What is amenorrhea in women? What are the symptoms andtreatment methods exist?


  • What is amonereya?
  • Do I need to treat amenorrhea?
  • The main causes of secondary amenorrhea
  • Diagnosis of Amonarea
  • Treatment of Amonarea
  • ATидео
  • Amenorrhea Prevention

Amenorrhea – what is it in women and for what reason?
AT каких случаях необходимо обязательно проконсультироваться с
your doctor? Can amenorrhea somehow affect
child-bearing function in the future or affect the course

What is amonereya?

Итак, аменореей в медицинской терминологии
называется отсутствие менструальных кровотечений в течение
several cycles.
This is not a disease, but a conditional symptom,
which in some cases is the norm, in others – a sign
female reproductive disorders.

There are several types of it:

  • true (when there are no cyclic changes in the ovaries, and
    также снижен синтез женских половых hormones);
  • false (when the ovaries function normally, hormone levels
    also normal, but no bleeding occurs);
  • postpartum (is the norm associated with the restoration
    reproductive function after pregnancy);
  • pathological.

Что такое амонерея

In this case, amenorrhea is usually indicated in the absence of menstruation.
over 3 months. A pathological, in turn, is divided

  • primary;
  • secondary;
  • etiotropic.

Первичная – это когда менструальные
no bleeding at the age of 14, or up to 16 at
the presence of the remaining secondary signs of female puberty
organism. ATторичная – это когда менструации
absent, but in the previous cycles they came normally and
timely. Etiotropic occurs on the background of hormonal failure
(after all, the flow of the entire menstrual cycle is regulated
sex hormones).

Divide amenorrhea even on the degree:

  • Grade 1 – no bleeding in the period up to a year;
  • Grade 2 – no bleeding in the period from 1 to 3
    years old;
  • Grade 3 – no bleeding over 3 years.

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Do I need to treat amenorrhea?

Treatment of amenorrhea is carried out only in the case when
classified as a pathology and disturbance in the reproductive
системы женского organism. For example, in the case of postpartum
amenorrhea will not require any therapy. This is a female feature
reproductive system – after the birth of a child their body
�”Restores” its usual functionality within 3-24
months. It is also associated with lactation (breastfeeding),
in which the level of hormones is different from that of
нормального menstrual cycle.

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Также существует понятие физиологической amenorrhea. it
lack of menstruation before puberty or after the onset
menopause (after 45 years). Naturally, the treatment of such amenorrhea is not
subject to, as it is not a violation of the reproductive
system. It should be borne in mind that puberty and
Menopause – purely individual parameters of physiology. Each
women of these periods come at different ages, and 14 and 45 years –
this is the average value.

But if menstruation does not occur after puberty,
and earlier they proceeded normally, this is a malfunction
reproductive function. AT таком случае врачебная
consultation is required.
In girls under 16 years of menstruation
также может не быть из-за ложной amenorrhea. it когда яичники
function normally, hormonal background is also stable, but
bleeding does not occur due to pathology in the structure itself
репродуктивной system.

Most often – it is a violation of the physiology of the structure of organs
reproductive system due to which menstrual blood
accumulates, but does not go outside. AT большинстве случаев такой
�The “defect” is already removed surgically.

лечение амонереи


It is worth mentioning separately amenorrhea, which occurs after
menarche – the first menstrual bleeding in girls aged
12 – 14 years (when puberty occurs). Delay
the subsequent menstrual cycle in this case may take from 2
up to 12 months and this is the norm. Why it happens? ATплоть
under 16-18, puberty is still active
stage, and with it the usual hormonal background
женского organism. Failures of the menstrual cycle is the norm for this

So how to treat amenorrhea? When it occurs, you should
rather seek advice from a gynecologist and, if necessary,
undergo ultrasound (ultrasound, in this case – organs
small pelvis). You will also need to donate blood for tests (for
determine the level of sex hormones).

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The main causes of secondary amenorrhea

AT большинстве случаев вторичная аменорея развивается на

  • tuberculosis and other infectious diseases affecting
    reproductive organs;
  • performed operations to remove the uterus, ovaries;
  • forced abortion;
  • chemical poisoning (followed by exhaustion
  • radiation exposure (affecting ovaries);
  • psychogenic factor.

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вторичная амонерея

Doctors also point out that in many cases false
pregnancy also occurs amenorrhea. Moreover, it is due
psychogenic factor. Experienced stress complex effect on the work
endocrine system, including the production of sex hormones. AT
In this case, we are talking about the so-called “hypothalamic” secondary

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Diagnosis of Amonarea

Since the causes of amenorrhea can be many, when applying for
using a gynecologist to conduct a comprehensive examination,

  • examination on the gynecological chair;
  • compilation of a physiological map (weight, height, as is often
    provoke the termination of the cycle may obesity);
  • Ultrasound of the pelvic organs and urinary system;
  • blood test (to determine the concentration of genital
  • screening for polycystic;
  • free blood count
    testosterone (it is an estrogen inhibitor and

If necessary, the woman will also be referred for consultation.
oncologist and virologist (if there are cysts or papillomas on organs
reproductive system).

Only after a comprehensive diagnosis, the doctor will be able to make a general
clinical picture of the patient and, if necessary, assign

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Treatment of Amonarea

The main treatment options prescribed for the detection of amenorrhea,

  1. Hormone replacement therapy. Held for
    normalization of hormonal background and stimulation of the normal course
    menstrual cycle.
  2. Surgical intervention. It is prescribed for false amenorrhea,
    that is, when the cycle passes normally, but the blood does not come out due to
    any anatomical barrier.
  3. Normalization of metabolic metabolism. Necessary when identifying
    obesity or lack of muscle development. AT большинстве
    Inclusion includes physical therapy and normalization.
    dietary intake (the nutritionist and
  4. Psychological help. Accordingly, it will be required if
    menstrual dysfunction caused by stress.

Treatment of primary amenorrhea caused by menopause
or age before puberty is not carried out, as this is
feature of the female body.

Also, if at the time of problems with menstruation
the woman was on a diet, then it must be canceled and completely
restore normal food balance. Lack of vitamins and
micronutrients too often cause
нарушения menstrual cycle.

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