What is diaper dermatitis and how is itto treat

One of the most common and unpleasant problems
in the care of a newborn baby is diaper dermatitis –
это раздражение, покраснение, натирание кожи ребенка
in the groin as a result of contact with urine and feces under
the diaper.

причины пеленочного дерматита

How to identify diaper dermatitis

It manifests itself in the form of redness, irritation in the area,
covered with a diaper (groin, crotch, butt,
buttocks). In advanced cases of redness go into puffiness,
diaper rash may form. Infection gets infected,
may develop a complication – candidal diaper dermatitis. it
the disease will require a specialized longer

Photo (what diaper dermatitis looks like.

The reasons

Why, even with proper care, there is such
unpleasant problem?

  • Incorrect size of the diaper. If diapers are too small
    or the baby is great, then from friction on the delicate skin arises
    irritation, which is manifested by redness;
  • The diaper changes less often than in 4 hours. Under it is created
    high humidity, the skin is in long contact with urine and feces.
    As a result, on the delicate skin of the baby appears strong
  • Dermatitis can also cause allergies.
    определенный вид подгузников или увлажняющие очищающие
    wipes used for baby hygiene.

Как to treat

  • The most important thing is not to start the problem, start treatment on time.
    Change diapers more often, do not save, preferably every 2 –
    4 hours. Do not wait until the diaper is full;
  • Sweep the crumbs thoroughly when changing diapers. Put on
    diaper, well dried ass and groin area. It does not
    wipe and gently blot the affected areas with a towel.
    You can use baby powder (if skin needs to be
    дополнительно подсушить) или крем ( См об использовании
    специальных кремов под подгузник >>>);
  • In the treatment of diaper dermatitis and for its prevention
    make baby air baths. Conduct them whenever possible
    more often, three to four times a day, let the baby’s skin rest from
    diaper, breathe. The duration of the air bath is about 20 minutes,
    the temperature in the room is desirable about +23 degrees;
  • Properly fit the size of the diaper. If you see on the skin
    baby red stripes from the edges of the diaper – urgently change it to
    size larger. Проще сменить памперс, чем to treat появившееся
  • You can use special cream, applying them after bathing
    малыша (Бепантен, Драполен, Дестин, д – Пантенол и

Folk methods

  • Well when bathing add to the water decoctions of herbs of the series,
    pharmaceutical chamomile, they relieve itching and irritation. Boil 5 tbsp.
    l herbs in two liters of boiling water, let the broth brew,
    mix with the water prepared for bathing the baby;
  • If there is no baby powder at home, you can take it in equal
    fractions of starch and streptocide tablets, pre-crushed in
    powder. Such homemade powder well dries and possesses
    antibacterial properties.

All these measures provide quick diaper treatment.


When you need to see a doctor

  • doctor-1

    If irritation did not pass after three days. Doctor will examine
    baby and appoint a special ointment;
  • If all the actions taken do not help, redness is not only not
    passes, but also increases, itching, swelling, baby
    worried, naughty, urgently consult a dermatologist.
    Most likely, candidal candidiasis was added to diaper dermatitis.
    инфекция, а она требует медикаментозного treatment.


Всегда легче предупредить заболевание, чем выto treat.
Therefore, summarize the measures necessary to prevent diaper

  1. Properly choose a diaper, often change it, do not allow
    overflow of feces (How to choose diapers).
  2. We observe hygiene, we wash the ass and the crotch with warm water.
    from front to back, rinsing all the folds. Then ok
    dry the skin. Read more about hygiene here.
  3. We use special means for protection, moistening or
    drying the skin.
  4. If possible, often carry out air procedures, let the skin

Observe these rules is not difficult, but they will help to avoid such
unpleasant problems like diaper dermatitis, and keep tender
Your baby’s skin is healthy.

We also read about skin problems and proper care.

For the prevention and prevention of diaper
дерматита у новорожденных нужно постоянно и хорошо ухаживать
baby’s skin, paying particular attention to the groin area and
buttocks. How to properly care for the skin we
в этой статье.

About other common skin problems (
diaper rash) you can find out here

— http://razvitie-krohi.ru/zdorove-rebenka/chastyie-zabolevaniya-i-problemyi-s-kozhey-u-novorozhdennyih-detey.html


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