What is DHEA-C hormone? Analyzes and normalvalues ​​in women


  • What is the hormone DHEA? What is his role in
  • Dehydroepiandrosterone Functions
  • Disruption of DHEA production
  • Normal values ​​of DHEA in women (table)
  • When is the analysis for DHEA prescribed?
  • DHEA enhanced: interpretation of results. What is it
  • What does low levels of DHEA indicate?
  • Terms of testing for the determination of DHEA
    of women
  • Treatment of DHEA deficiency in the female body
  • Risks when using a drug based on DHEA
  • Video
  • Preventive measures

ДГЭА-с гормон: что это такое у of women? Dehydroepiandrosterone
(abbreviated as DHEA) is a hormone on which women’s health depends and
beauty, although it is present in the male body. His production
влияет на настроение of womenы, внешний вид, половое влечение. With
переизбытке или дефиците гормона состояние of womenы претерпевает
pathological changes. To identify the nature of violations
It is necessary to undergo a comprehensive examination, which includes collecting
venous blood for the determination of hormones.

What is the hormone DHEA? What is his role in body?

This active substance is produced by two organs:

  • Adrenal glands (more than 90%).
  • Ovaries (about 5%).

The hormone belongs to androgens, that is, to those substances
which are responsible for the appearance of secondary sexual characteristics in men.
Due to the imbalance of DHEA, male sexual characteristics may also appear
у of women.

избыток дгэа

Normally, the amount of hormone gradually increases to
puberty period. The maximum level of DHEA reaches to 30
years, and with age it produces less and less. On
Based on DHEA, the endocrine system produces 27 other important
hormones. Getting into the bloodstream, it is converted to:

  • Progesterone.
  • Testosterone.
  • Estrogen.

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Dehydroepiandrosterone Functions

  • Controls libido.
  • Withостанавливает процессы старения.
  • Responsible for muscle growth (in men).


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Disruption of DHEA production

If there is a malfunction of the adrenal glands for various reasons
(tumor), and the performance of DHEA increased, such
изменения у of women рано или поздно приводят к:

  1. Impossibility to have offspring.
  2. Premature birth.
  3. Rapid aging.
  4. Male hair growth.

Insufficient hormone inhibits sex
development of adolescents.
This situation is typical of the disease.
Addison when the adrenal glands do not fully perform their

Any pathological changes in the body should cause
patient alertness. Any questions need to be addressed.
to the endocrinologist or gynecologist.

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Normal values ​​of DHEA in women (table)

The hormone rates are different for each sex and age. So in
The table below shows the amount of hormone in the bloodstream,
characteristic of healthy patients:

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Patient age (years) Количество гормона у of women (мкг/дл) Male hormone count (µg / dl)
10-15 33.9 – 280 24.4-247
15-20 65.1- 368 70.2-492
20-25 148 – 407 211-492
25-35 98.8-340 160-449
35-45 60,9-337 88.9-427
45-55 35.4-256 44,3-331
55-65 18.9-205 51.7-225
65-75 9.4-246 3.6-249
More than 75 75 – 154 16.2-123

Children also have their indicators of the norms of this hormone,
the amount of which depends on their age.

Age of child Amount of hormone (µg / dl)
Up to 1 week 108-607
From week to month 31.6–431
From 1 month to year 3.4-124
From year to 5 years 0.47-19.4
From 5 years old to 10 years old 2.8-85.2

Уровень гормона у of women «в положении» меняется в зависимости от

  • In the 1st trimester there are 3.12 nmol / l.
  • In the 3rd trimester – 3.6 nmol / l.

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When is the analysis for DHEA prescribed?

Withчины, по которым врачи выдают направление на анализ
DHEA, the following:

  • Early maturation in girls (7-8 years).
  • Suspected tumors in the adrenal glands and others
  • Regular miscarriages, premature labor.
  • Causeless alopecia or increased hairiness
    of women.
  • The lack of sexual desire, despite the young age.
  • Бесплодие у of women детородного возраста.

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DHEA enhanced: interpretation of results. What is it mean

анализ дгэа

One of the possible results of the analysis is an increased number of
DHEA. The hormone can be increased due to:

  • Forced hunger.
  • Intense physical exertion.
  • Increased emotional load.
  • Long smoking.
  • Withема некоторых лекарственных средств («Кломифена»,

On повышение вещества влияют такие

  1. Adrenogenital syndrome. Lack of enzymes thanks to
    which converts DHEA and other androgens to
    adrenal glands, leads to an excessive release of hormones in
  2. Cushing’s disease. With ней выделяется большое количество
  3. Hypothalamic-pituitary syndrome. A brain tumor
    stimulates the activity of the adrenal glands, and hence the release
  4. Tumors. They provoke early puberty and
    promote excessive hormone production by the adrenal glands.
  5. Cancer of the pancreas, ovary, lung. Malignant
    Education leads to hyperfunction of the adrenal glands.

Besides these diseases, increased production of substances
observed in patients during menstruation. So the organism
protects against osteoporosis. Premature babies level
hormone is also elevated.

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What does low levels of DHEA indicate?

Low hormone during pregnancy, great physical exertion, and
also with overweight. On снижение уровня вещества влияют
prolonged depression. A deficiency of DHEA is observed at
использовании противозачаточных препаратов
, основой
which are hormones or dexamezatone.

What pathological processes lead to a decrease in DHEA? In that
The list includes:

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Normal values ​​in the body (table)

  1. Addison’s disease, which is rapidly progressing.
  2. Osteoporosis.
  3. Polycystic ovary.
  4. Tumor formations of the pituitary gland, hypothalamus.

The production of DHEA decreases in people who abuse
alcoholic beverages.

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Terms of testing for the determination of DHEA of women

To donate blood for DHEA, a person does not need special preparation.
Before analysis, you only need to stick to a small arch
rules so that the results are reliable.

Since blood is taken from a vein for analysis, doctors recommend
Do not eat before a session. Allowed to drink
half a cup of water without gas.

Be sure to tell your doctor about the groups of drugs that you
are taking. Before research it is necessary to refrain from

  • �”Dexamethasone”.
  • �”Hydrocortisone.”
  • �”Diprospana”.
  • Oral contraceptives.

It is also important for a physician to know the date of menopause or the duration of pregnancy.
если пациент – of womenа. On какой день цикла можно проводить анализ?
It is recommended to conduct a study on the 5-7 day (the end of the 1st week
menstrual cycle).

Когда сдавать биологический материал лучше
To carry out the analysis is better in the morning,
despite the fact that the amount of DHEA does not change throughout

Some important points to watch out for
everyone who donates blood for DHEA:

  1. Onкануне сдачи (вечером) не рекомендуется переедать. Under
    prohibition should be fatty and fried foods. From alcohol
    refuse a day before the intended study.
  2. A couple of days before delivery, the patient must refrain from intimate
    connections. It is also necessary to abstain from intensified playing sports.
  3. 40-60 minutes before the procedure can not be smoked.

You can donate blood from a vein in the same laboratory through
2-3 weeks after the first procedure. This will get more
reliable results.

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Treatment of DHEA deficiency in the female body

Лечение of women, у которых наблюдается резкое снижение уровня
ДГЭА, проводится при помощи искусственно полученных hormones.
DHEA sulfate is an auxiliary hormone produced in
. is he помогает of womenам улучшить
well-being, prolong youth, regain sexual desire, and
also increases the likelihood of motherhood when hope is not at all
left. DHEA-c only partially affects the genital area. is he
interacts with testosterone, which activates the libido.

дгэа таблетки

Due to the action of DHEA-s in people of mature age:

  1. Restores the activity of the central nervous system.
  2. Improves memory and attention.
  3. The psycho-emotional sphere is normalized.

For hormonal medicine noticed another positive
property. is heо способно разрушать жиры,
formed due to inaccuracies in the diet. However, assume that
substance – a panacea for obesity is not worth it.

ДГЭА назначается of womenам, которые:

  • Experiencing chronic fatigue.
  • Have a reduced immunity after surgery.
  • Onходятся «на сносях».

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У онкобольных of women гормон применяется редко. but
a few cases of its use in cancer show that
tumor growth and growth slows noticeably.

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Risks when using a drug based on DHEA

With правильно применении, то есть в назначенных врачом дозах, от
DHEA-c can only expect a positive result. So his reception
гормона у of womenы:

  1. Improves the condition of her skin, making it smooth and delicate.
  2. Increases the duration of the menstrual cycle.
  3. Strengthens bone structures.
  4. Returns healthy hair and nails.

At the same time, self-medication with steroid hormones may worsen
the health of the patient. The use of synthetic substances in
большом количестве приводит к тому, что у of womenы:

  1. Onблюдается рост волос по мужскому типу (на груди, спине,
  2. Musculature is strengthened.
  3. The voice is rough.
  4. Breast cancer develops.

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