What is follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) inwomen? How to decipher the results of analyzes?


  • What is it follicle-stimulating hormone
  • What follitropin is responsible for
  • FSH – norms on age
  • Analysis for FSH
  • Preparation for delivery of the analysis of FSH
  • Evaluation of the results of the FSG
  • Low fsg indicators
  • High rates of fsg
  • How to lower FSH
  • How to boost FSH

One of the main hormones responsible for conception and
pregnancy is follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). Him
the norm in women is necessarily checked in case of infertility.
Deviations from standard indicators indicate serious
changes in the hormonal background of women and require adjustment.

What is it follicle-stimulating hormone

Фолликулостимулирующий гормон — это
gonadotropic hormone that is produced in front
pituitary lobe. Another name for FSH is follitropin. Secretion
follicle-stimulating hormone is episodic, that is, it
produced every 2 hours, it does not feel the woman.
It is possible to track the release process using a blood test.
The content of FSH in the blood varies not only throughout life,
different follitropin values ​​are also recorded on different days
menstrual cycle.

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What follitropin is responsible for

In a woman’s body, the main task of follicle-stimulating
гормона — синтез эстрогенов и стимуляция созревания
. With a low level of FSH in a woman is lost
ability to conceive, genitals stop functioning and
mammary gland. In most cases, cause infertility
it becomes precisely low levels of FSH.

фсг что это такое

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FSH – norms on age

The amount of hormone in girls before puberty is very
маленькое — 0,11-1,6 МЕ/мл. In puberty
the level rises dramatically in order to undergo normal development
sexual sphere.

The maximum value is reached in women of fertile age.
в середине menstrual cycle. At this point, the content of the hormone
составляет от 6 до 21 МЕ/мл. In the period of menopause
concentration of follicle-stimulating hormone in the female body
повышается и составляет 20-100МЕ/мл.

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Analysis for FSH

Blood test for FSH is a mandatory method for diagnosing causes
infertility In addition, the indications for delivery of the analysis are:

  • lack of menstruation;
  • long menstrual cycle;
  • bleeding associated with dysfunction of the uterus;
  • anovulatory cycles;
  • endometriosis;
  • delayed sexual development;
  • chronic inflammation of the female genital organs.

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анализ фсг

Important! Using the analysis, monitor the results.
hormonal treatment.

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Preparation for delivery of the analysis of FSH

Analysis of follicle-stimulating hormone should be taken approximately
on day 7 of the cycle, then its results will be informative.

Before passing the analysis, you must pass the minimum

  • rejection of exercise for 3 days;
  • the exclusion of intimate proximity for the day;
  • waiver of alcohol and smoking for 8 hours.

You should also avoid stressful situations and anxiety.
on the eve of.

Blood sampling is carried out in the morning on an empty stomach 3 hours after
awakening. Blood is taken three times, every half hour, taking into account
pulsed nature of the release of FSH.


The amount of hormone is affected by:

  • pregnancy;
  • hormonal drugs;
  • smoking;
  • menoapause
  • stresses.

All nuances must be reported to the doctor so that he can
correctly evaluate the results.

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Evaluation of the results of the FSG

The level of follicle-stimulating hormone changes over
month depending on the day of the cycle.

The norm of FSH by day for women of childbearing age in IU / ml

Cycle days Norm
1 – 14 3.4 – 12.45
13 – 15 (ovulation) 4.8 – 24
16 – 29 1.8 – 8

Important! For pregnancy, it is important to evaluate indicators
FSH and LH (luteinizing hormone).

Соотношение ФСГ и ЛГ определяется как норма, если индекс
находится в пределах 0,6-2,4
. Less than 0.6 says that
the egg does not mature, strong deviation to the big side
is a symptom of polycystic.

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Low fsg indicators

Usually the cause of a low level is the reception of some
drugs (clomiphene, cimetidine, hormonal contraceptives
tablets) or that the analysis was carried out at the beginning of the cycle. In this case
medication need to be canceled and re-analysis in another
day. Also, the content of FSH will be minimal during pregnancy.

What does a very low concentration mean? This indicates
serious pathologies associated with impaired hypothalamus.
A decrease in FSH is observed in the following diseases:

  • ovarian tumors;
  • anorexia;
  • hemochromatosis (iron metabolism that provokes it
    accumulation of tissues)
  • Sheehan syndrome (pituitary infarction).

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High rates of fsg

Elevated levels of follicle-stimulating hormone are observed in
menopause period. If a woman is in fertile
age, high rates indicate depletion
That is, the ovaries produce little genital
hormones, and the pituitary gland is trying to establish hormonal balance.
Depletion may be provoked by uncontrolled use
hormonal drugs. Very often this happens after
several cycles of artificial stimulation of ovulation (when preparing
for IVF or infertility treatment). анализ фсг

The increase is also associated with the use of radiation therapy, smoking,
renal failure.

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The increase is affected by taking certain medications:

  • Biotin;
  • Statins;
  • Antifungal agents;
  • Medicines for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

A strong deviation of the level of FSH in a big way is observed when
following pathologies:

  • Endometriosis;
  • Ovarian dysfunction (when the follicle matures, but does not occur
    its gap);
  • Type 2 diabetes;
  • Alcoholism;
  • Sherishevsky-Turner Syndrome (chromosomal pathology, which
    expressed in short stature and infantilism).
  • Pituitary Tumors.
  • Поликистозе ovary.
  • Overweight (with a body mass index of more than 24).

In addition, a high concentration is observed in women after
removal of the ovaries, as comes artificial menopause.

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How to lower FSH

To restore hormonal levels lower FSH levels
is an important step. You can adjust it with a diet
giving up fatty and high-calorie meals. Alcohol exclusion
causes the hormone concentration to normal.

If the level of FSH is too high, the doctor prescribes hormonal
drugs to reduce it. The course of treatment, the scheme and choice of funds
depend on the disease, which became the root cause of deviations from the norm.

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