What is dangerous late pregnancy

Modern women are increasingly postponing pregnancy
�”for later”. They want, like men, to first build a career,
achieve financial stability, develop in the intellectual and
socially. What can be dangerous pregnancy in a mature

поздняя беременность

According to statistics, every year the number of women who become
mothers after 30 years, is rapidly increasing. From the position
modern medicine, the optimal age for the birth of a child –
it is still a period from 20 to 30 years. This statement has quite
logical rationale: in youth, the female body is stronger,
strong and hardy.

After the age of 30, most women find it harder
get pregnant and in some cases even have to resort to
artificial insemination.
The fact is that the number
ovules over the years decreases: from the original 2 million
only 35,000 remains. Of course, this significantly reduces the chance of becoming
mother in a natural way. Save late pregnancy too
not easy, because the uterus of a mature woman is already less elastic,
Because of this, the egg cell is much more difficult to attach to its mucous membrane.
This creates risks of miscarriage or the development of chromosomal abnormalities.
baby Another danger of late pregnancy is high
probability of cesarean section.


Many bad habits and illnesses by the age of 30 become
chronic, which also does not help get pregnant and normal
выносить baby New mothers most often have problems with
the kidneys and lungs, the endocrine system, the heart and the vessels. These
diseases are aggravated by a hormonal surge and sharply
increasing load on the entire body. Threatened not
only the health of the woman and her unborn child, but the process itself

In addition, 1 out of 700 children are identified at birth.
Down syndrome The older the mother, the higher the risk.

In late pregnancy, early toxicosis appears in the first.
trimester. Although it proceeds harder, but this is not critical. But in
Mature pregnant women face sugar (gestational)
diabetes, preeclampsia, pathology of the placenta – such serious
pathologies greatly darken the happy time of pregnancy. Each of
These ills create the risk of miscarriage during late pregnancy.
The greatest danger to the unborn child is genetic
deviations, oxygen deprivation and the possibility of a delay in

Risks of late pregnancy

  • Spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) due to age
    changes in the female body. Eggs are also aged,
    resulting in the conception of a fetus with genetic
    violations that are incompatible with life. If women have
    30 years, spontaneous abortions occur in 10% of cases, then with
    pregnancy at the age of 39, this risk is already 17%, and
    after 45 years old – 33%;
  • Pathology of the placenta – its chronic insufficiency, detachment,
    premature aging, presentation. Such violations threaten
    premature birth, hypoxia (lack of oxygen) during childbirth and
    underweight baby;
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases during pregnancy in a mature
    age require more careful observation from specialists narrow
    profile. So, if the expectant mother has hypertension, it can lead to
    a preeclampsia and preeclampsia in the fetus, and sometimes even serious malfunctions
    in the work of the central nervous system;
  • Possible chromosomal abnormalities in the fetus are caused by
    age-related aging of germ cells, prolonged exposure
    toxic substances and pathogenic factors, as well as a number of
    unexplored reasons;
  • Increased blood sugar levels and the emergence of diabetes during pregnancy
    in women after 40 years is found three times more often than in
    30 year olds;
  • With IVF, multiple pregnancies often occur. Besides
    Moreover, the age of 35-39 years is considered the most prosperous to conceive.
    twins. To make a multiple pregnancy in principle
    more difficult, and chronic diseases and general aging increase
    risk of preterm delivery;
  • A caesarean section with a lactating woman is more common. it
    associated with a decrease in tissue elasticity and some other
    age factors. According to statistics, 40% of women who for the first time
    become mothers at the age of 35-40 years old, undergo a cesarean section, and
    after 40 years, the probability of this procedure is already 47%.

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