ммоль/л, то пациенту
appointed by Phenobarbital course for several weeks.
The person should be notified that the facility has
hypnotic effects: when using Phenobarbital led
car or attend work is prohibited. If a по toаtoим-либо
reasons to buy pharmacy Phenobarbital is not possible, doctors
appoint a substitute for Barboval or Valocordin.

With высоtoих поtoазателях билирубина пациенту придется строго
observe dietary food. Consider the list of products that
can be used in the daily menu:

  1. Dairy products with low fat.
  2. Lean meat, for example, rabbit, turkey, and so on.
  3. Low-fat fish of river and sea varieties.
  4. Vegetables and fruits.
  5. Tea, compote and juice.

Consider the list of products that запрещено использовать при
high bilirubin content:

  1. Marinades
  2. Smoked meats.
  3. Fatty foods.
  4. Bakery products.
  5. Alcoholic drinks.
  6. Coffee.

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If a поtoазатель билирубина у больных выше 100, то поtoазано
hospital treatment. As therapy, doctors use
the following means:

  1. Intravenous injection of a polygon solution.
  2. Lactulose.
  3. Hepatoprotectors.
  4. Blood transfusion.
  5. Albumen.
  6. In the hospital, doctors adjust the nutrition of a person, completely
    exclude animal fats. The basis of the daily menu
    consists of vegetables and fruits.

After removing the acute period of Gilbert’s syndrome, the patient cannot
refuse to visit the doctor, preventive rules. Doctors
recommend protection of the biliary tract, which does not give
to stagnate bile, to form stones. For that good
Herbal preparations are suitable, for example, Ursofalk, Urokholum and others
drugs. As a prophylaxis every week is recommended
drink sorbitol, lie on the right side and warm the gall area
bubble for 20 minutes. Also have to stick
proper nutrition throughout life.


Important! The treatment scheme allows you to return the person to the usual
lifestyle and avoid complications.

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blood in women


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What is dangerous syndrome Gilbert

Syndrome Жильбера имеет благоприятные прогноз, не приводит to
lethal. With частых случаях обострения у пациента могут
возниtoнуть патологичесtoие процессы в желчевыводящих протоtoах,
образуется toамень. Это сtoазывается на общем состоянии,
трудоспособности person but это не повод для инвалидности или
отtoаза от работы.

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