What is diabetes insipidus? Symptoms and treatmentamong women


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  • Симптомы несахарного диабета among women
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  • Лечение несахарного диабета among women

Несахарный диабет и его симптомы among women диагностируются
endocrinologist. The disease is rare, although
localized in the endocrine system in men and women, less often – in
children. There are two types: renal and general diabetes. His appearance
provokes several factors.

Causes of diabetes insipidus

Общий (центральный) несахарный диабет among women возникает
due to:

  1. Metastases resulting from malfunction of the bronchi or
    mammary glands;
  2. infections;
  3. postoperative complications;
  4. encephalitis;
  5. traumatic brain injury;
  6. congenital and acquired kidney disease;
  7. tumors developing in the brain;
  8. insufficient development of parts of the brain;
  9. the absence of any cause (observed in idiopathic
    diabetes mellitus);
  10. pregnancy (after childbirth symptoms disappear).

несахарный диабет причины

This subtype of the disease is associated with the accumulation of antidiuretic
hormone in the brain near the hypothalamus or pituitary gland. Him
antibodies prevent the release and normal functioning,
blocking action of the hormone.

The causes of renal diabetes insipidus are:

  1. Renal failure, manifested periodically;
  2. anemia (sickle cell form);
  3. low levels of calcium or high levels of potassium in the blood;
  4. drugs that are toxic to the kidneys;
  5. polycystic or renal amyloidosis;
  6. diseases that affect urinary canals
  7. genetic mutations in receptors responsible for
    sensitivity to vasopressin.

Ailment results from inadequate synthesis
vasopressin – a hormone secreted by the endocrine gland, which
responsible for the reabsorption of water in the tubules of the kidneys. Due to violation
of this process, fluid is strongly excreted from the body, and the woman
constantly thirsty. Renal cells lose sensitivity to
this hormone.

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Симптомы несахарного диабета among women

Основные признаки — частые позывы к мочеиспусканию и
сильная жажда
. A day in the woman’s body is produced
about 10, and in severe cases – about 30 liters of urine. Highlight color
transparent; in the urine there are almost imperceptible precipitations of salts and
particles; there are no impurities that indicate pathology
(red blood cells or white blood cells).

Diabetes is characterized by a sharp course.


Among the other main symptoms, physicians distinguish the following:

  1. Headaches;
  2. significant weight loss due to dehydration;
  3. lowering blood pressure;
  4. diarrhea and vomiting;
  5. sweating;
  6. rapid salivation;
  7. ptosis of the stomach.

Nausea and pain in the head make it known about the late stage of non-sugar
диабета among women.

The most pronounced symptom is constant
urination, including – at night. The patient loses the opportunity
sleep fully, causing her to get nervous
exhaustion (neurosis and depression). If you reduce water consumption to
zero, the amount of excreted urine will be the same, and the body will begin

There is a method based on this phenomenon and allowing
to verify the presence of this pathology. The patient for from
8 to 12 hours do not give any liquid, and with food also. If urine
continues to stand out as intensely as diagnosed

Pathological thirst negatively affects the entire body: organs
the kidneys and the excretory system increase, the stomach stretches,
resulting in problems in digestion and constipation;
gradually a person feels a lack of blood flow due to
blood clots. This leads to dehydration and related
dizziness, rapid pulse, weakness and the possibility
development collapse.

The article in the topic: “Diabetes is a killer disease, almost 2 million
deaths every year! “Interview with a doctor

Permanent lack of fluid in the blood leads to flabbiness.
skin, its dryness, small amount of saliva and lack of
sweating. In women, the menstrual cycle is disturbed, periodically
nausea appears, then vomiting.

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Diagnostic measures

Диагностика несахарного диабета among women основана на:

  1. Zimnitsky analysis;
  2. physical examination;
  3. electrocardiography;
  4. clinical analysis of urine;
  5. Ultrasound of the kidneys and bladder;
  6. magnetic resonance imaging;
  7. blood pressure measurement;
  8. general blood test.

The first survey is a polyurea test, which allows
analyze its density and specific gravity. Renal form
disease requires a visit to the urologist, and the involvement in the process of sexual
organs and menstruation impairment
examination of the gynecologist. The pituitary and hypothalamus are examined by
MRI of the brain. Additionally apply special
methods. It is better to do the examination in the early stages of the pathology,
to prevent deformation of the organs of the urogenital and digestive

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