What is a thyroid cyst? Symptoms andtreatment


  • What is a thyroid cyst?
  • Causes of cyst
  • Symptoms
  • Diagnosis of thyroid cyst
  • Is thyroid cyst dangerous?
  • Thyroid Cyst Treatment
  • Treatment of folk remedies
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  • Prognosis and prevention

Quite a rare disease – a cyst of the thyroid gland. What is it
is and how to treat? Among the various diseases of the thyroid gland
cyst is about 5%.

TOиста — это доброкачественное образование,
which tends to grow and degenerate into

What is a thyroid cyst?

Thyroid cyst is most often benign
tumor filled with fluid. Usually found in women. By
the number of nodules is single and multiple.

Что такое киста щитовидной железы

By характеру образования выделяются:

  • Colloid cyst, referred to as non-toxic goiter.
  • Follicular cyst, or adenoma.
  • Cystadenoma. There is a small amount inside
  • Adenocarcinoma. This is a malignant formation. Is encountered
    very rarely.

By месту, на котором образовалась киста щитовидной железы, она
may be:

  • Cyst of the left lobe.
  • Cyst of the right lobe.
  • Isthmus cyst.

The most common cyst lobes of the thyroid gland.

In their development, cystic formations undergo several

  • Cyst formation. At this stage, the pathology itself is not
  • Cyst growth. A large amount of fluid accumulates in the tumor,
    cyst grows and becomes visible to the naked eye.
    Byявляются характерные признаки cysts.
  • Cyst resorption Human immunity begins to increase.
    struggle so that it resolved. The tumor regresses and
    healed, leaving no consequences.

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Causes of cyst

Having heard the diagnosis of “cyst”, patients ask themselves the question: why
появляется опухоль на железе и опасно ли это?

Among the most common causes of thyroid cysts

  • Hormonal disorders.
  • Lack of iodine in food.
  • Autoimmune diseases.
  • Radiation exposure.
  • Chemotherapy.
  • Infectious diseases.
  • Hereditary factor.
  • Injuries that cause gland haemorrhage.
  • Poor nutrition resulting in thyroid dystrophy.
  • Chemical poisoning.
  • Long stress.
  • Oncological diseases.

Byявление кисты чаще диагностируется у жителей областей, где
iodine deficiency is observed. Also at risk are patients
over 45 years old.

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Symptoms кисты щитовидной железы у женщин зависят от размера
tumors, degrees of development, types of education. At the initial
stage, while the size of the cyst is still small, there is no symptoms.
The first symptoms appear when the tumor size is more than 2 cm.

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симптомы кисты щитовидки

There are common manifestations of thyroid cyst:

  • Foreign body sensation in the throat, difficulty swallowing.
  • Seal in the gland area.
  • A hoarse voice.
  • Unreasonable headache.
  • A slight increase in temperature.
  • Feeling chill.
  • Soreness in the neck.
  • Unreasonable attacks of aggression, tearfulness, drops
  • Swollen lymph nodes.
  • With complicated course and large size of the cyst may
    the appearance of the following symptoms:
  • Dyspnea.
  • Cardiopalmus.
  • Fatigue.
  • Byвышение температуры до 38-39 градусов (в случае
  • Byтеря голоса.
  • Severe pain in the neck.
  • Byтеря веса.
  • General deterioration.

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Diagnosis of thyroid cyst

Usually the thyroid cyst does not represent a large size.
difficulties to diagnose. Byстановка диагноза начинается с
visual inspection and questioning of the patient. The doctor performs palpation
glands and lymph nodes.

To confirm the diagnosis, prescribe a number of studies:

  • Ultrasound gland. With it, you can see the size, location,
    structure of education.
  • To exclude oncology assigned fine-needle
  • MRI allows you to take a layer-by-layer image of a cyst and find out the exact
    composition of education.
  • If there is hoarseness or loss of voice, do
  • With a strong growth of the tumor is possible
    bronchoscopy to assess the condition of the trachea and bronchi.
  • Blood test for thyroid hormones: TSH, T4.

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Is thyroid cyst dangerous?

This pathology requires observation and treatment, as it can
provoke the development of complications. Than dangerous thyroid cysts

The danger is:

  • The occurrence of internal bleeding that may result
    to sepsis.
  • Inflammation of the cyst, turning into suppuration.
  • Transformation into a cancer.
  • Violation of the blood supply to the internal organs as a result
    pressure cysts on the vessels.
  • Hormonal disorders that may cause a malfunction
    the work of the whole body and the deterioration of health.

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Thyroid Cyst Treatment

Tactics of treatment of the disease depends on the size of the tumor, its
the types and symptoms observed in the patient. Colloid cyst
small size does not require treatment and needs to be monitored. With
good immunity condition it can resolve
on their own.

If education is pretty large sizes and observed
гормональные изменения, врач назначает консервативное treatment (при
condition of benign cyst).

  • Hormonal means to restore the balance of hormones
    thyroid gland.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Decongestants to relieve swelling, reduce size
    swelling and improving blood flow.
  • If there are signs of cyst infection, then prescribe
    antibacterial drugs, depending on the pathogen.

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TOонсервативное treatment на начальной стадии эффективно и
allows you to do without surgery.

In the case of a large education size, puncture of the cyst is performed.
The method consists in pumping out fluid from a cyst using
fine needle and the subsequent introduction of sclerosing drugs. Byсле
this cyst subsides and begins to scar. If there is
inflammation, puncture done twice. This method is also
diagnostic. Collected biological material (contents
cysts) sent for histology to exclude malignant

treatment кисты

Однозначно хирургическое treatment показано в следующих

  • Large size of cystic formation.
  • Rapid tumor growth.
  • Byвторное появление cysts.
  • Malignant degeneration.

The operation involves the removal of the lobe of the gland (lobectomy),
removal of half of the thyroid gland (hemithyroidectomy) or complete
removal of the organ (radical thyroidectomy). Total removal
organ shown in the cancerous process. In this case, also appointed
subsequent chemotherapy for the prevention of metastases. Such
operations suggest life-long hormone therapy.

Самым щадящим методом удаления опухоли является лазерная
. With the help of a laser beam cells are destroyed

Advantages of the method:

  • Painlessness
  • No scarring.
  • The possibility of an outpatient.
  • No recovery period.
  • A small number of complications.

Recovery after surgery is easy, to normal life.
the patient returns in a couple of days.

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Treatment of folk remedies

First of all, adjust the patient’s diet. Required
eat a large amount of iodine-containing products. TO
These include:

  • Fish and seafood.
  • Persimmon, bananas, dates.
  • Garlic, onions.
  • Radish, spinach.
  • Buckwheat.

Byлезно пить соки из моркови, свеклы и огурцов, делать смузи из
spinach with cucumber juice. Simple foods are excluded from the diet.
carbohydrates (sweets), canned, fried and smoked
the dishes.

Thyroid Cyst Treatment народными средствами оправдано в
complex with drugs. TOак монотерапия народные
methods are useless. Among the medicinal herbs widely used in
лечении, allocate:

  • Hypericum
  • A succession.
  • Yarrow
  • TOрапиву.

These herbs have an anti-inflammatory effect. Their
consumed in the form of tea.

Also make compresses from:

  • Fresh oak bark.
  • Grated beets.
  • Mixtures of honey and beets.
  • Iodized salt.

Tincture of walnut leaves take 5 drops per day.
Flax oil has a good effect, as it contains omega-3 fatty
acid. His take a tablespoon per day for a month.
You can buy dietary supplements with linseed oil, there it is presented in the form

Withменение любых народных средств должно быть согласовано с
a doctor.

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