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Update: October 2018

Bacteriophages are viruses that selectively affect
bacterial cells. Their livelihoods and reproduction are possible.
only inside the bacterial cells. Breeding inside the cage, they
cause the destruction and death of the bacteria itself.

Modern medicine views them as effective,
safe and perfect tool in the fight against dangerous, difficult
susceptible to the treatment of bacterial infections. But the treatment
bacteriophages in many people causes mistrust and fear.

Features of the structure and parasitization of bacteriophages

Bacteriophages represent a large and diverse group.
viruses. Their size is one hundred times smaller than the size of bacterial cells.
With a multiple increase in the structure of phages strikes its
diversity, some of them are like crystalline
complexes, fancifully twisted among themselves.

Being intracellular viral parasites, they are selectively
уничтожают определенные bacterial cells. They are devoid of cellular
structures and consist only of genetic material covered
outer protein shell. This forces them to look for suitable ones.
cell complexes to actively proliferate within them.

Bacteriophage habitat

Bacteriophages are present wherever bacteria live, therefore
their habitat is diverse. It could be the human body,
air and water, soil, food, clothing and

Mechanism of action

Bacteriophage is introduced into a bacterial cell with only one purpose.
– use its cellular structures for its own reproduction.
To do this, the smart virus injects its own body into the bacteria
genetic information. The bacterium starts on the established
phage program to synthesize uncharacteristic particles for it, from
which later carried out the assembly of new bacteriophages. From
bacterial cells are left alone fragments, through which leaves
100-200 synthesized phages capable of further damage
neighboring bacterial cells.


In the natural environment, bacteriophages play a crucial role.
natural regulators of the number of pathogenic microbes.

Bacteriophage applications

In addition to the medical industry, they have been applied in other
important directions.

  • В сельском хозяйстве –  успешно применяются для
    prevent and treat plants and animals against bacterial
  • In genetic engineering, these small viral structures
    used for the natural exchange of genes between different
    bacteria that allows you to change the original structure
    bacterial DNA in the right direction.

Bacteriophage treatment

It is an effective alternative to antibiotics.

Bacteriophages are grown as follows. On nutrient medium,
seeded with a culture of sensitive bacteria, cause
bacteriophage containing material. In the place where they went,
a zone of destroyed bacteria is formed as an empty spot. With
bacteriological needle aid this material is taken and
transferred to a suspension containing a young bacterial culture.
This manipulation is performed 5-10 times, so that the grown culture
bacteriophage was clean.

Preparations based on bacteriophages are produced in the form of aerosols,
candles, tablets, solutions and other dosage forms. In the title
these drugs are used by that group of bacteria, against
which they sent. The most known bacteriophages:
pseudomonadal, staphylococcal, potash, streptococcal and
dysenteric phages.

The production of bacteriophages in the near future will be the most
promising branch of pharmacology.

Advantages of bacteriophages over antibiotics:

  • Do not depress human immunity;
  • Combined with absolutely all drugs, even
    with antibiotics, enhancing their action;
  • Not addictive;
  • Do not lead to the development of bacterial culture resistance to
  • Help in the treatment of low-intensity bacterial infections
    insensitive to antibiotics;
  • Act selectively, without destroying the beneficial bacterial
  • They have no contraindications to treatment.

They are used in the treatment of various bacterial infections.
of nature. Since phage multiplication occurs exclusively in
bacteria, they do no harm to health. Bacteriophages
act selectively, affecting bacteria of a particular group.
The most widely used is staphylococcal bacteriophage,
effective in the treatment of chronic staphylococcal infections and

List of bacteriophage preparations

  • Salmonella for oral administration 100ml – 650-800 rubles
  • If bacteriophage 20ml. four things. four00-800 rub, coliprotein for
    ingestion 100ml – 650-800 rubles.
  • Streptococcal for ingestion, local and external
    application of 20 ml. four things. – 750-800 rubles.
  • Klebsielle polyvalent for oral administration of 20 ml. four pieces – 750-800
  • Klebsifag (Klebsell pneumonia) 20ml. four things. 500 rub.
  • Dysenteric polyvalent 80mg. 500 tab. 3four00 rubles, 20 ml. four
    шт -four00 rub.
  • Protein bacteriophage 20ml. four things. 500-600 rub.
  • Pseudomonas bacteriophage / pseudomonas 100ml and 20 ml. fourшт. –
    650-700 rub.

Complex bacteriophages:

  • INTESTY complex bacteriophage 20ml. four things. и 100ml for reception
    внутрь – 800 rub.
  • Pyobacteriophage 100 ml. – 800 rub.
  • Pyobacteriophage polyvalent purified 20ml. four things. – 800
  • Секстафаг Пиобактериофаг поливалентный  20мл. four things. – 750

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