What is anti TPO? What to do when elevatedantibodies to thyroperoxidase?


  • What does the indicator anti tpo?
  • The standards of the content of AT TPO in the blood (table)
  • Causes of increased anti TPO
  • Symptoms and causes of autoimmune
  • Principles of treatment of autoimmune diseases
  • Indications for the analysis of Anti TPO
  • How dangerous increase in AT TPO during pregnancy and after

Often, the results of blood tests are baffled,
for example, anti TPO is elevated – what does it mean, how dangerous is it for
health, and whether to treat this condition? Boost
quantitative measure of AT TPO indicates the presence of autoimmune
diseases щитовидной железы.

What does the indicator anti tpo?

The thyroid gland (thyroid gland) is the largest organ of the endocrine system
produces thyroid hormones thyroxine T4 and triiodothyronine T3,
that ensure the work of all body systems, especially
nervous and cardiovascular regulating metabolic activity
at the cellular level. The functioning of T3 and T4 and their penetration into
blood flow provides iodine entering the intestine from the outside (with food and

щитовидная железа

In a complex biochemical process, from the moment of ingress of iodine to
synthesis of T3 and T4, are directly involved thyroid
antigens – thyroglobulin and thyroid peroxidase (TPO). So
way to ensure the normal functioning of the thyroid gland
requires optimal intake of iodine.

If there are autoantibodies to thyroid in human blood
antigens (microsomal fraction), then the regulation of thyroid function
the gland is broken. The fact is that autoantibodies can have
additional stimulating effect on the thyroid gland, contributing to an increase in
concentration of thyroid hormones, which provokes the development
toxic goiter. Or, on the contrary, disrupt the oxidation of iodine
to “active”, which leads to its low content in
thyroglobulin, a decrease in T4 and, as a consequence, the development
autoimmune thyroiditis or Hashimoto disease.

Anti tpo – autoantibodies to thyrocyte peroxidase, used
in clinical diagnostic practice as a marker of autoimmune
thyroid diseases.

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The standards of the content of AT TPO in the blood (table)

Zero values ​​in the blood test for antibodies to
thyroperoxidase is normal. Table of values ​​of AT TPO.


The content (IU / ml) Decoding analysis
Not determined Absolute rate
0-18 Indicates the carriage of Anti TPO, but does not imply
развитие эндокринных diseases.
18 – 35 Subclinical hypothyroidism, nodular goiter possible, necessary
determination of the concentration of TSH and T4
>35 Signs of autoimmune diseases are needed
additional examinations of the thyroid gland with the determination of the level of TSH, T3 and

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Causes of increased anti TPO

The carrier of autoantibodies to thyroperoxidase is genetically
caused defect. Detection of thyroid antibodies in the blood
agents do not always mean that a person has an autoimmune
thyroid disease, however, this indicator is a risk factor for their
development. Thyroid pathology is only considered
AT exceeding TPO acceptable values.

Conditions associated with an increase in antithyroperoxidase:

  • chronic autoimmune thyroiditis;
  • postpartum thyroiditis;
  • Basedow’s disease.

Для более точной диагностики аутоиммунных diseases необходимо
additional research: ultrasound of the thyroid gland,
определение уровня гормонов ТТГ, Т3 и T4.

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Symptoms and causes of autoimmune diseases

Disease Etiology Symptoms Who is sick more often
Chronic autoimmune thyroiditis Pathological response of the own immune system leading to
aggression against thyroid cells
In the early stages are not defined. With the development of hypothyroidism:
drowsiness, apathy, decreased mental ability, deterioration
memory, lower heart rate, edema, in women, menstrual disorders
Men and women aged 30 years
Postpartum thyroiditis Excessive immunity after delivery due to
pregnancy. The use of long doses of interferon during
of pregnancy
Starts with signs of thyrotoxicosis: weight loss,
fatigue, general weakness. 6 months after delivery
hypothyroidism develops. The thyroid gland is not enlarged.
Women after childbirth with an AT TPO carriage in the blood. Develops
in 50% of cases
Goose goiter (diffuse toxic) Hyperfunction of thyroid hormones, due to the presence
autoantibodies to thyroid agents.
Eyelid, goiter, tachycardia, weight loss, irritability,
emotional disorders, weakness and reduced muscle volume
extremities, obvious thyroid disorders
Women suffer 10 times more often, the onset of the disease falls on
age between 20 and 50 years

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Principles of treatment of autoimmune diseases

Therapeutic tactics are determined by the physician after correct
diagnosis, including the decoding of tests for
determination of thyroid hormone levels, instrumental and
physical examination of the thyroid gland, patient complaints. Diseases
autoimmune nature have certain diagnostic

  1. Chronic thyroiditis – elevated levels of AT TPO,
    destructive changes of the thyroid gland.
  2. Базедова болезнь – увеличение объема щитовидки, повышенные T4 и
    T3, increased antibodies to Anti TPO and the TSH receptor. TTG itself
  3. Postpartum thyroiditis – завышены аутоантитела к ТПО, нарушение
    thyroid function.

Статья в тему:Symptoms воспаления щитовидной железы женщин.
The main methods of treatment

Treatment for autoimmune thyroiditis is usually conservative,
aimed at eliminating hypothyroidism and preventing it
development. For this purpose, a course of 2.5 – 3 months is assigned
hormone therapy. Surgical intervention is shown in the case of
continued growth of goiter.

базедова болезнь

Under Graduation is almost always indicated.
Drug therapy is
preparing for surgery and consists in taking hormonal
drugs with antithyroid activity.

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Indications for the analysis of Anti TPO

The definition of Anti-TPO is not included in the list of mandatory
diagnostic examinations at medical examination, the decision that
when to take the analysis takes a doctor-endocrinologist if you suspect
pathologies of the thyroid gland in a patient.анализ анти тпо

Primary autoimmune thyroiditis is diagnosed in patients with
the development of hypothyroidism with its characteristic symptoms. In the early
stages complain of decreased concentration,
weakness, apathy, impaired memory. As it progresses
болезни появляется более информативные signs:

  • abnormal weight loss;
  • swelling of the face and lower limbs;
  • cold intolerance;
  • hair thinning, brittle nails;
  • нарушение менструального cycle у женщин или отсутствие
  • infertility;
  • cholelithiasis.

With prolonged hypothyroidism, the patient’s face acquires a characteristic
for the disease appearance (myxedematous) – swelling, weakness
facial expressions, estranged look, yellowish skin. With
diagnostic study in the blood analysis of these patients
high autoantibodies to TPO are determined.

The clinical picture of toxic goiter has more pronounced

  • goiter;
  • tachycardia;
  • strong weight loss with a healthy appetite;
  • bug eye;
  • emotional disorders: tearfulness,
  • heart failure;
  • weakness of the muscles of the limbs.

The first pronounced symptoms of the disease Basezov (Graves) appear
a few months before the diagnosis is heart
eye failure and changes.

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